MAINE DAY 2: Shopping at Kittery Outlets

**I don’t think I made that clear but I was on vacation last week and this week, I’m filling everyone in. Just in case you missed my vlog from 2 Sundays ago 🙂 **

Day 2 was scheduled to have a drive straight out to Kittery to do some shopping at the outlets on Route 1 and then as we drive back, we would stop at various places to see some nice waterside scenery.

Kittery Outlets

Lake/River running through the Kittery Outlets area!

We headed off in a relaxing manner to Kittery and enjoyed the hour and a half drive or something over from our hotel in South Portland.  I can’t remember the exact length anymore.  It was a pretty awesome day.  The outlets are crazy huge and they had some pretty good deals! Plus, the store selection was total awesome! Under Armour, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Nike, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and the list goes on.  They even had Corningware Corelle! This is pretty much what I bought:

My shopping! (the clothes)

My shopping! (the clothes)

My new obsession has been workout clothes and we don’t have Under Armour back home.  At least not just Under Armour, I think! I love my No Regrets Nike shirt 🙂 So motivating! Not shown here is my 16 piece dining set (mugs, small plates, bowls,big plates) from Corningware.  I don’t know who hasn’t used Corningware but we live by these.  I don’t know what they are made of but when I drop a plate, it rebounds off the floor or it shatters in dust like pieces.  Amazing stuff 🙂 I’ll stop doing free promotion.

Lunch was fast food at Burger King (which was probably a bad idea) but I did get to see and use these cool soft drink stations! If anywhere else in Canada has this, excuse my weirdness but I haven’t seen these in Montreal yet!

Electronic Soft Drinks Machine

Call me crazy but we don’t have this in Montreal at fast food chains…

After lunch, lets just say, our plans were changed because I started feeling really sick some time a and it was possibly one of the most stressful and painful experiences.  Let’s say, I wish Kittery had more abundant restrooms, instead of one in every outlet regardless of how huge it was.  We were parked back at the very beginning about 4 huge blocks away so I tried to soldier on as much as I could and walked really slowly.

I have never been more happy to get in the car.  Suffice to say, we didn’t do any stops.  We did do a few detours and see some scenery when I wasn’t resting from not feeling well.  After resting a bit at the hotel, we decided it was good to eat in so we went off to Walmart and both my boyfriend and I both bought what we wanted to make our dinner at the hotel.  Delicious canned chicken soup! YUMMY! while watching some Food Network!

BY THE WAY, I forgot to mention it for the Day 1 activities but when we got home from Les Miserables, I got to watch True Blood episode ON TV! Not streaming on a little screen but actually on TV.  Oh right, in case you don’t know, I use rabbit ears so I get *counting on fingers* 5 channels or something like that.

When I’m away from home, my night activities is exploring whats on cable TV.  haha!

DAY 2  didn’t seem to have a lot of events but I did have a lot of fun shopping with my boyfriend (while it lasted) who actually shopped more than he usually would. It always makes me happy to know that I’m not dragging him to shop.  It may not have gone as we planned but we did spend a lot of quality time together and that’s vacation is about, right?

I was almost 80% better by the next morning after having some instant oatmeal so remember to check back to see my DAY 3 tomorrow! 🙂