Photography 101: Connect

In today’s world, we’re more connected than ever. How will you capture our theme, connect, through your lens?

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We are connected easier to those around us.  But although we’re more connected somehow we are farther apart.


For sure, everyday, connecting with someone is through our computer, our tablet, our phones.  I mean, I couldn’t take that picture up there without my smart phone.  Its how we connect through social media. Call me old school but nothing quite beats seeing your friends in person at a coffee shop, for a human to human interaction, although its harder with our busier lives its really refreshing.

wpid-20141110_084759.jpgConnecting with others is more than just social media.  Although they are at our fingertips in the most literal way nowadays, the distance can only be shortened when we step forward and take initiative.  At least someone has to.  We need to step out of our homes, pick up the phone, send that message. If not, the connection doesn’t work the same way.  Reason for the feet.  It connects us to the world  when we take that first step out 🙂