Book Review: The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies#2) by Pittacus Lore

The Power of Six is part of the Lorien Legacies/ I am Number Four series. I haven’t quite figured out how they call this series yet.  It is the sequel to the novel I am Number Four.  I had read the first one last year following the viewing of the movie.  I’ll probably rewatch the movie soon and review it, seeing as I won’t be backtracking and reading the 1st book again yet.

the power of six book coverIf you are unfamiliar of the situation. Lorien is a planet that was destroyed many years ago by another group of aliens called the Mogadorians.  Before their planet was put to hibernation by the Elders, they sent 9 children called Gardes in a spaceship to Earth, each accompanied by a guardian called Cepan to let them hone their legacies/special abilities when they grow older and assist them in staying hidden from the Mogadorians.  These 9 children will revive the planet and this makes the Mogadorians want to kill them.

In the first book, we were revealed to Four (also called John) and Six.  Four and Six along with Sam (an ally) are trying to not only evade the FBI who are calling them terrorists but also the Mogadorians who want to kill Four.  At the same time, we are revealed to another Garde in Spain, Marina aka Seven, who struggles to make her Cepan, Adelina, teach her how to control her Legacies and to defend herself in the case that something happens and they are tracked down.  On one side, Four, Six and Sam are running with no certainty as to where to go but solving the mystery and figuring little details out on their own, forging their path ahead. While in Spain, Marina is doing the same thing as she follows the news of what has happened in United States.

Its really hard to describe this book without giving away too much.  The first book, I am Number Four was really fun to read. My issue was the it had slow parts.  There were some parts that just lingered on and on (especially the love story).  In this one, it may seem like a mess of a quest with no actual objective or knowledge of where to go  in their journey but it becomes even more entertaining because it has a lot of action in the descriptions that they show.  And the point is that they are kids that have just started learning and before they get the chance, they lose their guidance and they need to learn on their own.  The swap between the two stories that overlap and complement each other make for it being intriguing.  This sequel is more fast-paced than the first and because of that, I enjoyed it a lot more.  Knowing that the Mogadorians and their nature after the first one, the readers know to suspect characters and wonder if there are others around that are in disguise.  I know I ended up doing that with some of the characters and seeing if there was more to them.  Especially since this is written in first person narration, we only get the view of the main character in that section.

This may be a Young Adult fiction so the language is not extremely sophisticated.  However, it does bring in a fun alien invasion fiction intertwined with survival. The book makes you connect to Number Four especially a lot but also with the recurring characters and makes you want to cheer for the underdog in this one and hope that they will win every battle and be able to rise their planet again or just not die in vain.

Fun, exciting and adventurous! Its what I look for in a young adult fiction. Thats exactly the reason why I read these.  Need to head out and grab a copy of Rise of Nine soon. Plus, the next book is announced already! The title is at least 🙂