Halloween Marathon: Army of Darkness (1992)

Time sure flies by! Not to mention that this post is super behind. We are at the second last movie of the main features. To be fair, I didn’t really review a ton of movie like I used to and stuck to the main ones, mostly because I had some TV stuff and books and all that fun variety that you know you can get if you drop by here. Army of Darkness is the third film in the Evil Dead franchise. So far, its getting better just between the first and second one. I know some of you disagree with me and have a lot of love for the original. That is okay. I can understand nostalgia and all that lovely stuff. A few of you also told me that Army of Darkness is going to be a fun trip. And I believe you all because Evil Dead 2 was quite a nice balance and you all assured me of that as well.

Let’s check it out!

Army of Darkness (1992)

Army of Darkness

Director and co-writer: Sam Raimi

Cast: Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Abercrombie, Richard Grove

A man is accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., where he must battle an army of the dead and retrieve the Necronomicon so he can return home. – IMDB

 Army of Darkness is a turn in the franchise to something a lot more comedic than the previous two. Evil Dead 2 already started a little in the later bits of building up Bruce Campbell’s character, Ash and in this one, we see it much larger than life. Ash is thrown back into time. Funny enough that Evil Dead 2 ends with them cheering that they saved him but in this one, they chain him up and tow him off on a death sentence (pretty much) in suspicion of being part of the enemies. As clueless as always, Ash actually is pretty much fed up with all this nonsense with the Necronomicon and all these monsters it has unleashed and really just wants to get home. Army of Darkness sets up a great stage in mixing his future self into the 1300 A.D. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for movies that pull this trick of someone in the future falling into the past and all the adaptation of just the expressions and confusion of the modern stuff like his gun (aka his boomstick, for example) make it really entertaining.

Army of Darkness

My main issue with the first and half of the second is the character of Ash. However, he does shine in the third. He becomes rather different from how he was and that is great character development that needed to happen. In Army of Darkness, he becomes somewhat of a new hope eventually, after an obstacle or two. He becomes a tad caught up in this luxury he has gotten before having to jump back and man, those expressions and one liners just give his character a ton of fun charisma. Some things don’t always make sense in the scenario because if it was someone in 1300 AD, they may have taken whatever literally and not  understood but still, those moments are also funny. There is somewhat of a fun twist here rather than making it very scary and that is great.

Army of Darkness

Army of Darkness has a much  better pacing. Its fun and more lighthearted take makes a big difference here. There are still demonic monsters and some cute skeletons but in the end, it all adds up to an entertaining experience. Not only that, there are a few familiar faces. The one that I recognized right away was Embeth Davidtz who plays the lady here. Army of Darkness is a ton of fun. It is definitely the one that I would most probably go back and watch out of the trilogy. What has built to this one has been a rather grueling experience. It was different from what I had expected, both the good and the bad.

Have you seen Army of Darkness? Did you like it?

We are not quite done yet. There is still the 2013 remake of Evil Dead to visit.
That will be the finale of this month’s marathon on Halloween (aka Monday). 

Halloween Marathon: 1408 (2007)

While charging up for the next batch of Friday the 13ths, I had a few days to catch up on the other selection.  Coming up with quite a good bit of votes was 1408.  I’ve been meaning to watch this one for a while.  It has quite an appeal to me because I like both John Cusack and Samuel Jackson a lot, plus, it has that one setting creepy feeling to it.  I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen a trailer because its been quite a while since its been released but I decided that I’d give it a go.

1408 movieDirector: Mikael Hafstrom

Cast: John Cusack, Samuel L Jackson, Mary McCormack, Jasmine Jessica Anthony, Tony Shalhoub

Mike Enslin (John Cusack) is a paranormal investigator (of sorts) that focuses on proving whether certain known hauntings actually exist or its just a hoax.  In his career, he has learned that many are the latter and he has grown to get used to that and usually doesn’t expect too much. When he gets note of the haunted 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York, he ends up spending a night there despite the hotel manager, Gerald Olin (Samuel L Jackson) using every way possible to prevent him to do so. His night there proved to be more than he ever thought he would encounter and yet maybe there was some truth to the warnings that he’s gotten.


As many of you know, I’m a huge reader. However, I haven’t read anything of Stephen King. No hate messages, ok? I’m planning on remedying that soon.  Still, I’ve watched a good bit of the adaptations of Stephen King’s work both movies and TV.  1408 is based on a short story that King wrote.  I’m actually pretty intrigued at how this one reads because its an interesting little movie.  1408 has a lot of promise to begin with.  It seemed to be in the spirits and haunting enveloped in a hotel room.  It has the perfect stage to bring in an impressive story.  I had to give this one a little bit more thought because yes, it was creepy and chilling and it had a lot of jump scares (which is effective for me because I know I get scared).  Except it feels like its more effective in the first two-thirds of the movies and once we run into the last third and final act, it changes its tone a little.  Its a little bit more predictable however it also wraps up in pretty logical way. What really works for 1408 is that the first part sets up the stage so that we have a good idea of getting to know who Mike Enslin is and how he comes to learn about 1408 and getting into the room.  When you get in the room, the middle chunk focuses on the events that goes on in the room which includes a lot of creepy events strung together that slowly build up to the final act.  Its a pretty good psychological ride at the same time as wondering whether there is someone behind these 1408 hauntings or whether its a spirit or maybe something even more than that.


