Game Warp Podcast: All the E3 Coverage!!

It just hit me that I actually hadn’t shared the Game Warp Podcast coverage!

These shows take a lot of energy and to edit and extends E3 for at least another week. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not complaining, just stating the fact. I already explained how it did cut into blogging time and I have to say that I am fairly recuperated from everything now. Also, if you want to get timely Game Warp Podcast videos, you can subscribe to the channel HERE! Help us out with growing the channel! There’s a ton of stuff there from playthroughs to impressions to demo/betas and event coverage and features.

Let’s just jump right into it!

Let’s start with the big shows as we take a look at the titles that were presented and some highlights of what we liked, didn’t like and frankly was a little disappointed with, when it applies.

E3 Impressions Part 1
EA, Xbox, Bethesda, Square Enix

E3 Impressions Part 2
Ubisoft, PC Gaming Show, Sony Playstation, Nintendo

For the next two shows, as per our tradition, we like to do our Top 10 Triple A Games and Top 10 Independent Games for this year’s E3.

That’s it for this E3’s coverage!
You can find the full coverage at That Moment In.

Toronto 2018: EGLX 2018

Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2018, aka EGLX ran from March 9th to 11th at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Game Warp didn’t quite meet the requirements so we didn’t bother to try to get the press pass. I might have just been busy and a little lazy. Either way, its nice to get back into the gaming expo coverage gear because I didn’t realize how much I did miss it especially since while there were a few familiar faces here from Montreal, a lot of games were fresh and new. Its nice to go to these expo also with friends because it gives so much opportunity to get into multiplayer games and there were a great deal of those.

If you want to see a indie game zone coverage, its over at That Moment In here.

EGLX is quite the fantastic gaming convention. Aside from the Indie Zone. There was a ton of cool stuff to look at. It was something like a ton of fests meshed together but balanced out to be a nice glimpse into the gaming world. Its always fun to jump into this atmosphere as its like being cut from the real world for a little while. I sometimes think its why I love gaming so much. The concentration and different worlds is such a nice escape.

EGLX 2018

A fraction of the indie games I checked out

EGLX 2018

Super Smash Bros Tournament

EGLX 2018

Giant Catan board

EGLX 2018

Nintendo booth

EGLX 2018

Cosplay (one of the many)

EGLX 2018

Furious Seas in the VR zone

There was some tech stuff from MSI and Microsoft and other hardware and other gaming-related gears. We went to try out some racing and gaming seats. Something we are definitely looking at especially myself  with my constant back issues. The effects of an office job and blogging and gaming after hours resulting in a lot of sitting time plus, my cat is destroying my current chair. Anyways, its an investment down the road. There was a lot of stuff going on that aren’t in pictures like retro zones and arcades, etc.

We wrapped up the day with the cosplay competition except this one is quite unique as its one where the contestants are groups that had a few hours with  designated materials like cardboard and whatnot to put together a costume while giving themselves a story and a special finishing move. There were four contestants and lets just say, it was pretty funny.

To see the EGLX haul, you can find here.

This wraps up the EGLX 2018 recap (as well as Toronto 2018)!

Game Warp Podcast: 2017 Gaming in Review (with guest Insomnia Knights)

After a rather longer than usual hiatus due to the technical difficulties I’ve talked about  here before with my computer which does the video editing, we’re finally back with an overdue 2017 in review episode with our darling friend and guest Insomnia Knights. We talk about our thoughts on 2017 games and some games that stood out for us as well as some little tangents on Telltale Games and our feelings about the Nintendo Switch now that its finally released and has a few games released.

Do remember that this is 2 months after our recording. Better late than never, right?

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed!
What are your thoughts on 2017 in Gaming?

MEGA Expo Mtl #MEGAexpomtl #gaming #montreal #expo

Today’s post was on delay. I guess I should’ve talked about it before since it always is the case when I have to do event coverage over the weekend for Game Warp.

With that said, this weekend was MEGA expo in Montreal which collaborated with the Montreal Independent Games Festival and had a whole bunch of games  to try out. I went out with the husband to check out the event and spent a ton of time putting together a thorough recap on That Moment In.

