Pinterest Spring/Summer Inspirations!

Its been forever since I’ve shared some fantastic Pinterest stuff! Mostly because while pinning is super fun and therapeutical, putting together the posts can be tiring.  Just deciding what to do takes so much time that it becomes less therapeutical than it actually is even if I love putting those posts up.  However, maybe this is what Pinterest is going to be: Therapy or Inspirations! Spring is pretty much almost over and hints of Summer is landing in Montreal.  The last few days have been hot and humid and I love it! 🙂

This also means spring cleaning and garden/outdoors stuff needs to be taken care of! I have some rhubarb to harvest and maybe make some nice drinks.  The heat also means that I kick in a much healthier lifestyle.  Lots of things that I seek out Pinterest for! Lets look at some of my faves and ones I hope to pursue if not now, eventually!

The Anatomy of Sangria


Hot summer days calls out to me in the form of Sangria. I don’t drink a lot in general but a great sangria is so hard to resist. This infographic breaks it down in an interesting way and peaks some new ways to use different ingredients next time.  For the record, I’ve recently realized that I’m intolerant or maybe allergic to red wine so any sangria’s now have to be with white or rose wine. I have also done a autumn sangria with brandy and that turned out pretty good.



I’ve tried out a few popsicle recipes before and I’m not really good at it but its something I’m trying to learn to do better. This one looks delicious.  They are called Fruit Salad Ice Pops.  I love fruits and especially fruit salads and wrapped up in a popsicle. Yummy!  I’m already thinking of what fruits to get to make it and wondering where those popsicle molds are.

Infused Water Combinations

Infused water

Last year I started getting into infused water. I like cold drinks and water is super healthy so I’ve tried something with blueberry and basil before if I remember correctly.  This summer, I want to keep with the healthy stuff and try some other ones.  These ones are pretty neat especially detox and weight/sugar control and metabolism booster. I guess everything but the lower blood pressure one looks like choices I want to try out.

Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet


For those of you who are new here, I’m lactose intolerant or at least it seems to be in an extreme phase again.  Its really built a love and appreciation for Sorbets in my life. I’ve been wanting to try to make sorbet for a while and if these recipes say its easy, I’ll believe it! Its one of my goals this summer to give it a try.  This combination particularly looks great. I love strawberries and watermelons and yet, no one really pairs these two together. I wonder what it’ll taste like.

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine

I know, its a lot of alcoholic beverages here! In general, there’s a lot of drinks. Thing is, I was going to do a cruise dedicated post after my cruise recap last year and I forgot about it. I flat out forgot. That’s just how I am. A year after, I remembered and was thinking maybe this year, I’ll start a little drinks segment to experiment different recipes.  I don’t mean alcoholic cocktails, even if they are resistible, I don’t usually drink that much but even for like lemonades or infused waters and other healthy stuff. I think its well worth a shot! 🙂

That’s it for this Pinterest Inspirations!
Originally, it had a ton of other stuff for the garden and whatnot, but I just wanted to keep this fun and short! 🙂 

Let me leave you with this lovely quote!

making mistakes

Happy Friday! 🙂

My Weekly Adventures: Recaps, Events and Question!

Wow! Two weeks already? 2016 is out of control crazy.  We’re in mid-March already!

Its time for another My Weekly Adventures and I’m not going to lie…it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot to talk about. Maybe we will keep it short! Let me review these last two weeks and do a little recap!

At any time, head to the bottom and tell me what you think about my question for you! 🙂


First things first, Ultimate 80s Blogathon finally ended as of this past Saturday.  My first ever blogathon and I’m not going to lie…I kind of missed it.  It was a massive success and it really blew me away on the level of participation and how long it ran.  Plus, I made an actual friend out of the blogosphere collaborating with Drew.  Its pretty fantastic because I always worry about working with others, especially only through the inter-webs.  But I guess its all part of owning a blog, right?

If you missed it or any posts, you can always check out my page right HERE!

I did bring up this in the reblog of the conclusion but one or two of the participants brought up whether 90s Blogathon was going to happen.  We’re going to take a little while of break from the blogathon for sure but its a possibility that it’ll happen if we find the time and schedule to do it.

My question is: Would that be something that’s interest you? If it wasn’t the 90s, what other decades would be fun also?


