Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 9 Favourite Martin Scorsese

Its time for Round 9 of Opinion Battles! This time we are choosing our Favorite Martin Scorsese Film. Mine was a no-brainer. Hugo all the way! Its such a leap from the usual and so fantastical and awesome.

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Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 9

Favourite Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time, his latest film ‘The Irishman’ will be coming out soon and we will be looking at the films we enjoy from this legend who has given as a excellent collections of classic movies.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Shutter Island

When it comes of Martin Scorsese, I know and respect he is one of the greatest of all the directors in the world, however I am not a fane of gangster films, which takes a couple of titles of the table for me, when picking the favourite of his career. I have gone with Shutter Island because I love a good mystery thriller and watching the pieces of this puzzle unfold is one of…

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Book Review: Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

How many of you have seen the movie Hugo? Hugo is based in the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret from Brian Selznick and that was probably one of the best reading experiences I have had. Wonderstruck is Brian Selznick’s second book using the same concept of storytelling alternating with illustrations and words.

wonderstuck cover

Wonderstuck is the story of two children Rose and Ben who both end up going on a journey to seek out what they feel is missing in their lives. Set 50 years apart, Rose seeks to find an actress after seeing a headline news while Ben search for his father and a place to belong after finding a clue in his old house after his mother’s passing.  This leads them both to travel alone to the big city of New York City and perhaps look for something different that could change their lives.

While The Invention of Hugo Cabret was one flowing story throughout between the illustrations and the written story, Wonderstruck uses a parallel between the two stories even though its separated 50 years apart.  Ben’s story is written out while Rose is shown in pictures.  The drawings remain captivating as always and makes the story extra vivid and mysterious at the same time.  Ben’s story is more narrative and we trace his discovery of who his possible father is and that he needs to find a sense of belonging (same as Rose).

What I love about this style is that it gives the readers a certain vision of what the author sees as he writes this story.  We get the idea of what is going on and the imagery.  As simple as the black and white illustrations are, he leads us on an almost step by step journey through what the character is going through.  At the same time, the words flow almost the same way.  When not in drawing, we get to read everything the Ben sees and feels and this helps pull us closer.  I was drawn to the book itself as soon as I got used to the concept of the book and followed the pace.

Whats also great is that as much as this is a children’s book and it makes this a quick read.  The most impressive part of this book is the emotions that it can make you feel between the words and the pictures.  I always feel that if adults were to read this with kids, it would be a fantastic experience for both.  Its often about family, friendships and a little bit of destiny and fate all mixed together for the course of events to happen.  It always seems to strike at discovering the place that you belong or just simply the sense of belonging.

Wonderstruck is a great reading experience for both children and adults and one that shouldn’t be missed out 🙂


Hugo (2011)

The third movie on my plane ride and I’m at a loss of words.  Hugo is a masterpiece in whole.  I had wanted to watch Hugo for a long time but never found the chance.  Now I know that I missed out.

Let’s not get ahead of myself here. Hugo Cabret is about a young boy who runs the clocks in the train station of Paris. He is searching for missing pieces to find the secret message that he believes his father left him.  This search allows him to meet the owner of a toy shop at the train station called Georges Melies (Ben Kingsley) and his goddaughter  Isabelle (Chloe Grace Moretz). The story is a story full of themes of finding passion, adventure and magic. Hugo has to find his purpose at the same time as he believes that if he found out this message, he would find himself in a way. Instead, in the process he changes the life of the people he meets.

Let me start with saying that I love the cast.  Ben Kingsley, Chloe Grace Moretz was stellar in this.  I have never seen the boy who plays Hugo, his name is Asa Butterfield but man, he is a great young actor.  I was impressed with him.  I have seen Ben Kingsley in a few movies and he never fails to make me love him even more. He was so charming and mysterious in this movie.  I love Jude Law to bits and he had a cameo in here as Hugo’s father.  As always, he was amazing in his little role. It also had Sacha Baron Cohen who played Monsieur Inspecteur, who is the guard of the train station and his little story plays out in a cute little thing with Lisette (Emily Mortimer).  Both did a pretty good job and gave the movie a certain dynamic and charisma.  Another character that played a supporting role was Mama Jeanne, Georges wife, played by Helen McCrory. I never knew her name before, but she is a great actress.  This was solid acting all round.

Other than the characters, this movie was visually stunning.  I loved the directing and how they shot the film.  It was beautiful from the scenes of Paris to the insides of the clock towers with the mechanical gears all around.  The background music was also a plus.  When the music had just started at the beginning, I already felt mesmerized.  This movie was great from beginning to end.

I haven’t seen a movie that I’ve praised this much in a long time.  It was simply amazing! I highly recommend it for sure!