Here’s a few photos of the games we tried and caught out eyes. There was probably around 40ish games there, so its impossible to have taken the pictures. I probably should have taken a vlog or video or something but I never think about it. Still figuring out the best way for event coverage especially on the first time heading to certain events.


Wall Mounted Level


0000 by Alvaro Salvagno


Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games


Wolf Gang by Nylon Blonde


N.U.T.Z. by Pandemonium Interactive



The Inner Friend by Playmind


Spectrum Break


Just Shapes n Beats by Berzerk Studio

There’s a ton more games there and you can check out my recap coverage on That Moment In HERE!

There was even a mini concert for Ultimate Chicken Horse by  Clever Endeavor Games. I recorded a bit of it via the Game Warp Instagram. Check it out!

Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade was an awesome event. It actually made the Montreal Independent Games Festival even better than last year’s experience because there was a bigger venue and probably even more games. There was diverse selection and a lot of games from just prototypes to pre-alphas to fleshed out already shipped games that are already available. We had some guests that were showing their games and we got to chat with them again as well. Overall, a really fun experience. I can’t wait for the next gaming event to check out, although I’m not sure how soon it will be.

Sorry for the short post today! I’m working on this week’s posts as you are reading this! 🙂

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Dreamhack Montreal 2016!

This past weekend was the first ever Dreamhack Montreal 2016 also the first Dreamhack Canada to take place, I think (I could be wrong). Despite it being a last minute unplanned event that I decided to attend and I didn’t really stay too long, it was an extremely fun evening to meet with developers and try out their games. Some of them are on Steam early access, some were kickstarted successfully and a work in progress and others are already in progress. There was games for mobile, consoles and PC. It reminded me that I need to get a new graphics card as soon as possible and upgrade my PC into something at least resembling a gaming station.

Let’s take a quick look at the Friday evening at Dreamhack Montreal 2016!!


Lets take a walkthrough of what there was…

Dreamhack Montreal 16

Twitch LAN area for BYOC

Dreamhack Montreal 2016

Computer Hardware stuff

Dreamhack Montreal 16

On-stage Tournament: Super Smash Bros

Dreamhack Montreal 16

Starcraft 2 Tournament (also on Twitch Livestream)

Dreamhack Montreal 16

Retro Gaming

Finally, the meat of the visit was all about this area!

Dreamhack Montreal 16

Indie Game Zone

There was these games present:

  • Mages of Mystralia
  • Z’Isle
  • Epic Manager
  • Bootleg Systems
  • Children of  Zodiarcs
  • Feudal Feud
  • Bomb Conflict
  • Subaeria
  • The Black Watchmen
  • Cefore

In the zone, there was also an area to lie down to play some of the games present including the bonus of Ultimate Chicken Horse.

I had the chance to talk to the developers of Epic Manager, Children of Zodiarcs, Feudal Feud and The Black Watchmen. I also visited Bomb Conflict which us at Game Warp just did an interview with. If you missed that, you can check it out HERE. The calmer evening was a good choice since I managed to have a nice chat with a few of them and learn more about their games. The detailed Indie Game Zone coverage will be over at That Moment In soon. I’ll link it up here when it goes live.

Overall…Dreamhack Montreal was a great experience. I wasn’t there for long but hopefully if I get into the esports side of things I’ll be more involved. However, just having the chance to talk to indie developers was a lot of fun, especially trying out some of their games as well.

Dreamhack Montreal is aiming to be an annual event. I think I read that somewhere so hopefully it happens because I look forward to checking it out again.

Its a short post today!
I promise things will get back to normal. Its been a time management issue.
I’ve been trying to wrap up the featured game for Game Warp, Song of the Deep the last few days.
I promise I’m not lying. I’ve been streaming almost everything except this morning’s so you can watch that if you want to see it HERE.

Any gaming events going on near you?

Game Warp Podcast: Let’s Review Oxenfree!

