My Weekly Adventures #63 What’s Up Revival!

My Weekly Adventures

Nothing much happened in the last two weeks. Just some quick and easy stuff to go through!

Meals with Friends

Jack Saloon

Easter weekend was an eventful one. For one, it was my birthday. On Monday when I got back to work, lets just say it was really stressful in an eventful way also. My husband however had the week off and decided to hang out with some friends and we went out for dinner at Jack Saloon’s. Its been years since we’ve gone there and I went back to get a pulled pork sandwich. I can’t say it was as great as when I had it a few years back though. It was still pretty good but not quite like I remembered it. However, the company was spectacular and entertaining so that is what matters.

Marshmallow WandsThen the weekend afterwards happened. If you missed it, Battle of Ingredients also happened. You can find the post HERE. I made a few veggie dishes and this easy marshmallow wand dessert.

Le Cartet

As per tradition, one of my good friends took me out for breakfast. I need to spend some time to research a new breakfast place to go to but this place called Le Cartet in Old Montreal is just so delicious. This is called Le Canton or something like that and its absolutely delicious. I love it to actual bits. It also is quite filling so I really only have this for my birthday breakfast. Next year though, I’ll figure out somewhere else to try.

Kickstarter Rewards

Its been a week of rewards coming back. The first came in the mail just as I was looking through Twitter and saw a lot of people already received it but I hadn’t yet just to get home and find it in the mailbox. tis the Wayward Sister Anthology. TO Comics is now one of my favorite comics. I backed this project just because I had read one of their books and loved it so much. I recently also backed another one of their projects. I’m hoping to get to this one after my mountain of books and commitments are done, which might take a month but I’ll get there. When I need a change in palette, I go for comics/graphic novels.

Second reward I got back was for The Black Gloves, which is a film from the director of Lord of Tears, which was the first project I backed of his on Kickstarter. The review is HERE if you don’t know about the movie. Wow, 2013 movie and five years later and I’m now about to back his 4th film project (as soon as I work out some finances). I still have to review the last two films but Laurie Brewster (the director mentioned) has such a great eye for horror. Its a little odd and awkward but I love the tone that he sets and the atmosphere and just how he puts it together. Anyways, I know that he wrote that The Black Gloves is now available on Amazon so here’s the link if you want to check it out.

Snapchat Fun

My husband’s family loves to play around with Snapchat. I never quite got into it until recently..and boy was that a can of worms I did not need to open. It is pretty adorable and cute..the filters, not me. I’m not too into my own selfies so posting that kind of took some confidence. These posts is about what I’ve been discovering in life. I tell you, this Snapchat thing is quite hilarious, especially when its not for myself like the one below.

What’s Up Revival

It seems I have so many announcements in these things that I lose track of what is brewing up in my head! Anyways, this is the final one for a while. As I try to expand more content on my own Youtube channel since there’s no unboxing right now and its just sitting dormant, I decided that I’ll be reviving the What’s Up segment as a video format. That way, I can recap on films that I’ve seen and for those of you who subscribe, it’ll be an earlier capsule of things I’ve seen and usually an earlier short opinion of it. I’m about to film the first one soon (like tonight) so depending on the length since I usually go through movies and games and TV series, I might cut them into different segments to go up on different days of the week since I don’t want any part to be more than 10 minutes. I mean, who has more than 10 minutes to sit there and watch or listen to me ramble about these things, right?

I do want to eventually expand to some vlog stuff or opinion pieces and random thoughts but I never seem to have any recording stuff with me whenever I’m in those situations. I’m going to work it into my schedule slowly and we’ll get there. 🙂

Yet again, if there are any topics or whatnot that you have suggestions for what would be interesting content for the Youtube channel, suggest away in the comments and I’ll give it all a thought. I miss the days when I took recommendations for movies. It helped me credit others in this wonderful community.

Cute Kitty Pic


Game Warp: Interview with Pandemonium Interactive

And we are back with our first interview of 2018!

