Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Purple – one of my favorite colors…I used to love purple and pink as a little girl.  Who would know that after 20 something years, I’d come back and the last 2-3 years I’ve really learned to like it again.  In clothes, its more of a darker shade of purple but in general, for many other things, I find it a beautiful color.

Seeing as I get to choose a lot of the flowers that are planted in the garden and its one of the few colors me and my mom both love, its shows up in various kinds. Here are few to share on my PURPLE flowers.

Beautiful PURPLE Lavenders

They are still one of the newest additions to my garden so they are not very abundant yet


Probably one of the oldest flowers in my garden and yet, every year I admire them every moment that I get

As for these….I forgot what they are called.  If you know, please share.

But this year they were the winners as they blossomed a lot and ever so pretty.

And finally this morning at 5:30am, I walked out out of the house to take my mom to the airport and right in front of me, a new batch of fully blossomed purple hibiscus!