Valentine’s Marathon: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (1975)

I’ve posted multiple times about our fellow Peanuts cast, whether its during my Christmas marathon with A Charlie Brown Christmas review to January 19th’s Happy Saturday Charlie Brown Medley.  I’ve even posted about Linus and his security blanket for a weekly writing challenge.  If its any that I’ve learned, this is a perfect choice for my Valentine’s marathon.  This one randomly got picked and came in 3rd to celebrate Valentine’s.  Its nice to break all the giddy romance and rom-coms before it with a family-friendly animation.

be my valentine charlie brownThere were 3 short TV movies in this DVD.  The focus being Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. I’m not exactly sure how known this is but seeing as it is with Charlie Brown, its always a lovable option for these wonderful festivities of all sorts.

So the first one and the main feature is Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Its about the time around Valentine’s Day and the Peanuts gang is looking forward to giving and receiving all sorts of goodies.  Linus wants to express his admiration for his teacher with a box of chocolates.  Snoopy runs off to play Cupid.  Of course, we have Charlie Brown waiting to receive a Valentine’s card and hoping that he’ll receive one from the little red-haired girl.  Its an adorable time with the Peanuts as always. I think all Peanuts TV movies are worth a watch so if you haven’t seen it, I hope you get to soon.

Second up, we are followed up with You’re in Love, Charlie Brown.  Its where Charlie Brown learns through a course of events that he is deeply in love with Heather aka the red-haired girl, especially after talking to Linus. After that one, we have the final feature called It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown.  This one goes into Charlie Brown learning that he has to escort the red-haired girl to the ball and give her a kiss at the annual ball after their football game. May I add, a fitting option seeing as it was Superbowl yesterday.  When he embarrasses himself at the game because he misses all his kicks due to Lucy pulling away the football every time.  At the ball, he finally has his first kiss.

Peanuts gang is always sweet, funny and awesome to watch.  Don’t you agree?

Weekly Writing Challenge:Warmth, Comfort and Security..A Few of My Favorite Things!

My favorite thing, above everything in the world, has been a part of my life since I was a baby.  Its been with me through thick and thin.

I want to introduce it by one of the Peanuts character:

Guessed what it is yet? Thats right! Its a security blanket, as I call it “my blankie”.  Mine is white with tabby orange flower and leave patterns.  It only can cover my lower body now but in times of sadness, I can still tuck myself under the whole thing (all curled up).  My mom is like Lucy of Peanuts.  She wants to take every chance to throw it away but hasn’t succeeded yet.  I hope that she doesn’t either.  My security blanket was always solely for my bed.  I would never drag it with me everywhere but it was my comfort at night.  It helps me sleep better, protects me from nightmares, and makes me feel that much better about being alone in the dark.  I’ve somewhat grown out of my fear of the dark(as long as I stay away from horror movies) but its still my shelter and helps me sleep just a little bit better when I feel that its around.

The blanket may have gone through 26 years (for now) with me.  Right now, my blanket still has the same floral pattern surface but with little slits with stitches and mendings that were done over the years.  The whole bottom layer pretty much broke off.  Thank goodness, my mom sewed on 2 extra layers to cover up the “fluff” inside.  Even the inside fluff is starting to break apart.  It may be damaged but it has been through so much that I would want to fix it no matter what and keep it by my side. Sometimes just by holding it, it gives me the strength and courage to be ready for whats coming the next day.

“(Lucy has buried Linus’ blanket.) 
CB: Why don’t you don’t let me try to find some sort of substitute for your blanket? Maybe I could get you a dishtowel or something. 
Linus: Would you give a starving dog a rubber bone? “

A security blanket may not be there all the time.  It just helps to know that we have something that we can just sit with when you are little and as you grow up that will be there to offer you that little bit of comfort.  When I was little, I was overcome with insecurity so that was how the blanket became something important in my life.  I use to actually have another one too and it looked exactly like Linus’.  It was blue and was a smaller size than the one I still own now.  That one broke somehow and to the extent that couldn’t be salvaged so I had to let it go.

One day, this blanket may end up  just like the blue one.  I would eventually want to make it into a quilt or something that can be carried with all the significant memories for any future kids to see.  I haven’t thought that far yet.  For now, I’m going to enjoy my security blanket because it makes me feel secure in the dark nights, provides comfort in hard times, chases away worries and haunting nightmares.  It provides me with the warmth and happiness that only it can do always do.  Afterall, happiness is a warm blanket!