TV Binge: Jessica Jones [Season 1/2015]

We are finally back with another TV Binge! I really wanted it to be Jessica Jones especially since it was requested after my TV binge of Daredevil. Seeing as Daredevil just launched Season 2 on Netflix, I thought it would be a good time to talk Jessica Jones.

Lets start by saying that I really did not have any faith in Jessica Jones. And it took me longer than I had wanted because I couldn’t get Krysten Ritter as Gia Goodman in Veronica Mars out of my head. She has probably done other roles after this one but I just finished binging Veronica Mars so it was fresh on my mind. Plus, it seemed that she would be doing something completely opposite, being dark and sarcastic and surviving from her own past. I know nothing about superheroes and their source materials. Thats really all I have in my defense.

Lets check this out!

Jessica Jones [Season 1]

jessica jones

Creator: Melissa Rosenberg

Cast: Krysten Ritter, Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Ann Moss, David Tennant, Eka Darville, Wil Traval, Mike Colter, Erin Moriarty

A former superhero decides to reboot her life by becoming a private investigator.-IMDB

Jessica Jones surprised me a a very good way.  If anything, I liked it much more.  It had to do with the character of Jessica Jones being much more intriguing to watch and the inner struggles she had and the strong character she portrayed.  The good part also had to do with the pacing of the show.  I say more because I can’t help to compare it to Daredevil, seeing as they are building towards the same mini-series in the future. With that said, superheroes are definitely not in shortage around the universe in and surrounding Hell’s Kitchen, right? They are extremely secretive about who they are.

Jessica Jones

How do we describe Jessica Jones? She has a good heart deep under the layers of pain. She tries to isolate herself so that her dangers won’t affect the few people she cares about. She is a superhero with super strength but now only a private investigator living in a rundown office. And she had one goal to run away from Kilgrave but now she plans on ending him for all the harm he has caused. Jessica Jones grows a lot and the series digs deep into her past and the turmultuous life she lives in now. No one needs a thousand enemies, we just need that one person that is inexplicably hard to defeat.

jessica jones

There is only a few people in Jessica Jones life that is worth a mention and the series does a good job at building on these people, whether its her famous talk show host best friend Trish or whether its her neighbor Malcolm, they all have a specific importance to her life. Their relationships with each other and the motives and characteristics of these two characters specifically become abundantly clear by the end. We know where they stand and where they will be when things take a turn for the bad.

Jessica Jones

David Tennant plays Kilgrave. The enemy of Jessica Jones that destroyed her life and who has the powers of mind control. Kilgrave is ruthless and volatile. He doesnt care about anyone but he does love Jessica and wants her back even if his measures are extreme. If there was a weak link in this, it was that I never actually felt like Jessica was in danger. Kilgrave didn’t feel like he would harm her a lot despite his nature and what he did to others. It was more what would happen and the way he chose for others to go that made him more dangerous. Does that mean he is a bad character? No. We also learn a lot about him and he gets the care needed for us to better understand our villain.

Jessica Jones

However, what stands out for Jessica Jones other than their main characters are the supporting ones.  Carrie-Anne Moss plays the powerful and almost emotionless lawyer that uses Jessica Jones’ service.  The character is selfish and really not that likable but at the same time, the character itself is worth a mention.  At the same time, my favorite part of Jessica Jones is Luke Cage. The connection him and Jessica Jones is amazing.  The sex scenes are intense and awesome and the character makes me look forward to his own series (which should be coming up soon).  Aside from that, there was also Dan Simpson (played by Wil Traval) who really has a big surprise by the end (at least to me because I know nothing about this universe).  I wonder if he’ll be making an appearance in the next one.

Jessica Jones is a fun series with a lot of dark moments, some sarcastic humor and a lot of great characters.  The story is paced well and it kept me engaged for quite a while.  The best part was definitely leaving the series with a greater anticipation for season 2 but also for Luke Cage’s own series. Netflix is cranking up some good stuff and I sure hope they keep it up.  It’ll be fun to see how it all connects together. And well, maybe finding out the secret behind Jessica Jones and her powers, if there is any.

Have you seen Jessica Jones? What are your thoughts?

