Tales from the Crypt: Ritual (2002)

I’m finally starting to work on those 8-movie packs.  What better thing to choose to watch something potentially bad than when feeling sick and crappy? Plus, I need to start eventually seeing these as Shitfest deadline is coming way sooner than I imagined.  This one obviously didn’t make it because right now, I am looking for that movie that makes me feel even more rubbish than Bad Moon did for the last one.  Apparently, my boyfriend knows what Tales from the Crypt is but I don’t so he recognized it the moment it started with that weird crypt master (or whatever you call it).

Ritual posterDirector: Avi Nesher

Cast: Jennifer Grey, Craig Sheffer, Daniel Lapaine, Kristen Wilson, Gabriel Casseus, Tim Curry

*By the way, that cover picture there was not what the one on my DVD movie pack looked like, mine looked way more intriguing but had NOTHING to do with the movie itself. Haha!*

Dr. Alice Dodgson (Jennifer Grey) gets her medical license revoked due to not following orders which resulted in the death of a patient.  Since she could not practice, she tried to seek work elsewhere and found it in Jamaica as the caretaker of a wealthy man, Paul Claybourne’s (Craig Sheffer) brother Wesley (Daniel Lapaine).  Wesley has a disease but he also claims that he is a zombie.  As Alice with the help of Caro (Kristen Wilson) and veterinarian Matthew (Tim Curry) explores the voodoo cult that is the area and its influences when they realize they are all infected with the something that causes them to have hallucinations.  The only way to save herself and Wesley was to find out where this all started and why they are targeted in this voodoo curse.

Here's our intro to the movie!

Here’s our intro to the movie!

Whenever I get these movie packs, I really don’t know what to expect.  Especially when we start with a crypt keeper that looks like a doll and we start with the first shot of big breasted women in bikinis.  Obviously, I’m not the market they were aiming at.  That aside, the movie was not horrible.  It wasn’t scary at all but it wasn’t bad either.  Some parts merited the laugh out loud because it was somewhat ridiculous but then nearing the end, it did build up the mysterious secret pretty good before revealing the final part.

Voodoo Curse! *GASP*

Voodoo Curse! *GASP*

Lets look at the plus.  We do have Tim Curry in this little production which I think started off as a TV movie.  He’s always fun to watch on screen, right? Plus, the rest of the cast, even if I’ve only seen them in a few other flicks but nothing I remember off the top of my  head without researching, did a pretty decent job.  The acting was definitely not on the list of complaints. Plus, the guys got some pretty girls to look at and well, I liked Daniel Lapaine, the younger brother who thought he was a zombie.

ritual wesley alice caro

The movie gets just a tad predictable.  Let the flow of the story get a little same old same old but then the ending has a pretty interesting buildup to the finale.  It was alright.  I have to say some parts didn’t really flow and made no sense but hey, I have seen worse.

*Bonus* Naked Kristen Wilson

*Bonus* Naked Kristen Wilson

Overall, an average flick.  Nothing really scary about it but the actor’s do a good job to pull through a pretty predictable storyline that leads to a decent ending.  It was better than I expected for something that cost me 50 cents.

My brain’s in a mush right now from antibiotics so that’s all I’m going to write.  Its back to resting for me. If any of the review doesn’t make sense, I will be back to reread it afterwards (not that I didn’t this time around), so forgive me please!

Do you know about the Tales from the Crypt?