This episode on Game Warp Podcast, we sit down with Alex from Pandemonium Interactive to talk about his upcoming game N.U.T.Z. which is currently in a Kickstarter campaign. N.U.T.Z. is a 2D non-linear action platformer inspired by Megaman and Metroid. Its set in space and you play as squirrels fighting space dinosaurs. Wondering how that idea came about? Watch the interview and you’ll know all about it as well as the future of N.U.T.Z. and what are in the plans. Hope you enjoy!

You can find the Kickstarter campaign for NUTZ here.

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Game Warp Podcast Talks Kickstarter Project, King of the Hat!

In the next episode of Game Warp, we sit down with Hyroglyphik Games for a second time. This time, they have moved up to create a Kickstarter project for their upcoming 2 to 4 players couch co-op game King of the Hat. King of the Hat has a cute back story and some cool characters set in a world where everyone has a hat and the hat is their soul. Hear more in our podcast interview with them.

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My Weekly Adventures #34: Fun and Busy December!

Ladies and Gents! All of you lovely awesome readers! Its the last My Weekly Adventures of 2016! Can you believe it? In a little more than two weeks, we’ll be in 2017! OMG, panic time!  Just kidding 😉

It isn’t too far from the truth to be honest. The last two weeks of December means a lot but we’ll talk about that in the final portion of this one. Now, let’s take a look at what happened in the first half of December before looking at what is upcoming in the plans before we hit 2017! Its kind of a mad dash as you will see!

Let’s go!

Christmas Activities


The only thing that has really happened in the last two weeks is really this little event for Christmas in downtown and checking out Luminotherapie. It was a ton of friends to go downtown with my friends and hang out. There was a ton of beautiful and adorable decorations, street food, local vendors and lots of lights everywhere. There were dancing in the street events and just lots of fun times. Here’s the little event recap!

The next day, we headed to the annual Montreal Crafts Show and I shared my haul HERE.

Kickstarter Rewards Received


I back a lot of Kickstarter projects when I can afford it. Currently, there’s a good few in development so I’m taking a little break. Especially when some of them thats been sitting there since 2012 or so and the updates haven’t been incredibly encouraging, so I’m kind of rethinking my strategy. I never want too many to be sitting there because its kind of like the concept of investment and rate of return. That is the one semester finance student talking to me. Still, I do have changing opinions on Kickstarter but I do still love the indie scene too much to not support it when I see something that looks like it has great potential. Obviously, when these past weeks reaped two Kickstarter rewards being fulfilled, I was thrilled! I still have to sit down and watch them but stuck in a little rush of crazy that I’ll talk about soon. I had complete faith in these ones.

The Unkindness of Ravens is by Lawrie Brewster who I had backed his previous project, Lord of Tears which I reviewed HERE. Lord of Tears is an odd little movie but I like it a lot for the atmosphere it creates. I wish there were more people talking about it. Next one is Kiss Me Kill Me, and it is one that I had seen the screener when it premiered a little earlier this year. I didn’t review it as it wasn’t officially released and now we have the DVD version so that’s awesome! I’ll be reviewing it soon once I watch it again. I remember enjoying it quite a bit.

Hopefully, in the next year, more projects will be wrapping up and sending off their rewards. I have quite a bit of confidence for a good bit of them. Knock on wood that I didn’t jinx it.

Holiday Marathon & Christmas


Its 10 days till Christmas!! And I’m so behind! Its rare that Christmas hasn’t been full-fledged over here. Deal is that I’m torn on what to review anymore. The selection is very minimal and its starting to be the feel-good Hallmark movies which aren’t exactly great to review because its fun but really nothing to overly talk about. Perhaps I’ll take the shorter review route. However, there has been scatters of things from Christmas events like the ones above to Christmas themed short stories and I’m starting to have a few Christmas movies as well. Crazy that Avenue of Daydreams is way ahead of the game and already having snapshots like the one above. Perhaps you’d like go head over and check out creative-but-currently-only-photography space. I actually a lot of Christmas photography coming up. If you like that sort of thing, check it out HERE and maybe give it a follow (I’m sorry for the shameless self-promotion).