Netflix A-Z: Veronica Mars (2014)

Next letter is V! I love it when things go my way! I had wanted to add Veronica Mars (the movie) to wrap it up this month and I just couldn’t figure out where to put it, then one day last week, it just got added to Netflix. Its rare I’m so lucky but man, I’m excited. Veronica Mars ended the series in this middle of nowhere situation and I just couldn’t handle being left stranded wondering.  I can’t wait to see Veronica Mars and the crew even after 9 or 10 years or whatever.  I mean, to me the series ended like a few months ago.

Veronica Mars (2014)

veronica mars

Director: Rob Thomas

Cast: Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Chris Lowell, Percy Daggs III, Tina Majorino, Krysten Ritter, Martin Starr, Gaby Hoffman, Jerry O’Connell, Ryan Hansen

Years after walking away from her past as a teenage private eye, Veronica Mars gets pulled back to her hometown – just in time for her high school reunion – in order to help her old flame Logan Echolls, who’s embroiled in a murder mystery. –IMDB

The BEST way to wrap up this Veronica Mars business.  I mean, if they had a sequel, I’d be down for it.  Seeing as it was for fans, made by fans, it definitely helps.  There are so many little things that pay tribute to parts of the series.  Veronica Mars is still has her attitude.  She hesitates on whether she wants to get too involved in her past again but just the act of coming back shows that she is still has loyal as ever to her friends.  She is in fact a marshmallow.

The mystery itself was legitimately good.  It reminisced on what the cases used to be like and it involved the crowd.  The best part is that a lot of the same roles were retained by the same cast from the series, save for a few smaller characters that honestly, I didn’t even remember until I searched them up.  Other than that, they skillfully replaced the new faces with new roles and identities.  All that brings back a sense of continuity.  I wish more of my cancelled favorite shows had the following to make something like this to give it a more rounded ending.

What was great was that it emphasized on the few aspects that was important to the show (at least to me).

First thing was: Friends

veronica mars

Reunion time is around the corner.  Wallace and Mac are both in solid careers with links to past relationships.  Its had to escape the rich folks of the 09ers elites and whatnot, right? Still, the sarcastic humor and little comebacks work so well together.  They are a silly bunch together and its just such a feel-good moment whenever they are together.  Plus, these friends know Veronica even after being apart for so long. Regardless of the situation, they still help her out.

Second: Her Dad

Veronica Mars

Nothing quite makes up for the fun relationship that Veronica has with her dad.  I love Enrico Colantoni.  I love him a lot in Flashpoint and as Veronica’s dad, the chemistry is different.  While they are really open and talk about many different things, he always looks out for her.  However, no matter what does happen, he still has thoughts that differ from Veronica’s.  He knows whats good for her and actually this time, Veronica knows what good for her.  She just doesn’t necessarily know how to pull her out of certain situations and maybe the thrill of the chase isn’t quite over for her.

Third: (and the BEST aspect) LoVe

Veronica Mars

You know what? I like a lot of on-screen ships and this one rings out chemistry the absolute most.  I love Jason Dohring.  Logan has the most growth in this.  He’s caught up in yet another mess. Veronica’s here to help again. But he’s changed.  He fights for the country now and is a lieutenant. He still has the same sort of drab sense of humor that he carries with him.  And he always picks the wrong girl but how can anyone be right when we know that while he’s a little dark and attracts all sorts of crazy to his life, that he is the perfect match for Veronica.  The chemistry was built so well here.  They seemed strange at first but then we saw the looks and glances.  I just love them! SO MUCH! 🙂

*takes a deep breath* Excuse my fangirl moment… I’m back to normal.

Point is, Veronica Mars stories have a little twist to them all the time but they are also a little predictable.  What I loved the most about Veronica Mars was her character and all the other characters, the chemistry and the attitude balanced each other well.  It just works good together.  This movie did exactly that.  At the same time, it paid tribute to the movie that if you are a fan of the series, you’d notice those little things. And if you’ve seen this, that last scene with Logan and Veronica got me right away.  I fell in love with them all over again. So yeah, I like Veronica Mars and went on to play it a few more times instead of writing NaNoWriMo or drafting blogs. That’s all I’m going to say.  I’ve tucked it away for a bit but I’ll take it back out again to watch it again. The ending makes a statement of Neptune and everyone involved that I do quite enjoy.

Are you fan of Veronica Mars? What did you think of the movie?