Fudge Layer Birthday Cake!

Last week, I posted up a chocolate cake with pecan frosting in experiment for my friend’s birthday party in the following week.  This weekend, he has his party and after a lot of choices and debate, I decided to not make that cake, I ended up making a Fudge Layer Cake that I found on Kraft foods recipe.  I also had to modify this recipe though.  I wasn’t sure how sweet it would be so I ended up substituting some ingredients so that it would appeal more to a great group of people.  From the reactions, I think it turned out rather decent.  Everyone said that it was good and also said that it wasn’t too sweet.  As usual, I can’t eat this cake (because of the chocolate) so my friends’ opinions were the most important in this case.

Here’s how it turned out:

Here is the fudge layer cake.

 On the left side, you can see a bit of my second attempt at the almond cookies (this time I had almonds to put on top).

On the right, you will see my friend’s shortbread cookies (which were absolutely delicious).

Here is the original recipe: Best -Ever Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake

I replaced the following ingredients:

1)Baker’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate with Semi-sweet chocolate chips

2)Chocolate Cake mix with Marble Cake mix

Also for the decor, instead of using sliced almonds, I ended up decorating with Oreos on the side and pecans in the middle.  Those were what I had on hand, so I used it in hopes that it’ll look more appealing.  I’m still working on my decorating skills for baked goods, hopefully it’ll improve bit by bit.


In the beginning of April, I gave this cake another shot for another birthday!  This time I had to replace a few ingredients slightly different from the last and freestyled it a little bit as well. Not only changing ingredients but also the quantities and in some cases leaving out certain ones as well.  For starts, I had to replace the cake mix to yellow cake mix and used vanilla pudding mix instead.  For the icing, I mixed melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and Whipped Cream together.  For the decorative end, this time I added some marshmallows to line the bottom and sprinkled the top with chocolate chips and marshmallows.  Check out how it turned out below!