This is the year, guys! Most of my friends that are the same year of birth as me are turning 30! So, we’re having lots of parties and hangouts and whatnot. This Saturday we had a dinner party with friends and its at Les 3 Brasseurs in downtown Montreal.  We met some new friends and caught up with friends we haven’t met in a while.  Its nice to see people and well, my best friend was there so it was nice to hang out with her.  The birthday boy is also one of my really good friends and we have a summer day trip in the planning which I’m sure to post about when it happens.


Spring is right around the corner.  I’ve recovered from my fall on ice and hurting my knee.  I might have not talked about it in any previous posts.  Anyways, that happened and I had to take a few weeks off of Zumba to make sure I didn’t hurt it anymore since I was literally limping around the house for a few days. However, I went back after a month of break this past weekend and I tell you, it was tough.  I put on my new Reebok in-studio training shoes (which are absolutely comfortable and great) and pushed so hard that I literally needed to take a break because I felt really dizzy.  A friendly advice: Don’t make last minute decisions to go work out and forget to bring water and not have eaten anything beforehand.  Lots of rookie mistakes there and its all my fault but I almost blacked out.  The room literally spun and I needed to sit out for the last routine and only went back in for the cooldown.

BUT, other than learning to be better prepared for Zumba class, I do realize that I need to get back into regularly working out.  The weather being warmer is great gradually because I can get back to running also.

I still need to get into the mood of doing strength training and start doing that again.  Still, its one step towards a goal just getting back to Zumba 🙂


This is the last time I’ll be talking about Avenue of Daydreams.  Its my other blog that I have which moves Photography over from this one.  Its more of a creative outlet than here. I felt the need to compartmentalize a little because while its hard to run one blog, and now I have two.  It was even harder to balance everything I wanted to do and still keep it functional around here.  Plus, I really want to do creative writing and it will probably go hand in hand with either posts from here or over at That Moment In for gaming.

For now, its three segments: Double Shots (theme weekly photography), Out of This World Travels (looking at worlds created in movies, books and video games) & Fifty (short fifty word creative writing pieces).

If you didn’t know, The Daily Post (which runs the Weekly Photo Challenge that I used to participate in) and the Daily prompts just launched their Discover Challenge and I’m doing this challenge over at Avenue of Daydreams also.  You can check out the first post HERE!


Don’t we all want to be somebody? Chase our dreams and do the things we love! I know its burning inside me more and more each day to try to make this something more, even if its just a hobby right now!


  • Netflix A-Z: K-N
  • Book Reviews
  • Upcoming Weekend Trip
  • Unboxing: FabFitFun Spring Box
  • Montreal Spring Events (if I have time)

Its short and sweet this week and its really just a recap! That’s life.  Just like how I do shameless (and silly) selfies like this one.


Some days, its just normal and simple, exactly as I like it. Its what makes the other events even more fascinating.

***Before we leave, my question for you: I’ve been thinking of making this segment into a vlog.  Maybe part vlog, part written.  Would that be something that you’d like?
I could work on video editing more and it could be more interactive that way.  Its just a thought. What do you think? Yes, no, maybe?***


Little Life Lessons: Things I’ve Realized Recently

I love quotes.  Love them to bits and I have a growing and thriving Pinterest board dedicated to it.  When I did the My Weekly Adventures, I’d always add a quote to the end.  That’s just how I am. My Weekly  Adventures has somewhat diminished but Tranquil Dreams formed because I wanted to be inspired with life and find a means to stay positive.  I say that because sometimes I get caught up with life and forget to live. My Chinese name may mean Tranquil Dreams but I bet you that my brain is never tranquil, its always moving.  Probably why this space is crazy versatile…

Maybe this is a little excuse to ramble a little about things but 2015 is proving to be quite an exciting journey (even with a few frustrating and mind-boggling experiences). But, doesn’t mean that I’m not learning everyday.  After some thought about doing this or not, I decided that it’ll be nice to have this little random segment.  I might keep this a “regular” segment, something like monthly instalments like Music Obsessions or Pinterest Therapy (I should get one of these done also).

