Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

How do we define with is right and wrong?

Most times wrong is what is socially, morally, ethically determined that way by the society or the group that we reside or interact with. Wrong are mediums that cause imbalance and perhaps even destruction.

The most common form we see around us is pollution.  The factor that is ruining the appearance of our world, our cities and the environment.

These two were taken last year around the Trois-Rivieres area near a plant.

Below was in a lily pond in Niagara Falls.  Garbage ruined this beautiful shot…

In a more legally structured wrong, its when someone breaks a law and gets sentenced to jail.

In the same trip around Trois-Rivieres, we visited an actual prison museum from back in the days.

Taken within one of the cells was the male living quarters for someone who has been deemed wrong by the society for whatever crimes he has committed. On the walls, it says, ” I loved, I suffered, now I hate”.