With that said, I do have a few more movies to review for Christmas and maybe a list post if I can fit it in. I probably will have one or two recipes since I’m responsible for dessert at the Christmas party with family. Aside from that, well, the usual Christmas decor post is coming up once I finish up decorating the tree. Everything else but the tree and the stair railing is decorated.

Netflix A-Z


I addressed the whole Netflix A-Z thing already in a previous review. It has taken a while to resume after October and NaNoWriMo. Its all my fault, of course. No excuses. However, the idea of Netflix A-Z dabbling into 2017 makes me feel some sort of uneasiness. Maybe it just feels so much like its dragging on and I like to keep these series self-contained as its not a longer project, like Baking Through Disney (which I’ll address again in the New Year). So, I did announce it on Twitter, kind of, but I’m going to make a solid effort with an already drafted tentative schedule to get it all wrapped up by the end of the year. Its a little crazy seeing as I just finished K selection and its 15 more movies to reach the end. I’ll make the best effort. Plus, I’m working on a side thing that I want to be able to review everything I watch within the same year so it tracks what I’ve seen better.

Point is, it might get busy if I can keep up with all the reviews along with extra stuff. Hope you will enjoy it!

On the other hand, the reason to wrap it up is also that I’m probably not going to keep this segment or do movies in that A-Z order but not make it into a segment, just a personal way to choose what to watch next.

Kitty Cute Pic


*last minute post means pics are in another computer so limited edition pikachu for all you Pokemon Go players is all I got 😉

What have you been up to? 

Game Warp Podcast: Interview with Alice & Smith

Elwood and I sit down with game developer Patrick Greatbatch from the company Alice & Smith. They are the masterminds behind the first Permanent Alternate Reality Game (PARG) called The Black Watchmen. From there, they have been building up games expanded from the same universe. Ahnayro: The Dream World currently is on early access on Steam with two tables ready to be deciphered. Our impressions of the Early Access version of Ahnayro will be coming up on That Moment In as well as The Black Watchmen

Also, at the time of recording, they had just launched the Kickstarter campaign for their next game also in the same universe but as the military hacking unit of The Black Watchmen called NITE Team 4 which is at this point is heading towards their third stretch goal.

We talk about what PARG is and the mindset behind building community based games as well as creating these puzzles and atmosphere that The Black Watchmen universe is set in. Patrick also tells us a lot of fun stories from the wonderful community they have built.

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New Horror Video Game ‘Rides With Strangers’ Will Have You Never Leaving The House

A new Game Break is here! Rides With Strangers is a Kickstarter project offering an experience of the vulnerability of being a hitchhiker.

Head over to That Moment In to check it out! There’s a few days left of the Kickstarter campaign.

That Moment

A new concept demo for a Kickstarter gaming project called ‘Rides With Strangers’ will make you tremble in fear. You play as Elora, a young girl freshly graduated from university with an outstanding grade and much promise heading for a job interview across state. However, when her car breaks down on the way, and the towing company can’t get to her until the morning, the option left is to hitchhike throughout the night to her destination.

The gameplay starts with flagging down a car and deciding whether you want to go in or not. In the car, Elora has the choice of picking the right answer to appeal to the driver pushing danger aside. You need to toggle with a sketch meter and increasing the speed of the drive by pressing the speed limit signs. There are some shocking noises and cues that will make you doubt the driver next to you…

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My Weekly Adventures: Kickstarter Rewards, Wedding and Halloween Marathon Kickoff!!

We’re back with another weekly adventures!