For the most part, John Cusack is the center of attention in this as he battles whatever is in 1408.  He plays off of nothing. Its a pretty intense psychological trip for him when he goes from not really believing in the paranormal or going to the other side of the spectrum where he encounters weird, creepy, shocking events and even dives a little into his own past and we learn a little through these events about who he is and the things he’s gone through. John Cusack was exceptional in this role and I totally loved it.  On the other hand, the supporting roles had extremely small parts.  We start with Tony Shalhoub as his book editor (I think) and the bit bigger role of Gerald Olin, manager of the Dolphin Hotel played by Samual L. Jackson.  The encounter between Olin and Enslin was pretty good to watch.


There is really nothing else to say. Is 1408 a horror psychological thriller or just mainstream horror? I have no idea.  Its not gory even though as we learn about the history of 1408, the pictures of the past deaths in the room was pretty disturbing.  However, the tone the movie takes and the combination of the story and John Cusack’s performance brings in a creepy and chilling watch.  I enjoyed this one a good bit.  Although it wasn’t really scaring me a whole lot by the end, and I actually realized that there was a whole lot of jump scares that made 1408 a pretty intense watch.  I do admit that when I do think about it, it was pretty scary and probably would’ve been even more if I didn’t strategically watch this in the morning 😉

Have you seen 1408? What did you think of it? 

Halloween Marathon: The Loved Ones (2009)

Next up in the Halloween Marathon is one that I’ve hesitated to watch in fear of how violent and disgusting it would be, The Loved Ones.  I’ve read a few reviews from other bloggers and its rated extremely high on Rotten Tomatoes with 98%, so consider me curious.

the loved ones posterDirector: Sean Byrne

Cast: Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy, John Brumpton, Victoria Thaine, Richard Wilson, Suzi Dougherty, Anne Scott-Pendlebury

Prom night is just around the corner.  Brent (Xavier Samuel) and his girlfriend Holly (Victoria Thaine) have decided to go together but before he leaves school, Lola (Robin McLeavy) walks up to him and asks him which he rejects as he already has a date.  However, after an argument with his mother (Suzi Dougherty), he runs off and unexpectedly, is kidnapped by Lola’s daddy (John Brumpton) who brings him back to their house to have their own version of prom night in an extremely violent way.

After this movie, I think I need a break from these crazy sadistic torture horror genre.  It feels like thats all I’ve been watching at night.  The Loved Ones is a cringing horror movie.  I’m just happy that gave it a good balance of side story to lead up to the actual story of what was going on. This flick is totally messed up but in the good effective way.  It was just so intense. Plus, it has a relatively short run time, which is one of the reasons I chose it so it paced itself really well.

the loved ones 4

The characters and the actors/actresses portraying them all did a remarkable job.  Lola’s character was portrayed by Robin McLeavy and let me tell you, from that quiet girl that got rejected at the beginning of the movie, the next time around she had flipped the switch and instantly insane mode ON! She was just really crazy and her expressions, body language, tone of voice and her obsession with pink rolled into one made for a pretty creepy character.  And then there was the John Brumpton who played Daddy.  This guy is just out of the world.  I’d say he delivered the best performance because you can literally see insanity in his eyes.  Thinking about it now kind of makes me a little scared and while watching him in action, I was really squeamish.  You just can never predict what him and Lola would do to Brent.

the loved ones 3

Now that we’ve gotten the nutso father-daughter team out of the way, we need to take a look at Brent, played by Xavier Samuel. Brent didn’t have a lot of dialogue after about 30 minutes of the movie but rather his body language and reactions was what made the audience know how he felt.  I find those roles extremely tough because to carry a message forward like that means the audience needs to understand and connect with the character.  I found that he did a remarkable job as well. Believe me, I was rooting for the guy to get out of there somehow and you can almost feel his pains in certain parts.

the loved ones 2

Overall, the concept was pretty original as it meshes torture, a pretty memorable/innocent moment turned bad, and just total crazy.  The acting was outstanding and effective.  The whole thing was messed up and clever in its own way.  There was a good amount of intensity and spine-tingling moments as well as cringing ones.  It wasn’t extremely disgusting also but makes its point quite clear.  The story is done well and I’d definitely recommend it.  If you still have prom to go to, well, maybe you’ll think it through a second time before you say no. 😉

Have you seen The Loved Ones? What did you think of it?

Halloween Marathon: Frozen (2010)

This movie made me feel like a total victim of false advertising, especially when the cover said something like a “gut-wrenching horror film” and then IMDB says that its not, but its a drama thriller, which is what I felt it was also.  Either way, I do enjoy myself a good thriller 🙂 Lets check it out!

frozen posterDirector: Adam Green

Cast: Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers

Joe (Shawn Ashmore), Dan (Kevin Zegers) and his girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell) head to a ski trip.  After taking a few runs and heading in to eat, they decide to go back to catch one last run before it closes.  After begging to have the permission to go up for a last minute run, they hop onto the chairlift and it stops halfway.  Hoping that the chairlift will start again, they eventually realize that everyone has left when the lights go out.  A storm is coming, the weather is cold and frostbite is hitting them.  They need to figure out a way to get out of their situation as the park only opens a few days later.