Welcome to the new episode of Game Warp! This month’s featured game is Oxenfree, a coming of age tale mixed with a supernatural thriller with a choice-based element. Elwood and I did a few livestreams on the game. I actually will be finishing up the continued timeline livestream soon. Maybe even tonight. Keep an eye on the Game Warp Podcast Twitter and Facebook for any updates on that. Oxenfree was one of my most anticipated games this year! I’m pretty glad that we played it as one of the featured games. There’s lots to talk about from characters, storyline, dialogue, and especially the art work and voice acting, even a little about the studio, Night School Studio.

Hope you enjoy! This episode includes gameplay in the background.

If there is any games, you’d like us to review on our homebase That Moment In or talk about as a featured game, you can find contact us by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Just about anything! We will also be livestreaming on Twitch. However, we have no set schedule although I’m working on at least setting one block of time for it soon. 🙂

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Montreal Comiccon 2016 Recap!

I finally made it back to Montreal Comiccon!

Montreal Comiccon

This year, I dropped by on Friday for pretty much the whole day. After a good thirty minutes (maybe more) of line-ups to get in. The main goal that intrigued me was to see as much as I can. Friday doesn’t have as many Q&A sessions that interest me but on the gaming front, which I’ve been focused on lately, there’s a lot to look at. For sure, I’ll have some outstanding cosplay costumes to show here and some booths because this year Playstation and Playstation VR was there along with Outlast 2. The set up was different from when I went in 2014 which you can see HERE!

Montreal Comiccon

For those who don’t know, Montreal is known for many things and one of those things are also the gaming industry with big companies like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros and recently Bethesda, all having their offices here. Not to mention games like Red Barrel Games for Outlast also headquarter in Montreal. That’s not even including the independent gaming companies popping up. While gaming may not be your thing, there are still lots of pop culture bits that I checked out.

Are you ready for the Montreal Comiccon recap? Let’s go!

The entrance I went through started me staring right at this and I knew Montreal Comiccon was now at a whole different level this year!


And right behind it was this which had me even more excited since I had planned on checking out the live demo session later on in the day. Of course, I tweeted about it on Game Warp.

Montreal Comiccon

Outlast 2 Demo

The first regret was that I didn’t line up for this when the line was acceptable. Later on in the day, it was just crazy that I decided to simply skip it and just experience it through the live demo.

Of course, this meant that I did a quick run through the show floor to get a good idea of where everything was to better work out the time. Other studio booths there included these three below and also one with Mass Effect.

Montreal Comiccon

Deus Ex

Montreal Comiccon

Playstation and Playstation VR

Montreal Comiccon

Warner Bros Games

Eventually, the final stop was at the indie games corner that had a good bit of booths bustling with people trying out the games. Some of the games were already released and others are upcoming. I ended up taking a quick walk around to get an idea to see how many games and what caught my eye.

The first game that I managed to try out was Rise of Balloons by Mirum Studios.

Rise of Balloons

This was an impressive little game with a little girl walking around following a red balloon and making balloons to solve puzzles of how to give children on the map balloons to create happiness. Its a cool concept and the developers themselves were exceptionally enthusiastic.

Most of the booths were full so I ended up landing on a surreal first person walking simulator called Anamorphine by Artifact 5. The devs themselves were not there when I tried the game but I did get to sit down and try their short demo. There’s something here that I look forward to seeing the full game which should be released in early 2017.


After just walking around checking out a few of the games watching other play, I went off to check off in more detail some of the show floor with the artists and merchandise and other nifty things like these props for photos.

Montreal Comiccon

Jurassic Park jeep

Montreal Comiccon

It was shortly after this that I ended up bumping into a friend who was part of a panel later on in the evening but ended up also getting asked to host the VR panel. If some of you listen to our Game Warp podcast, we are no doubt skeptical about VR but interested in learning more to maybe convince us to believe in the technology and how amazing the experience is and that it is worth the price tag. I had already been debating about going to the panel so this was a final push.