I’m sorry that its taken me a little longer than usual to get back.  To be fair, I did say that this would take 3 weeks instead of the normal 2, at the very least.  I really wanted to be back, you know. Like, there are things happening and I’m not just forcing up some updates for nothing.  Although, last time I really did want to get the updates and announcements out.  I’m starting to think weekly adventures are a good way to get it through. So, when it does say updates and/or announcements, this will be where I’ll do it! 🙂

Back to business, what has been going on, you ask? Well, lets see what little adventures I’ve been in the last few weeks. Let’s go!

1) Kickstarter Rewards coming in!

Kosmos -TV series was funded on December 2014.  I had signed up for the exclusive of the Episode 1 and a limited edition personalized frame from the show signed by one of the cast or crew.  Finally, after a few months, I got it in the mail.

Plus, the show is for free viewing on Youtube up to Episode 4 now. You can check it out below:

Kiss Me, Kill Me was funded on November 2014.  A part of the reward came to me in the form of a Virtual Premiere.  I almost didn’t make it but I managed to give the movie one viewing before the link expired.  No regrets at all! Here’s the trailer:

While it has a strong LGBT focus, the story of this thriller is great and the acting is rather good as well.  Consider me rather impressed.  I’ll be posting up an actual review when I get the actual movie with the final reward which I had backed for a DVD copy.

$5 Drawings by Dada was successfully funded in September 2015.  I used to go to college with Dada and she’s always been an extremely creative person.  While I didn’t have money to back a higher tier, I still loved the random work of art I received on 7 x 10 inch paper using color pencils (I chose the medium).  It was beautiful. I just need to figure out a way to frame it up or somethin and decorate my walls.  You can check out her work on Instagram @dada16808

2) I’m Married!!!

On October 11th, 2015 (the past Sunday), I got married! I know I’ve been ranting about the crazy wedding plans but trying to kind of not be too overbearing about it but things worked out fine.  There was some hiccups but with the help of some amazing friends, everyone played out really well! Everyone had a great time and I saw so many wonderful friends and family that I haven’t seen in ages and connected with others that I never knew really well but did more afterwards. I did debate doing a huge post on it but we’ll see.  For now, here are few wedding pics of decors and dresses and all that fun stuff 🙂







Coral Evening Gown






Cake and Cupcakes were done by Montreal Cake Guy.  Despite being hurt the day before he had to deliver the order, he still managed to get it all done and we found a way to accommodate and got one of my best friends’ boyfriend to go pick it up for me the morning of.

On a side note, I had to doll up for the wedding.  Thanks goes out to the lovely  Groupon deal for the mani-pedi from Beauty Box in Brossard.  And hair goes out to Coiffure Spa Portobello

3) Announcement: Halloween Marathon Starts TODAY!!!

I know I’ve been hinting at Halloween with Netflix A-Z having two movies and a book review of Ranger Martin.  It was an effort to keep with the theme but now that the wedding is done and I’ve had a few days to recuperate from that one very crazy but memorable day, I’m ready to get back on track here! We’re kicking off  the Halloween Marathon officially!! Later today, you’ll be getting the first review for our highlight series, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Have fun and enjoy! My line-up for filler horror movies have been changing and its probably just going to be absolutely spontaneous save for one recommendation but its happening! Have lots of fun! Enjoy this half of October full of horror reviews! 🙂

On a side note, you all know things don’t quite return to normal until the New Year with NaNoWriMo in November and Christmas related posts in Christmas.  Netflix A-Z will return in November however but everything else will be just a mixed bag of backlogged posts that I’m accumulating right now.

—> No upcoming posts this time around! You all know whats up for the next two weeks! Halloween and all that jazz!

To wrap it all up, here’s a little music to get us all relaxed and feeling all warm, happy and bubbly in a 360 video!

Happy Wednesday, my lovelies!
Have an awesome day!! 🙂 

Welcome December: Announcements/Updates!

2013 is finally ending! I’m not sure if you felt it but this year was a rough one! I’m super happy that its ending because next year has only one way its going and thats up! Thanks to all of you, I’ve been able to stay positive and hold on tight! This blog has kept me breathing and motivated to push through everything! Plus, its been going really well.

