Wine Recap – September 2019

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Welcome to the next Wine Recap! This time its all wines to share! Summer passing does seem to make a different to our alcohol consumption. Summer is more of the light fruity drinks where as some places start having a work reason to be around.

Dr. Loosen Bros  Riesling 2018

Dr. Loosen Bros

Producer: Weingut Dr. Loosen
Alcohol Content: 8.5%
Location: Mosel, Germany
Taste Tag: Fruity & Sweet

Dr. Loosen Bros Riesling is nice and freshing white wine. We’re usually pretty happy with Rieslings and the this one fit the taste tag pretty well. It was smooth and not too acidic or dry. It had the fruity element pretty good and went down pretty well also. Very enjoyable!

Wayne Gretzky Estates No.99 Riesling 2018 VQA

Wayne Gretsky Riesling 2018

Producer: No.99 Wayne Gretzky Estates
Alcohol Content: 11%
Location: Ontario, Canada
Taste Tag: Off-dry & Fruity

We’ve bought the Wayne Gretzky Estates wine before these wine recaps started. I can’t remember if it was the Riesling but it might have been because the memory of it was positive enough that I still remembered it when I saw this one on the store shelf. I can’t remember what year that one was but this second time trying it out, 2018 is a lot drier than what I remembered and while it still had those fruity notes, it did lean on the more acidic bit. Its borderline acceptable for our preferences in white wines.

Coeur Vagabond

Coeur Vagabond

Producer: Terre Siciliane IGT
Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Location: Italy
Taste Tag: N/A

Call it a cheaper and more accessible wine if you must as this is sold in convenience stores and such. Coeur Vagabond is surprisingly good. Its not fantastic but it actually has a pretty nice balance in the taste. It still angles on the more dry and acidic type of taste but its quite smooth at the back of the throat.

Francis Coppola Diamond Chardonnay 2017

Francis Coppola Diamond Chardonnay 2017

Producer: Francis Ford Coppola
Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Location: Monterey, California, USA
Taste Tag: Aromatic & Mellow

The new taste tag category we are trying out lately is ‘Aromatic & Mellow’ as we’ve had some nice wins. As Movies and Tea Podcast (which I co-host, if you are new here or just didn’t know) has been looking at Sofia Coppola’s works as this season’s focus, I wanted to get into the mood and try out something in the same family. My husband had tried the Francis Coppola red wine before and loved it so we decided to give the white wine a whirl and definitely a win here.

Les Vents d’Ange Cuvée Catherine 2018

Les Vents D'Ange Catherine 2018

Producer: Vignoble Les Vents D’Ange
Alcohol Content: 13%
Location: Quebec, Canada
Taste Tag: Fruity and Sweet

For personal friends, they may know why this wine stood out for me. Either way, this one was an earlier purchase that we hadn’t gotten around to trying out. It also is the only wine from Quebec. While I can’t vouch for this being really in the fruity and sweet area as it does angle in the off-dry area a little more, it does taste rather smooth. Its those really subtle wines that actually really settle in as its had time to breath.

That’s it for this Wine Recap!
Its definitely an international mix this time around!

Have you tried any new wines lately? Any you’d like to recommend?

Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

After reading Inferno by Dan Brown for something like 3 weeks or so, I finally finished it up yesterday.

I’m a huge fan of Dan Brown and own all of his books, most of which I devoured in a few days from starting.   My opinion on the books are all favorable from the action and the mystery which makes it all the more intriguing.  Inferno is the followup after The Lost Symbol on Robert Langdon’s many adventures into the world of symbolism and history.  Lets start with a little synopsis!

inferno book coverWaking up in a hospital with no recollection of what happened in the past few days, Robert Langdon soon finds out that he is in Italy treated for a bullet wound to his head. The questions now are how did he get there and what happened leading up to his injury.  Shortly after, a mysterious woman appears and tries to kill him. His doctor, a young and intelligent Sienna Brooks, helps him to escape.  However as the night goes further, they realize that as the puzzle pieces click together, they are lead into his footsteps of the last few days and to a bigger and possibly deadly plan.

This is a thriller and I’m not going to tell you about what anything in detail is.  Why? Because the least you know before you enter any Dan Brown novel, the better and more impact you will feel.  The more thrills and guesses you will have as to what could happen.  This one really goes on a global level and even spirals way out of control.  I actually like it when it does spiral in that unexpected direction.  For that, its one of the reasons I liked the second half of the book a lot more than the beginning.

Although, you have to admit, any novel series hitting its 4th novel or something has got to lose steam eventually, right? Maybe its because I’ve read a lot this year.  Whatever the reason was, I didn’t find this one as entertaining as the previous ones.  All his novels have been a page-turner and for this one,  I remembered falling asleep at the beginning.  It does build itself up as the plot thickens. The story here is on an immense global scale and it utilizes Dante’s Inferno, which I know nothing about (except for in video games prior to this) to weave the codes and clues so it made it interesting to learn about.  And that ending was pretty awesome.

If you are a Dan Brown fan or into these mystery thrillers, I’m sure you’ll find enjoyment with it, even if it isn’t right off the start.  The good stuff is there, but you just need to tough it out in the slower beginning. Its worth the wait as it really gives you a few pretty outstanding twists that make it all worth it in the end.  Of course, if you haven’t read the previous books, its not a big deal as Inferno doesn’t have any connection except for Robert Langdon himself.

Are you a fan of Dan Brown? How about thrillers/mysteries novels? Any that you’d like to suggest?