Montreal Comiccon

VR Panel

It was enlightening to listen to for the fact that a lot of details were talked about. I had never heard of Google Daydream for one and its something I want to look further into. Also, there was a lot of VR being useful in other fields and not just gaming. Its a tool that could improve certain practices. They also address the question of how to talk through to the people like myself who they say, and I quote, are “curious and skeptical”. Its definitely made me think a little more about it.

Leaving that conference, I also walked by the Retro gaming corner run by Let me tell you: it was retro alright from the old school consoles to their little TVs and the screens.

Montreal Comiccon

Retro Gaming Corner

After the panel, there was still a little time before the next one so I headed back to the indie game corner, hoping that the crowd might have thinned a little. This time around, I tried two more games. Some booths were less in the line-ups but still full. Here’s the two that I checked out!

There was Bomb Conflict by Maitop Games which is another mobile game that played a little like those labyrinths we used to tilt except it was solving a puzzle. I played a few levels and it was alright. Its already released so I’m going to be checking that out a little more.

Bomb Conflict

The last game I managed to check out was Open Bar by Gingear Studio which is also released.  This is a cocktail theme puzzle game.

Open Bar

Finally, the last booth I did check out was from a local author that is writing books that play like video games. If you like that concept, you have to hear this out. His third book is coming out soon but its essentially a story that is set up with a plot and main character and the abilities are for you to choose. With your choices, you flip back and forth (like Choose Your Own Adventure) except I believe the abilities you choose for your character affects what happens as well. There are multiple endings. The series is called Determine Your Destiny and I got the second book called No Return Land. The author is called Jeff Storm and when I talked to him, he told me that he’s a teacher and his students that don’t really enjoy reading liked this series because they got to choose and be the hero of the story. I’m really excited to try this out even if this was meant for kids.

Montreal Comiccon

Time limits and all that, I couldn’t go back to Comiccon because of reasons in an upcoming post but there are other games that caught my eyes but I’ll be diving into those over at That Moment In soon.

Next panel was about to begin and its time to head over and it was for the live demo of Outlast II. Red Barrel Games was there to talk a little as they got a gamer to play it live for them. He was really funny even though the demo itself was pretty atmospherically creepy.

Montreal Comiccon

 This ran late and ended up affecting the following event, Creator’s Night. However, I’m not going to touch much on this as I did a full recap over at That Moment In right HERE! Although it did run incredibly over the expected time, it was a pretty cool show and featured some intriguing games (to say the least).

Before I let you go, I can’t leave without showing you all the cosplay costumes that I caught. I apologize that some pictures are at a wrong setting. Those are because I forgot to make the changes as I went from panels to the area with lots of natural light. However, it doesn’t diminish how awesome the costumes were!

That’s the end of the Montreal Comiccon recap! 🙂
Which is your fave costume from above?

Announcement: Check Out Our Debut YouTube Gaming Podcast Game Warp!

***Let me interrupt our normal Netflix A-Z day with an some exciting news! 🙂

As some of you know, I write for That Moment In doing Game Break and Game Reviews and some gameplay video.  Writing about gaming is a whole new challenge and its fun to no ends.  However, its been on my mind to start up a gaming podcast and thanks to my awesome co-host Elwood Jones from a fantastic blog, From the Depths of DVD Hell, who also recently joined That Moment In and writes Retro Gaming Reviews, we joined forces and finally are proud to announce the launch of our new YouTube Gaming Podcast called Game Warp!

Our debut runs a little longer than the usual podcasts that are over at That Moment In but give it a few minutes of introductions and we jump into new releases and games we anticipate.  Followed closely by a review of a little independent game developed by Coldwood Interactive called Unravel, where you play as a little yarn boy called Yarny.

Choosing to do this podcast on YouTube is so that Game Warp will have gameplay videos in the background and showcases of images of upcoming games that have caught our attention and that sort of thing.  Its a whole new world that we’ve dived into and I’m hoping that you will enjoy it and help us spread the word! Please show us support and feedback.  If you have any games that you’d like us to talk about, we welcome the recommendations! 🙂

Without further ado, here is the Debut Episode of Game Warp!

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