Lets do a little recap on what happened these past few days, since I just did a quick update post a few days ago HERE!

Dinner at Casey's Restaurant & Bar

Dinner at Casey’s Restaurant & Bar

Friday evening was dinner with one of my good friends who will be going away soon to pursue his dream.  Its a bit sad to see friends go away but I’m also happy for him because he held on and didn’t give up for the so many years and finally he made it in, which is already a great start! I wish him the best of luck!

Ben & Florentine

Brunch at Ben & Florentine’s

Saturday morning was brunch with my girl friends and then some Christmas shopping.  It turned into a very awesome Christmas crafts shopping.  I have acquired most of the materials needed to do this year’s crafts for gifts and I’m extremely early so I can take my time to do a beautiful job at it 🙂 I’ll be posting that up when I’m done bit by bit. It was a fun day! 🙂

That somewhat wraps it up for the weekend activities! It does start with my updates and announcements!


Tribesports outfit & Dietbet weigh-in!

On Thursday night, I came home to a package from Tribesports with the Kickstarter goodies that I had backed a few months ago.  Mine included a Tribesports towel (not in the picture), short sleeves shirt and capris.  I’ve been obsessed with workout clothes and I’m telling you, these ones are super comfortable and looking at the design, I’m excited to start working out with them.  They have air out spots exactly where I sweat the most so that’ll be great. It’ll reduce the chance of rashes when I work out really intense. 🙂

On that note, last week, I joined my very first Dietbet that will be from December 2 (today) to December 29 hosted by Pumps & Iron to lose 4% of my body weight.  I’m not exactly sure if I can drop from my 136 to 130 but its my way to encourage myself to kick start an even healthier eating habits since I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately due to all the craziness in my life. I’ll update you later on in the month 🙂 Plus, the pot currently has over $9,000 so thats pretty impressive. Losing weight during the holidays will be a difficult task but I think that’ll strengthen the motivation to work out more and if I succeed, I know that I’ll be able to get through it all.

narnia poster

December is the month for Christmas marathon! Last year I used up most of my Christmas movies so this year, I’m focusing mostly on Netflix movies.  Some might turn out to be stupid but still, its the best I could come up with. I’ll put in a little twist with some that are just winter related or family focused.  I have a general list for it but I’m thinking maybe I’ll add in a little Narnia marathon 🙂

**As most of you probably already know by now, the unfortunate and tragic death of Paul Walker has postponed this marathon a bit because I feel extremely saddened by it that I want to watch a few movies of his that I never had gotten around to until now as a way to remember him. Expect that this week!**

gingerbread cookies

One of last year’s baking: Gingerbread cookies

Other than movies, Christmas is also the month I’m going to resume my baking.  Its been a while but with Dietbet also, I’m going to try to stick within delicious and healthy. I do know that there will be some that will go outside of it.  I’m looking at trying out making Christmas log and possibly cake pops.  Maybe, also some cookies and cupcakes as well since the boyfriend made a request for it 🙂 Is there something festive that you always eat for Christmas? I’d love some ideas!

Last year's outdoor exhibit ICEBERG

Last year’s outdoor exhibit ICEBERG

With Christmas in full swing,I’m going to scout out some Christmas decorations, lights and events around Montreal.  I’ll take my DSLR camera for a whirl as often as I can. Try to get back on track with the whole photography part!

I’ll try to up the variety of posts going up this month but still, there will be some changes!

Thats how I feel about my life and how I want to approach everything here! 🙂

As usual, its nearing the end of the year so I’ve come to reflect a bit on my blog. For one, I’m thinking if I should keep or remove certain sections.  I know for one that A Bite of China Project may have to go as I might cut out the cooking section and simply stick to baking.  I’m thinking about it but once the holiday comes in and I have some time off, I’m planning on fixing up some of the layout, menus and making it a bit more organized, especially subcategories for the movies section.

Here’s where I would love you all to help me out: What do you enjoy about my blog? Anything in particular you want to keep seeing?

