Valentine’s Marathon: Love, Marriage, Wedding (2011)

Moving right along with the Valentine’s Marathon! Day 3! We’re taking a look at Love, Wedding, Marriage.  I’m not exactly sure why I felt inclined to watch this last night.  I figured Mandy Moore has  never disappointed me before so why now, right?

Lets check it out! 🙂



Director: Dermot Mulroney

Cast: Mandy Moore, Kellan Lutz, James Brolin, Jane Seymour, Jessica Szohr, Michael Weston

Marriage counsellor Ava (Mandy Moore) just marries a handsome and sweet winery manager Charlie (Kellan Lutz).  During their honeymoon phase, its interrupted by the announcement of Ava’s parents desire of wanting a divorce at the brink of their 30th anniversary due to the reveal of her father, Bradley’s (James Brolin) 25 year ago affair that had just come to light. Having all her beliefs in marriage put in hazard, Ava tries every way possible asking for help from Charlie and her younger sister, Shelby (Jessica Szohr) to help her fix her parents’ relationship.

love wedding marriage

I love Mandy Moore and I love romantic comedies and honestly, if you’ve been around Tranquil Dreams and my movie write-ups/reviews, you’ll realize that I’m a pretty easy crowd to please especially when we’re talking about rom-coms (or any romance for that matter).  Now, Love Wedding Marriage was not really anything great, let alone good.  It was just really blah and meh, whichever word you’d like to describe it as.  I sat through this not laughing or reacting a lot and kind of trying to not doze off.  Its about as predictable as romantic comedies go and yet there isn’t even that special something that will make me want to go see this again because as I’m writing this, I’m struggling to remember much other than Kellan Lutz’s abs.  But if you are going to watch a movie for just a ripped body, then go for What’s Your Number? because at least there’s Chris Evans and that movie was way more fun than this one.

love wedding marriage

So, okay, I can’t just have one paragraph and end this review because I did finish the movie. There was a few redeeming qualities.  Mandy Moore is always a sweetheart to watch on screen, even if her role is a little normal as the marriage counsellor newlywed who doesn’t really bask in her marriage but tries her hardest to make her parents work out again.  The effort is definitely commendable but to what lengths, right? Thats the question I was asking because it was just a little crazy after a while. Another sweetheart to watch was Jessica Szohr.  I like her a lot, ever since I saw her in Gossip Girl as Vanessa.  She’s always a really fun character. As Shelby, she brings a little life to the screen.

love wedding marriage

I mean, its a given how the movie will end but regardless, the parents are played by James Brolin and Jane Seymour. I have nothing against Jane Seymour.  I’ve seen her in Austenland before so its all good. And then I sat there staring at James Brolin struggling to remember his name and where I saw him, until it hit me….my last Shitfest entry for Bad Girl Island. *shakes head* All those bad memories come back.  I choose to move on and not think about this….

love wedding marriage

Finally, we’re at Kellan Lutz. So, I’m not a huge fan of this guy.  Sure, at certain angles, he looks pretty handsome and he has a totally ripped body and trust me, there was a lot of scenes with that.  But, I’m guessing if he didn’t have his blonde hair, he would look a lot better. Still, his ripped body was a redeeming point also.  I’m not gonna lie 😉

Overall, Love Wedding Marriage isn’t one that I’d recommend.  Mandy Moore and Jessica Szohr made me want to watch this but it was pretty bland as a romantic comedy.  I didn’t laugh a lot or feel much of the love or chemistry at all.  I guess I’m just indifferent.

Have you seen Love, Wedding, Marriage? Did you like it? 


Another season of Shitfest is finally coming around. This time around, I was a lot busier than usual. Not sure if thats actually possible but I reviewed Bad Girl Island. It was a fight between this one and Piranha DD. Although I brushed that one aside, I promise I will get a review in for it eventually after the mountain of movies before it is reviewed ;). Back to business though, Shitfest has been fun as always. Remember to check out the other posts and take some pointers from our group right here that went ahead and dived into some horrible movies for everyone’s benefit.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks to Eric for putting this together as always 🙂