Week 30&31: How Bad Do You Want It?

These last two weeks went by really fast, especially when out of the office.  I ended up taking two days off after completing the challenges.  That finished midweek of Week 30 and I really took it easy on Week 30.

On Friday, I wanted to work out my core and to check if it had any improvements so I went to go-to workout at Tribesports called Core Workout.

Then on Sunday, I did a Full Body Circuit with Weights from Fitsugar.

The week after, Week 31, on the Wednesday, I did a 25 Minute Workout with Playlist from Fitsugar. Tell you what, this only looks easy but it is in no way easy if you, like me, push yourself to the max and try to get in as many sets as possible.

1. “Finally Moving” — Pretty Lights Squats and Lunges
2. “Good Time” — Owl City Run in Place With High Knees and Jumping Jacks
3. “Moves Like Jagger” — Maroon 5 Speed Skaters and Mountain Climbers
4. “It’s Time” — Imagine Dragons Squats and Lunges
5. “Everybody Talks” — Neon Trees Run in Place With High Knees and Jumping Jacks
6. “Sunlight” — Harlem Shakes Speed Skaters and Mountain Climbers
7. “Whistle” — Flo Rida Squats and Lunges

On Sunday morning, I got in a little Morning Session from Tribesports!

I followed through with a Hike which I posted about yesterday right HERE! 🙂


Its been 1.5 weeks of taking it easy but whenever I worked out, I gave it my all so I think it compensates for it plus, the whole messing up my room to clean it up again is taking up some of my energy 😉 I’m pretty much keeping up with 3 workouts a week and time-wise that works well with my schedule 🙂 The next 30 day challenge from Tribesports will start on November 1st, timed exactly to match a big month where I probably won’t have time to do an hour of workout in the evenings.

As some of you may see, its causing the whole blogging to be a bit off schedule.  This post should’ve been up on Monday but I’m being spontaneous and drafting most of these posts last minute and in weird order.  I promise things will get back to normal soon.  I’m working on it! Life just kind of busy and things get a little out of hand.