Summit Drive in Quebec’s Eastern Townships

The past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving.  My annual activity is to go for a nice hike with my boyfriend however, this year he ended up hurting his foot so we had to look for an alternative.  He had suggested for a drive on one of the many scenic routes so after a little research, we ended up leaving in late morning on Monday and heading to the Summit drive in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

The Summit Drive is 157km in length and goes over a series of that area’s mountains to see the beautiful views.  Although there aren’t any actual viewpoints (unlike the Charlevoix River Route that I had done last month), it was quite nice to see the beautiful mountainous and colorful scenery full of colorful trees 🙂

The route looks like this:

Route des Sommets

It starts at La Patrie and Notre Dame des Bois (where this picture was taken) and then to Piopolis, Lac Megantic through to the granite houses in Lac Drolet and then to Stratford in the core of the Eastern Townships area ending in St Adrien.  Thats the short version of this drive because despite its many stops, we drove through the landmarks because most of them were closed due to Thanksgiving holiday.

With that said a lot of the pictures are in the car so excuse the reflections in certain pictures 😉

Autumn in Quebec

On the way to Summit Drive starting area

Summit Drive

Eastern Townships

Summit Drive

Over the treetops


Heading into the Magog area

Autumn in Quebec

Colorful tree all around us on the highway

Beautiful sunny weather: blue skies, slightly cloudy

Beautiful sunny weather: blue skies, slightly cloudy

In the lovely small towns

In the lovely small towns

Notre Dame des Bois

Viewpoint at Notre Dame des Bois

Lac Megantic

Lac Megantic crash site (extends for a pretty long distance)

I need to pause a little and talk about this.  I’m not sure how many people know about the Lac Megantic train crash but I actually left for vacation in the US  (the day of) a year or so ago when this happened, so I didn’t get to see the footage on how extensive the damage was.  Seeing it in front of my eyes while driving through was pretty intense.  Its a tragedy to see this beautiful area being affected like this and the distance that it covers.

Eastern Townships

On our way home

Lac Megantic was the middle of the Summit Drive but we always forget that Thanksgiving is literally the last weekend for seeing these colorful trees because wind and rain usually takes away most of the leaves.  Next year, we have to mark it down to go at the end of September or early October to get even more colorful pictures 🙂

Still, it was a nice drive out with my boyfriend and we had a few laughs and sang to songs on the radio. It was the quality time we wanted together. Plus, we came home to make a lovely meal: our breakfast style dinners 🙂


Whats on the menu: Sweet Potato Fries, Fried eggs, Bacon, and Lettuce with a delicious rose wine called Beringer 🙂

That was my Thanksgiving event (along with dinner with family but I’ll talk about that in another post).

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving?