My Weekly Adventures #43

Yesterday I already did the Mother’s Day recap, you can all head over to check that out HERE if you missed it!

The last two weeks went by in a flash, pretty much like 2017 has been. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows (figuratively and literally), seeing as Montreal had a state of emergency issued over the weekend for the amount of rain we had been getting and flooding in various districts. It was a mess to say the very least. However, this coming week is looking up. We’re supposed to get a ton of sunny days and great weather finally! 🙂

Game Warp & Youtube

Perhaps one of the biggest things to go on in the last two weeks is the move from That Moment In’s Youtube to Game Warp’s own Youtube. It has taken us a year to make this decision but for us, despite having to restart on the subscriber count, its a fresh start. There were many reasons into doing this. We’re still under That Moment In and write our articles under that but as my post HERE explained, it opens up the option for us to make other types of videos. Of course, if you were subscribed over at That Moment In for gaming and didn’t see my notice, head on over to our Youtube HERE and subscribe to not miss out on what’s coming up. We are aiming to have content every day but we are only two people and rely heavily on what we have access too so it might not always be playthroughs on new games however we try the best we can to stay current or at least dive into the indie scene and give devs their space or highlight games that we’ve tried out no matter what they are.

For more info on this, I urge you to click on the link above to read more. I don’t want to be too repetitive for those who have read that post. Game Warp is a ton of fun but if you aren’t into gaming, that’s alright, I’m still here chatting up on everything else that you enjoy! 🙂

Cirque du Soleil –  Volta



Two Fridays ago, my girl friends and I had a night out to go to see Cirque du Soleil Volta. I love Cirque du Soleil. Two years ago, I went to go see Kurios. Its probably somewhere on the blog, probably a My Weekly Adventures a while back. We didn’t get really great seats and the story was a little abstract but there were some great stunts. The highlight of the show were the BMX bike stunts and man, it was exhilarating. There was one where it was a gymnast hung in the air by her hair and that was fantastic as well. It was funny and the music was really good, which usually is the highlight of the show. It was rainy but still very fun.

Birthday Bash (not mine)

My friend and their little one along with Mother’s Day was celebrated all together with a bunch of friends at a great restaurant. Here’s all the food on the menu which I or other people had. It was super delicious and it was very fun. Obviously, to respect their privacy, I’m not sharing any pictures with other people whoever, it was a fun Friday night. I was pretty tired however it was nice to go out and chat with other people.

73% Dark Chocolate by Chocolat Favoris

Chocolat Favoris

I’m not sponsored or anything by Chocolats Favoris (wouldn’t that be the dream, right?). However, we went there with a big family gathering over the weekend for chocolate and I found this 73% Dark Chocolate. Oh my goodness, this is just heavenly. I thought 70% chocolate was pretty delish but 73% apparently is the absolute perfection.

Cute Kitty Pic


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That’s it for this Weekly Adventures!
What have you been up to?

My Weekly Adventures #41

2017 continues to fly by! The whirlwind of crazy is a ton of fun but it is getting a tad hectic. Gaming, writing, editing and still lots of behind the scenes stuff. I feel like a lot of it is the residual work from the busy month of March with the course and weekend away for Comicon. However, the gear is turned on now because as it gets warmer, I’m gearing up to train and go out for more frequent runs and hopefully go for a 5K run. Not too confident about a 10K yet. Aside from that, I need to step up the game for hopefully giving the Grade 10 piano exam a last hurrah. I wish I could pick up my courage and share some of that journey but I’ve come to terms that I’m a little too self-conscious to do it. Plus, I’m pretty sure that I’m ready for the most part in general, except all that gets affected by how much confidence I have in myself and I just don’t want to get shut down by all those horrible people that pop up to hate which is obviously not so much in the blogosphere as if I put it on Youtube. Way too much to justify that choice but still, that is my reasoning, rational or not.

Moving on.. Let’s get the recap going!

 Hanging Out with Friends

Erabliere au Palais Sucre

For those of you who missed it, I went out for a Sugar Shack thing with my girl friends. It was pretty cool. We don’t get every year like some people do  but this experience was much more pleasant that the previous one that we had. You can get the full details HERE.

The Friday after, I went out with my best friend who I haven’t seen for a few months. Growing up, grown up responsibilities, career and life changes all factored into this. Although we did text once in a while, we still had a lot of catching up to do. It was great to hang out with her as always. Its nice to know that there’s always the best friends in your life that are comfortable to be with no matter how long we haven’t seen or talked. Its a pretty awesome feeling. We had our dinner at La Cage which is a sports bar. We grabbed some drinks and ate some alright food.

New Furniture & Decor

I’ve been having an indoor plant issue because of the whole cat eating plant situation, a lot of plants had to all stick around the fenced bay window area. Its starting to get really crowded. When I took a trip to IKEA to pick up a replacement table for the basement that broke, I saw this beautiful bamboo plant stand and since its tall and small platforms, it means that I can fit plants and my cat can’t access it as well, plus it fit well with the orchids which she really doesn’t care much for. It was a bit of a hassle to put together but its done and working out great! Not to mention this spot in the house genuinely gets no sun but lots of light so it works for the orchid temperaments.

Of course, the final two pictures are also framed. My husband surprised me with these frames for my birthday and now they are sitting on top of my office so that whenever I doubt myself, i just looking up and it’ll remind me to keep moving forward. Most of all, its really because I love these art so much. Obviously, I do, or else I wouldn’t have bought it but so pretty. We just have one more wall to decorate in the office now. I suggested for my husband to pick up something at the Montreal Comiccon when we go this year (hopefully he will come with me).

Advanced Screening & Movies


The review is already up for Unforgettable and I mentioned it briefly, but I saw this movie in advanced screening and the experience was fantastic. You can find the review HERE.

As this post goes up, the theatre broke down on Friday  night because of power outage and I ended up having my tickets refunded for The Fate of the Furious, however, fret not (at least more for myself), we are heading out to see it tonight (this post should go up Sunday). I’m pretty stoked. I know its over the top and the series is starting to spiral a tad downwards towards some really absurd phase but I still like them a lot for exactly the reasons that it might not work for others. Regardless, the review should be up next week some time.

Next Cook-off Gathering & Belated Birthday Gift

Its the long weekend as this post goes up! Last night, we had our second Battle of Ingredients dinner party thing. As I mentioned before, it was a maple syrup theme. If you missed the first one, you can find it here. As I said in there, this is a work in progress so the structure is not always a battle among us but rather a battle of how to use the ingredient and so this one is a collab effort to put together a full course meal in our own way. My husband and thanks to our friend who brought his little portable retro console over, had a blast of nostalgia and lots of fun. As for the food, the post will be up in the coming week. We have decided to make this a monthly event so should be fun.

My friend also gave me a DIY belated birthday gift. I love My Neighbor Totoro and she made a little jar or glass holder for it and its adorable. It actually matches perfectly with my new art on my wall and she didn’t even know about my new stuff.

Cute Kitty Pic


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What have you been up to? How has your Easter been?

Unboxing: Meowbox [January 2017]

We are here! 2017 and the first unboxing! I knew that Meowbox was on the way for January but the tracking didn’t arrive until the morning it was already out for delivery. Unless of course, its just lost in my many many unread emails. Point is, it got here.

I haven’t been in a show my face mood so very quick intros and wrap ups from me and a lot more of the unboxing and kitty play/fascination time.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!


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Unboxing: Meowbox (October 2016)

Unboxings are sparse around here. I know. In fact, Meowbox being quarterly subscriptions works quite well. Plus, I’m curious what Halloween twists the team at Meowbox has in store for my darling cat. Also, a huge thanks to my lovely awesome friend who gifted this box to my little kitty for early Christmas and belated birthday gifts combined! Its a great gesture from her.


Lets open it!

Thanks for watching! 🙂

My Weekly Adventures: Learning Lots of New Things!

I’m back with another lovely instalment of My Weekly Adventures. I should change the title…but it just sounds so clunky if I used biweekly! It sounds like a paycheque.  Regardless, we’re back! Its not exactly exciting tidbits but its been really busy especially since there’s only 15 days left to file taxes and well, I’m still sitting around waiting for something that I need.

Enough of this serious talk! Everything always works out..usually! Let’s see whats been happening! Oh yeah, “Cute Kitty Time” is now the permanent addition to this segment to wrap up the post 🙂

Vacation & AirBnB

You got that right! We have our vacation planned.  Well, we booked the flight and a part of the vacation.  However, its not for a few months so we still have time to iron out transport and places and whatnot.  We’re heading out to Vancouver/British Columbia area, and if you’re not familiar with Canadian geography, its the western end of Canada. I’ve never travelled extensively there but we ended up there because we have a family event going on so we’re heading out to celebrate!

This is the first time, we booked the place to stay through AirBnB during the family portion.  I was pretty ecstatic about having our book request accepted although I’m sure I don’t look like a crazy person. I’m just hoping that everything works out!

If you do live or have travelled in Western Canada, what are the must-sees that you suggest? Maybe even restaurant ideas or hiking trails?

Trying to learn Braided Hairstyles!

I love messing around with my hair.  Weird because I don’t have very adventurous hair cuts.  Now its more about convenience.  But, when I saw this Youtube video the other day, I just fell in love with it all over again and decided to give it a try (finally!) and that’s pretty much what I’ve been practicing while watching TV series or movies the past week or so.  I have a few more I want to try but I need to wait for my hair to grow longer.  I’m hoping to try out a super pretty braid hairstyle for said family event later this year. 😉

Birthday Dinner!

Call me old but turning 30 doesn’t mean all that much.  Everyone asked me if I wanted to do something special.  You know what is special to me? Spending some quality time with my husband and having a good chat, playing some games and just not having to do chores and all those grown-up homeowner responsibilities.  My husband had his vacation on my birthday week so it was fantastic because he also made me dinner and I woke up to a clean kitchen which is usually what I’d take care of.  Plus, that day work went surprisingly smooth for the trainwreck few weeks its been (and will be coming). Now, that my friends, is a great birthday.

Breakfast Style Dinner

Oh, the dinner I asked for was a breakfast style dinner matched with a lovely mimosa! Well, we didn’t have orange juice so we used apple juice. It still tasted delicious!  I gotta say, it was perfect! 🙂

Family visit!

Talking about family, I had my aunt and uncle come over to visit with some of their extended family. It was tons of fun, especially because we got a super good meal out of it.

homecooked meals

My mom’s delicious meal!

Plus, we ended up heading out to try out a restaurant in Chinatown which I rarely do.  It was different to say the least! I’ll probably do a restaurant foodie post on it soon!

Brunch Weekend!

Since we’re talking about food, one of my super good friends have a little birthday tradition for his good friends: we get a birthday credit and he takes the birthday person out for a brunch wherever we want. Well, last year he took me to this lovely little restaurant in Old Montreal called Le Cartet.  I probably posted about it.  I asked for that place again but this year, he was super awesome and also took me out for a brunch the day before after we had a change in plans so that we could hang out with some other friends.  I ended up getting a two part birthday brunch.  I guess, its the benefits of entering a new decade in life. 😉

Le Cartet

That being said, I’m going to do a Restaurant double feature soon! I usually do that in an upcoming post section but its one I wanted to highlight!

Lots of food stuff coming up, eh?

Cute Kitty Time

We were all having a lazy weekend.  She was fast asleep in my arms in less than a minute.



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What’s been going on with you?

Happy Friday, my lovelies! 🙂