Horror Marathon: Shark Night (2011)

Welcome back to the horror marathon 2017!

If you’ve noticed, I tend to avoid the main headliner over the weekend so we’re taking a look at a random movie pick. I have some boring days that I just need buffer movies and I decided to give Shark Night a go. For one, the cast are a lot of younger actors and actress that I’ve seen over a few teen TV shows. I can’t say they are great but hey, why not, right? Usually silly shark movies are right up my alley and I tend to be incredibly forgiving of them or I just laugh at them. Its all around a cool time.

Let’s check it out!

Shark Night (2011)

shark night

Director: David R. Ellis

Cast: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Katharine McPhee, Joel David Moore, Donal Logue, Joshua Leonard, Chris Zylka, Sinqua Walls, Alyssa Diaz

A weekend at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf turns into a nightmare for seven vacationers as they are subjected to shark attacks. – IMDB

I have to admit that I used to take more chances on shark movies or just you know, abnormal ones. It might be the fact that Piranha DD in particular made me hesitate on choosing more of those so pardon me when Shark Night 3D didn’t quite make it on my radar. And man, its rightly so. Shark Night does have a lot of familiar names if you are into those TV series like I am. Dustin Milligan and Chris Carmack was in 90210 (the reboot series that ended a few years ago) and Katharine McPhee won some Idol or was runner-up maybe. Sara Paxton seems more familiar and I still can’t peg where she’s from. While we have Chris Zylka who plays in a lot of series that don’t seem to last too long like The Secret Circle and he was in that dreadful Piranha 3DD that I was mentioning before. I get that movies like this one isn’t really expected to be good and overall, it really does suck, especially when Donal Logue is Harvey in Gotham now and he’s part of this horrible film that had so many dumb moments.

Shark Night

I’ve been known to also like dumb shark movies, you know, like Sharknado. But I think the difference I always talk about is that this movie tries really hard to be serious. The other one was meant to be bad and its perceived as bad and yet, they  make some ridiculously great moments that are pure over the top and goofy in so many ways. Shark Night tries really hard even for a college party film gone wrong. Sure, there’s the whole mystery of how did a shark (or wait, sharks) get into the lake but its really expected considering they opened with a shark kill. Shark Night does nothing different with its formula and in fact, it doesn’t even really take the time to get to know these characters other than the fact that you have the nerd and the jock and the girlfriend and the mystery girl and the slut. You know, the normal group that gets picked off one by one. Its not really like you can cheer for anyone of them in particular even you kind of already expected who would make it out.  Of course, we always meet the creepy weirdos of the town at the gas station who you know right away are the bad guys and yet, these crazy college group just trusts them after their surprise appearance after the first attack. Like I said, nothing revolutionary. I didn’t quite expect the twist they had but it wasn’t really executed in an effective way either.

Shark Night

To be fair, these films aren’t any pieces of art and I understand that so I don’t think its fair to expect it to be a masterpiece. My point is that even in this realm, it takes itself far too seriously and has a lot of pacing issues and there’s not really anyone you want to fight for. But its main issue is that its just boring. So boring. I predicted when everything would happen and even with a cast that has made some decent stuff here and there regardless of the big or small roles, I definitely appreciated seeing everyone of the familiar faces somewhere else. Shark Night isn’t my fave. I guess, its back to Sharknado for me. The 4th Awakens is on this year’s horror marathon to-watch list so that’s coming up. For newcomers, I never get away with horror marathons without at least one or two predator films and this year apparently lands on 2 shark films.

Have you seen Shark Night? If you saw it in 3D, did it make it a better experience?

The House Bunny (2008)

Right after the crazy horror movie Insidious that got me all freaked out, I went through my collection and picked out this comedy, The House Bunny.  The first time I saw this was actually the first time I saw Anna Faris plus I had heard about one of my friends saying they surprisingly enjoyed it.  At least it was a vague memory.  I remember my boyfriend and I closed it and thought that was some weird stuff. Still, I don’t know why I decided to check it out again…but I did!

the house bunny posterDirector: Fred Wolf

Cast: Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Colin Hanks, Kat Dennings, Hugh Hefner, Christopher MacDonald, Katharine McPhee, Rumer Willis

Orphaned as a child but then brought to the Playboy Mansion to live because of her beauty, Shelley (Anna Faris) had planned to have her happy life there forever with Hef (Hugh Hefner) and the other girls.  On her 27th birthday, she wished to be a centerfold but to her surprise, she wakes up after her big party to a letter asking her to leave because she was too old.  In a twist of fate, she ends up becoming the house mother of the desperate and close to ending sorority Zeta.  Shelley teaches the group of misfits composed of Natalie (Emma Stone), Mona (Kat Dennings), Harmony (Katharine McPhee), Joanne (Rumer Willis) and co. how to be sexy and attract more attention from guys in order to get 30 pledges and raise enough money for their philanthropy before they lose their home.

Shelley: "Car Wash!"

Shelley: “Car Wash!”

This one has a lot of potential to be really funny.  I still found it weird this time around but I found that its mostly some parts of Anna Faris’s humor I don’t get (sometimes).  After seeing her in Whats Your Number?, I know that she has a  different type of humor.  Its really her.  Plus, she always does quite daring roles where she has to expose her body a lot.  In this one, she does have to match up to being (or seem like) a blonde bimbo but actually have something more underneath .  Honestly, she really does a lot of it really well and even at times, she can get really silly  and it just grows on you (well, on me).   I started with rolling my eyes and facepalming to actually getting a lot of laughs from her jokes.


The transformed Zetas

The girls who play the Zetas are pretty funny as well.  I mean a lot of it has to go to Emma Stone because she is a sweetheart on screen.  However, it is one of her earlier roles so nothing compares to what she can pull off for say, Easy A.  I love her in all her earlier roles as well.  She does exactly what the nerdy girls would do.  I mean I’ve been there and done that…maybe not sorority stuff since thats not how my university work (not sure if any in Canada are like that…).  Before and after the transformation, they still kept a lot of the humor here and there. I ended up enjoying in the way that I’d like Mean Girls.

the house bunny colby natalie


There had to be a little bit of romance for Anna Faris’s Shelley that turns out to be a riot in the end.  And then we switch over and have a younger romance bloom with Emma Stone’s Natalie and her long time crush Colby.  Although the latter wasn’t very focused on as much.

As always, there is always a hidden meaning with these flicks.  This one focuses a lot on acknowledging on who we are on the outside and not let the superficial take over.  Its alright to be physically attractive but to not forget to be nice and not stop others from being themselves.  I like the message even though it was set in a comedy.

It may not be the most creative plot in the world but it has its goofy characters and if you like Anna Faris, I’m sure she’ll be worth the watch.  Second time around, this was pretty enjoyable.  You might get a few laughs from this 🙂

Have I asked about Anna Faris before? If I have, maybe you have some new thoughts.  What do you think about her? Do you think she has a unique type of humor? How about Emma Stone? Whats your favorite role of hers?