TV Binge: Gilmore Girls (Season 2, 2001)

Jumping right after into Season 2 of Gilmore Girls was inevitable. As much as I would choose to wait and write up the TV Binge in between, the series just pushed me forward and I wanted to know what happened with its great characters and hope that Season 2 will absolutely extend and make it all better and wonder what other obstacles they have to face.

Let’s check it out!

Gilmore Girls (Season 2, 2001)

Gilmore Girls Season 2

Creator: Amy Sherman – Palladino

Cast: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Jared Padelecki, Keiko Agena, Scott Patterson, Melissa McCarthy, Milo Ventimiglia, Kelly Bishop, Edward Hermmann, David Sutcliffe

The second season starts on a pretty good note. Both Rory and Lorelai had come out Season 1 with great news to tell each other. Now its about building for Rory, in terms of a relationship with Dean and really embracing her feelings for him while Lorelai is preparing for her marriage to Max and ironing out thise details of loving together and whatnot. Dean is now a regular along with a few others from Stars Hollow. There isn’t ever quite a dull moment in Stars Hollow and its amazing the town that they have created for the show especially with all the silly festivities that the Gilmore Girls always become a part of. Plus this season marks the entrance of Jess played by Milo Ventimiglia who is a discussion in itself. We have Rory’s dad Christopher making a much more significant presence on the show as well.

Its taken me a few days to put this recap/binge review together and I realized that perhaps each season of Gilmore Girls attempts to show a certain area of growth. In Season 2, what we love is how the creators developed the various relationships, whether it be friends, family or love. Just saying that I still liked how Gilmore Girls progressed in Season 2 because after learning about our lovely ladies, it is time to move on and see their lives and the people they interact with and how they grow. I think one very important thing to learn about Gilmore Girls and we live through them in Stars Hollow the majority of the time and everyone who passes through their life or who they meet is not exactly about that other person but more about how these life experiences help them grow as a person, and in my opinion, reflects life in a pretty realistic way.

  • Lorelai & Rory: The obvious one to show here. Rory is a teen and she’s also growing up in a harsh environment and having to fight her own battles in a world that she’s pretty unfamiliar with but learning to adapt to. While they do have different views in everything from dating to friends and school even, their relationship is based on honesty. In here, we start seeing that Rory and Lorelai both want to be honest as much as they can but also sometimes, make decisions that they don’t approve but things usually work out between them because they have such a strong mother-daughter/best friend relationship

Gilmore Girls

  • Lorelai & Emily: Lorelai and Rory have something special between them and in many ways, Emily (Lorelai’s mother) craves the same involvement except there is a difference in view and opinions. It doesn’t help that the isolation and control over the years has left quite a gap between them. Season 2 starts having a lot more of Emily Gilmore and there is nothing quite as fun as watching them bicker and Lorelai’s desperate comebacks. While also seeing that they are growing closer and starting to confide in each other and putting their pride aside sometimes.
  • Christopher & Lorelai & Rory: Season 2 shows the increased involvement in Rory’s father, Christopher. From the first glance, even though he has a lovely lady friend that comes into the picture and they are in fact in love and he is settling down from his free-will bachelor ways, his eyes are for Lorelai. He can hide that by just trying to be there for Rory more and he does a good job at it. However, it eventually feels like the perfect time to rekindle those feelings because he is finally who Lorelai wants and needs but is it, right? Since he is with someone else… In many ways, that would make everyone around them happy as well as themselves. And man, Christopher’s eyes when he looks at Lorelai is so genuinely full of love sometimes and I have to say its what makes me love his character.

Gilmore Girls

  • Rory & Dean: At the end of Season 1, we saw Rory open up to Dean about her feelings and naturally, they got back together. The way to look at Rory and Dean is that they are really perfect for each other. Or perhaps, Dean is perfect for Rory because he tries to be understanding about and make time for each other. He holds back his anger or over-reacting as much as he can and he does put her first. He cares so much about her and wants to spend time together a lot. Isn’t that what a great first boyfriend is and what puppy love is?
  • Rory & Jess: Jess walks into Stars Hollow as the quiet, loner, introvert bad boy who also likes to read. He’s mysterious and rude and self-righteous, I guess. Except he reminds me of a second type of guy that I was intrigued by when I was younger. Except I’m sure they didn’t have a book with them everywhere they went and it was a short crush. Jess has a rough past and it doesn’t take long to realize that there is a genuine connection between them. Plus, they really work on that friendship of theirs while Jess isn’t afraid to show that he probably wants to use whatever way to spend more time with her, even if it means pissing off the towering Dean. Is it the right thing to do? Maybe not, but maybe this is the adventure that Rory needs to break out of the perfect and safe world she’s living in.

