Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework: the choice is completely up to you. I’m looking forward to seeing how you interpret “refraction.”- The Daily Post

Seeing as I never got that post up on the Lantern Festival/Garden of Lights at Botanical Gardens.  I will continue to use those pictures for this challenge 🙂

Botanical Gardens

Japanese Pavillon

Botanical Gardens

Japanese Pavillion

Botanical Gardens

Japanese Pavillion

Botanical Gardens

Water Garden

Botanical Gardens

The Great Pumpkin Ball

My guess is that the first one portrays refraction the best but then if its off a reflective surface well, all of these have some form of reflection and diverting light in some extent 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

It’s trickier to take pictures at night, but the rewards are well worth it…What nocturnal photos do you like taking? Whether it’s a starry sky, a street lamp, or the shadows cast by your cat, share them with us. Your shot can be outdoors or indoors, blurry or crisp, overexposed or ominously dark. As every owl (and night owl) knows, nighttime is when the real action starts. – The Daily Post

Montreal is a party city which means there are tons of night owls hanging about. With that, there are a lot of night activities.  A few always are at night, in February there’s the Montreal Festival des Lumieres (aka Festival of Lights).  In October, we have the Lantern Festival (with an eerie Evening Walking in Japanese Pavillion).  For the last few years, I even ventured to Upper Canada Village in Ontario for the Pumpkinfest.  So many events at night and I’m still looking for more 😉

This year, I have a few night festivals in mind along with revisiting the Lantern Festival as October plans.

Are you a night owl? Do you like to take pictures at night? What activites happen after dark in where you live?

Japanese Pavillion Evening Tour Route (and a bit more…)

Last post I showed you a mosaic of photos from the Lantern Festival in the Chinese Gardens of the Montreal Botanical Gardens.  Thats part of a whole route called the Evening Route in the Gardens so right after Chinese Gardens, we went on the second route in the Japanese Pavillion.  This place was dark and eerie.  At the beginning, we walk into the path is into some woods full of tall trees with no leaves and there were taiko drum music in the background with synchonized lights beaming onto the trees to the drum beats.  Afterwards, we walked along the path and saw the Japanese garden in the dark with certain areas lit up with various coloured lights over the trees and plants along the path.  It was pretty nice.

After that, we walked back and went through the Aquatic Garden.  That was pretty cool.  We had all these water plants and fountains around us.  Its not the season for flowers anywhere so it was all green but it was still  a new way to see this garden.

Here’s how it looked in the Japanese Pavillion, followed by a few photos of the Aquatic Garden.  Near the end, we caught eye of a two more sets of lanterns in front of the Insectarium of butterflies and grasshoppers.  I thought it was a pretty awesome experience!

Over here in Montreal, we’re getting into the Halloween/Autumn mood.

How about you? Any festivals and events going on?