A Word A Week Challenge: Glitter

Glitter is something that shimmers when reflected by  light.  This one was a hard one for me. However, this is what A Word In Your Ear picked out from her wonderful dictionary so this is my take on it for this challenge. Before that, I invite you to visit her wonderful blog through this link HERE, if you would like to join the challenge or see other entries.


Glittering light on the water always makes everything feel so bright and beautiful.


The glitter from decorative lights in crystal (or glass) shimmering and brightening up the room, giving it a beautiful atmosphere.


The sparkly glittery ornaments on the trees accentuate its beauty when the lights surrounding it help make it stand out.


The glitter on decorated nails (on my friend) are both cute and beautiful.  I am not feminine to that level but I do like to admire others artistic work on the small surface of fingernails.