Gilmore Girls

There are obviously lots of other thing going on. We see Jess and Luke, Lorelai and Luke, Rory and Paris, Sookie and Jackson, etc. There’s a lot going on in the season and its hard to go through everything and those friendships and relationships are a ton of fun to talk about as well, especially Lorelai and Luke, except they are just growing and I’m sure I’ll be talking about them more.

Overall, Season 2 was pretty awesome. The best parts could be really in terms of giving Rory and Dean and Jess some friction. There’s some nice moments of Lorelai and Luke who, lets face it, is my couple to ship which I’m sure will, in time, get together. Their chemistry is just building up every single quiet moment they have together. This is a much slower episodes but feels very natural to watch. In many respects, we have a few things going on in the background but never does it feel like too much. The town is bustling as always. There’s always some fun festival going on in Stars Hollow. The relationship building is fantastic. Before I wrap this up, as I was talking about Dean and Jess and Rory, a thought came in my head about something that was i The Vampire Diaries which applies here which was mentioned about the love triangle there. If you think about it, the character design here is very similar. Dean is perfect and he’s safe which is a great thing but Jess challenges Rory and takes her out of her comfort zone and maybe thats a good thing also. Which one is right for her, well, we’ll see, right? I’m sure at the end of all the Gilmore Girls binging, I’ll have an extra post on the guys in the Gilmore Girls life.

Have you seen Gilmore Girls? Are you a fan?

Dirty Dancing (1987)

First movie out of my list of recommendations is from Marilyn from MKG-Memories-Keepsakes-Gifts back in February during my Valentine’s Marathon. Seemed like a good night to keep the energy going and stream on Netflix: Dirty Dancing! Who doesn’t love a little Patrick Swayze? Plus, I’ve never seen this before…so lets check it out!

dirty dancing posterDirector: Emile Ardolino

Cast: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Jerry Orbach, Cynthia Rhodes, Jane Brucker, Kelly Bishop, Lonny Price, Jack Weston

Dr. Jack Houseman (Jerry Orbach) and his wife (Kelly Bishop) and two teenage daughters Lisa (Jane Brucker) and Frances/”Baby” (Jennifer Grey) are going on summer holiday at a resort.  As Baby plans on being in the Peace Corps the following year, this would be the last year she can experience being a carefree teenage.  At the resort, she meets dance instructor Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and in an event that happens with his partner, Penny (Cynthia Rhodes), she takes up learning how to dance to be in an important performance for them and falls in love with him.

dirty dancing practice

There’s something about these older dance/romance/music/drama flicks that really make me love them a lot.  I found the first 15 minutes to be a tad long and meh but once we got Johnny Castle kicking it up with his dancing, it started being totally awesome! Heck, even before that first dance, the moment Patrick Swayze was on screen, Jennifer Grey’s expression was totally priceless and I was captured by the whole movie right there. Then you add in some sexy dirty dancing and lots of romancing and learning how to dance, fun music, it was absolutely the time of my life 🙂

dirty dancing baby johnny

The first thing that defines a good romance (drama or comedy) is the chemistry between our lovers.  Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze was totally awesome.  Their chemistry was OFF THE CHARTS! I mean, in my mind, I’ve already fallen in love with Patrick Swayze millions of times in the movies his done but man, I wish I was Jennifer Grey at that very moment. This movie reminds of how the death of Patrick Swayze at such an early age is such a huge loss.  However, we can still see his energy alive in these awesome flicks.  He’s done some amazing stuff.

dirty dancing practice baby

Jennifer Grey was fantastic as Baby.  The character of Baby was designed in a pretty realistic way.  In one way, I could slightly relate to the situation of growing up the way she did.  Of course, I never thought of joining the Peace Corps or saving lives.  I’d love to but her character makes me wish I could be and do a lot more.  Some may see her as naive and clueless but sometimes, thats what makes her a bigger and better person and turns her into a courageous person.  Its quite an inspiring role because her character ends up changing how she is into a good way and influencing others around her also, like Patrick Swayze’s Johnny Castle.

dirty dancing meeting

There are millions of other aspects I could talk about that was good.  The cast itself other than the main two and Penny was totally cool.  Jerry Orbach, who played Baby’s father was awesome. Dirty Dancing is definitely a recommendable flick if you like music/romance/drama.  It was fun and entertaining and had me moving to the music throughout the movie with a huge smile on my face.  Nothing beats feel good quite like this 🙂 Plus, we have a very charming Patrick Swayze and man, makes me want to rewatch all his movies. He was a great actor!

Thank you to Marilyn for her long  ago mention of this movie back in February 🙂 I loved it!

And you should definitely go check out her blog if you haven’t, she’s totally awesome and really artistic 🙂 I put her link to her name on the top.  Make sure to check it out!

Any other Patrick Swayze or dance flicks you’d like to recommend to me? Have you seen Dirty Dancing? What did you think?