Lets see how it goes first! It could be about anything.  Its my place to talk about random things pretty much. And it could be fun and maybe a little inspirational, I don’t know 😉

 1) I have some phenomenal organizational skills that makes it possible to stuff everything into my one room when I find it hard to put it into an entire house


Maybe its not fair that I use this as my exhibit.  Thats our movies all organized.  More than half of those resided in my room before.  Moving issues right now pretty much become HOW I can possibly fit everything in an organized way into the house.  I’m approaching actually physically moving in and this is just the movie collection, I forcefully got 80% of my books on shelves and another 60% of my clothes tucked away in storage or closet or new dresser. How did all this stuff fit in my room before? I’m in constant wonderment about that.

What did I realize? Yes, I’m a pack rat but my organizational skills only appear in confined spaces…I guess thats what I wanted to say.

2) My world is easily in a constant nerd mode (aka finding my Kakuro books and being obsessed all over again)



I used to be a huge Sudoku fan.  Thats until one day, I discovered Kakuro.  Its more challenging than Sudoku and I bought two of these books to work on that logic that seemed to be slowly slipping away.  After realizing I really sucked at Kakuro, I tucked it away and because of moving, I found it all over again.  Apparently, getting older has caused a lot of pretty bad changes: lower (than my already low) alcohol tolerance, unable to stay up as late as I used to, not being able to eat a lot of junk food (not necessarily a bad thing) but my logic is better now and Kakuro is becoming easier.  I found the trick to it, or I think I did.  In a day, I go through about two of these in my spare time.

Well, spare time..haha! Thats probably why I’m falling behind with TV and movies.  Netflix has been slightly ignored for the past week or so…I promise to get back on track, especially since I have another 5 movies expiring on March 30th.

3)Being Creative is not a hobby!being creative

Over at my other blog, Days Nights and Daydreams, I had a really busy week a week or two ago because inspiration was crazy flowing.  I was on fire just because I saw something that made me thinking of something else and just how to work the story out.  I even had a little discussion with my boyfriend to help sort out some thoughts.  Creativity really rocks when its around and it felt so awesome! You can follow the link to read the first part of my little apocalypse beginning of the idea in a little fifty word thing.

calvin and hobbes

On that note, I’m pushing for one of my projects to start, the Disney one.  I’ll have an update on it soon. That takes a little more work and I think I just found a way to expand it? I don’t know how to make it work but you know, things always work out last minute 😛

4) When spring refuses to arrive, I start thinking about gardening..hanging garden

Last year was my first official year gardening in my own space.  My dream is to do an indoor herb garden and make it work even when my house doesn’t get all that much light.  Still, this concept up there makes me realize that it could be doable.  That’s whats been occupying my brain a little more these days.  Plus, I have a desire to use some of my garden in the backyard to turn into a butterfly garden.  Walmart also had seeds for a hummingbird garden.  I saw ONE hummingbird in my garden so long ago and never again but I think its worth a shot.

For now, I’m wishing away the snow and hoping that my tulips and daffodils are going to pop out and that I didn’t bury them too deep.

Who knew I have a secret desire to be a gardener? I sure didn’t…

5) Video games are getting more and more real adding that touch of adventure and action at the same time

Beyond: Two Souls

I knew this before.  I  watched my boyfriend play The Last of Us and hints of Heavy Rain but its the first time, I’ve sat through an entire game with him.  We only made it through one ending for now with Beyond: Two Souls, but I really wanted to talk about it.  This game is a big YES! I love heavy story based games.  And I love that it reminds us that life’s about choices and you chart your own ending and everything amounts to a certain ending. Thats pretty cool.

Not exactly a realization, but where else would I talk about Beyond: Two Souls being an awesome game.  But I’m sure a ton of you already know.  Oh, and it goes well with my whole movie review thing because Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe and Eric Winters does voice work and are the characters here.  Technology, I really do love you…sometimes.

6) Quotes that really hit certain feelings I’ve been having in the past month

This is getting long so I’ve been having some personal stuff going on and these quotes are exactly how I’m feeling.



sometimes the best thing

There you go! My little life realizations.  I don’t know how to make My Weekly Adventures work, instead I want to dedicate multiple little posts than one big one.  Here is a little way to make Tranquil Dreams stay true to how it started and I probably will do this on a monthly basis.

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂 

What do you think about this little segment? Thoughts and suggestions?