I fully intend to keep movies, photography and baking going on as I have a few projects in mind.  However, once I hit the full 52 weeks of workouts, I’m not sure if I will continue putting on workout roundups.

How about book reviews? I was trying to think of projects to do for it.  I will keep reading but perhaps I might take that section out as a more leisurely sections with monthly shorter reviews instead of full posts dedicated to one book, unless its for independent authors and their releases.  Any projects you might want to suggest?

My mind will be on full time mode thinking about how to make certain changes for now, you should be expecting updates on some pages and a few subcategories gradually added in to clean up the overall blog and to help in better navigation.

Please share what you think. It’ll really help me decide on how to approach next year!

Before I leave, lets start the morning with some awesome music that I’ve been listening to this weekend! Kick start our Christmas/holiday/winter month in style!

And if you aren’t so much into Christmas yet, I’ve been totally loving this song performed on The Ellen Show by Travie McCoy and Jason Mraz called Rough Water!

Happy Monday! 🙂

Remember to leave me comments & suggestions! Thanks 🙂

Halloween Marathon: Lord of Tears (2013)

If you haven’t seen my weekend post (its HERE), last week I received my Collector’s DVD for a Kickstarter project called Lord of Tears that I had contributed to earlier this year.  The best thing about these independent projects is that I never know what to expect, so when I popped my DVD into the player, my boyfriend and I had absolutely no idea what we were getting into.  My boyfriend had totally blanked out as to what the movie was even about, and all I remembered was something about with Owlman. Let’s check it out!

lord of tears posterDirector: Lawrie Brewster

Cast: Euan Douglas, Alexandra “Lexy” Hulme, Jamie Scott Gordon, David Schofield

I’m not going to start butchering the synopsis and I’m a bit on a time-constraint (its 2am and I should be sleeping), so here’s the one I found on IMDB.

Lord of Tears tells the story of James Findlay, a school teacher plagued by recurring nightmares of a mysterious and unsettling entity. Suspecting that his visions are linked to a dark incident in his past, James returns to his childhood home, a notorious mansion in the Scottish Highlands, where he uncovers the disturbing truth behind his dreams, and must fight to survive the brutal consequences of his curiosity.-IMDB

lord of tears setting

Lord of Tears is definitely a different horror experience.  Its dives into the world of mythological world and the inner world of dreams and reality, touching on the world of spirits.  It sets itself in mostly the above location and the atmosphere is shot dark, intense and mysterious.  That matches the movie very much as James is searching for answers to what is haunts his dreams in a sense.  At the same time, it has an amazing soundtrack that matches with the mood as it shifts to the different situations encountered.

lord of tears owlman

The story itself is written very well.  Lord of Tears seems to have two different acts and is portrayed in different  moods that create a different sort of fear.  The first part is slow-paced as we follow James in his search for who this Owlman is and slowly his curiosity leads him into something that falls apart into something unexpected and the pace speeds up after that in the second part till the end.  We get caught in a chilling and creepy movie that pulled me right in and intensely scared.

lord of tears 2

The characters themselves are peculiar but for the most part, very likeable.  At the beginning, there was a bit of weirdness to the acting, something along the lines of deliberate exaggeration, but eventually, I think it grew on me and it contributed to the story as a whole.  James is our main character and for the most part, he really pulls us into the story as he hunts down his past; the reality versus his dreams.  Alongside James, we are introduced to an American girl taking care of the mansion called Eve.  I’m going to say it right here that Eve is my favorite character.  She has this mysterious air but also a very happy feeling and this positive impact on James.  Of course, our last character is the Owlman.  He is our character’s mystery and he stays that way as he makes the viewers wonder who is he and what is he going to do? Is he real or just a childhood dream? Plus, our Owlman talks in this chilling voice and his dialogue adds to the whole mood/atmosphere.

lord of tears 1

Overall, Lord of Tears is full of awesome surprises.  You won’t see the story and where it will turn into at all.  I, myself, actually figured it out spontaneously when I got up to pour myself some water and then it clicked right before the second act started and things got really crazy.  However, even though I somewhat figured out what was going on, the way it was done, filmed, was just so amazing.  With a unique storyline, an intense atmosphere and some intriguing characters, Lord of Tears is a horror I’d highly recommend.  After a few days of letting it sink in, I truly believe that the after effects has made me feel that this movie is possibly one of the best horrors I’ve seen (even if I’m not experienced in this genre).

Zombies, Vampires, Owls and Food!

This week’s personal post is totally going to be *almost* all about Halloween! Almost, ok? A few key events has happened this year which makes me somewhat excited about.  We’ll try to do this in as chronological order as possible 🙂 Lets get right to it since I need to head out for some overtime at work REALLY soon!


First up, earlier this week, on October 22nd, a fellow blogger, Jack Flacco launched his novel about the Zombie Apocalypse and used a very witty and smart character called Ranger Martin.  I got to awesome chance to review it last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read my review of it, you can check it out HERE! If you think only my opinion isn’t enough, then you can check out the words of the rest of the review team HERE! Jack’s a great supportive blogger and if you need some reading material to go with the Halloween mood, this one is definitely a great choice for you and even your kids.

Second, on Wednesday or Thursday, I came home to a cute little package sunk into my mailbox and it turns out the Kickstarter project I had supported for a movie called Lord of Tears arrived in the mail.  I had took the pledge for the Signed DVD Collector’s Set with the soundtrack, I think.  It looks like this 🙂



Cool stuff, right? Its going into the Halloween marathon! I have a lot of stuff for the marathon coming up.  Maybe a few days of double reviews for Monday to Thursday.  Just a quick heads up for that! I’m on horror overcharge.  I’m going to try and kick up the intensity at the same time.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂


Next up, I’m going to talk about a campaign right now for a giveaway in Tribesports to win some tickets for the Run For Your Lives race and some other goodies.  That looks totally cool although they don’t have it here in Montreal.  Closest for me is in Toronto.   They do have locations all over the place.

You can comment below with your best kickass zombie-training plan, Tweet @Tribesports with the hashtag #zombiesurvivalor comment on the Facebook post.

The instructions are over HERE. If you are into working out, Tribesports is an awesome supportive community and they even have some workouts targeted for the whole Zombie Apocalypse preparation.  How about it? I’m definitely getting some in and I’ll talk about it soon in my workout post.  Its never too soon to prepare for running away from some zombies, right?

Last thing that actually happened was last night, my friend got these certificates to eat at the Casino of Montreal for the buffet and all four of us feasted in a crazy way.  We almost had to roll down 5 flights of stairs and to the car.  Believe me, it was painful over potholes and the uneven highways.  It was some really delicious stuff.  Here’s a mix of my plates and some of my friends (especially dessert and crab legs for them).

I just realized that I didn’t take my 3rd plate which had Fried Shrimps, Lobster Claw and Garlic Shrimps and probably something else but I can’t remember.

How about a little update for my TV watching! The only thing I watched this week was Vampire Diaries and I find it pretty good.


Don’t click on that picture.  This was taken from the Hollywood life site.  I just liked this poster a lot for the Season 5 Vampire Diaries.

Okay, I’m really late already! Apparently, writing posts are time-consuming.  Who would have thought that, right?

Lets end with some awesome music! Nothing Halloween though, I haven’t found it yet, but there was a really cool Disney Medley from two very talented artists on Youtube.

Not the end yet! I just remembered that my boyfriend took some awesome vids of last weekend’s excursion.  One is at the pet store.  Our conversation is hilarious since it was the first time he used his new phone to record a video.

Kim = smartass…yes, I know 😉

Then, later that day, we had my piano practice and my cat getting all excited.  Its pretty cute!

Hope that put a smile to your face! I know I had a good laugh out of it!

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay awesome! 🙂