Frozen is definitely a drama thriller.  Its actually a pretty good one and the one advantage it has is that it has a short enough running time to make it not feel like a drag but rather keep the intensity and drama in some form of balance.  I’m not saying its the best thriller out there but its a decent story.  The drama arises mostly from the problems between the three.  This movie suffers a bit from predictability.  For the most part, between my boyfriend and I, we figured out a good part of what would happen and for once, at least, the ending didn’t exactly piss us off.  That usually surprises me these days 🙂

frozen 1

All the actors here are familiar faces either from parts of TV series that I’ve seen or from some movie here and there.  I think they delivered quite believable characters.  In a movie like this, where its really them against the elements/environment, whatever you want to call it, its really about them. They are the ones who make the call and the events that happen after that, they need to deal with all of it.  The girl was probably by far the most annoying out of the three, but maybe it was just because of the role she was given to play. However, as the movie progresses, because of all the quality time on screen with each of the characters, I started to feel the pain, horror, and devastation from the whole situation.  The fear of dying and the unknown and just really doing everything possible to survive.

frozen 2

Sometimes, I find that this is really the scary part that does qualify it in the area of a horror flick.  What scares us is how no one can control the natural environment around us, for example, the changing weather, the temperature and wildlife.  Its a decision that can only be bad and worse and making that choice.  In this one, they really put it quite well together.

Before I started this post, I was thinking of whether it is an effective movie and after writing this out, I really think it is.  It really makes the audience feel like they are in the moment and consider what they would do in that situation.  For sure, some of the characters make some stupid choices but a lot of it dials down to luck when faced with the unknown in a deserted area. I’d really recommend it if you like this sort of drama thriller with just a touch of psychological horror.  The movie is slow and quiet for a good part so don’t go into this expecting a lot of action but rather more thinking and making desperate decisions in an extremely desperate situation.

Halloween Marathon: The Caller (2011)

Took me a few days to work up the courage to watch a horror movie by myself.  I ended up starting it and then my boyfriend woke up from my shuffling around opening the lights in my room after a jump scare scene. Yay! Company..haha! I’m building up the intensity of these horror movies.  I’ve been eyeing The Caller for a while.  I’ve never heard of it before I got Netflix and even then, I didn’t even check out what the actual plot was but hey, an unknown horror movie with actors I know: Rachelle Lefevre from Under the Dome and Stephen Moyer from True Blood! Lets check it out!

The Caller posterDirector: Matthew Parkhill

Cast: Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, Luis Guzman, Lorna Raver, Ed Quinn

Mary Kee (Rachelle Lefevre) moves into a new apartment after her leaving her controlling husband, Steven (Ed Quinn) and settling the divorce with a restraining order.  As she tries to adapt to her new single life and avoid her ex-husband as he ignores the order, she starts getting calls from a strange woman who keeps asking for a man who doesn’t live there anymore.  The mysterious woman, Rose (Lorna Raver), eventually reveals that she is calling from the past and eventually gets attached to her and when she starts to avoid the calls, all the woman wants is revenge.

the caller rachelle lefevre

The Caller is a mystery horror thriller and a really great one at that! Its starts itself in a eerie and dark tone and has a lot of suspenseful music in the background to complement it.  I had no idea what to expect from it, seeing as I didn’t even know the story.  The premise is pretty clever and creative.  Although, it did somehow pan out to be something like Butterfly Effect.  Thats all I’m going to say about it as its filled with plot twists, thrills, suspense, even a little chills.

the caller stephen rachelle

The characters are focused mostly on Rachelle Lefevre who plays Mary Kee.  I’ve only seen her once before in Under the Dome series.  The reason I chose this was also because I thought she did a great job over there.  I’d have to say she’s pretty convincing in this one.  Mary Kee really tries to brings in and you can see her trying to adapt to life but of course, the unexpected thing happens and things turn bad really quick but still, she tries to keep calm and take care of herself.  As for the other main character, Rose was just a voice on the other side.  Its crazy how a voice can be so sinister and creepy and really send chills up your spine. I later saw that it was portrayed by Lorna Raver. Another instance of properly using the unknown.  Third up, we have Stephen Moyer who plays the guy that Mary Kee starts to date and kind of the only other person who looks out for her. Its one of the bigger roles I’ve seen Stephen Moyer in other than being some random cameo here and there.

the caller questions

As much as the dark scenes sometimes would get on my nerves in the beginning, it really did get on my nerves in a very scary way after a while. It made you feel like there was always someone peeking/stalking/following her everywhere.  It comes with the music, the pace, the camera angle all combined together and it just builds up as the movie goes along. The story itself was a mystery, does it exist, is it a prank? Sure, the story isn’t perfect. Its a very interesting concept that has some parts that don’t completely make sense, but I still think it was a really good horror thriller.

I’d definitely recommend this.  I don’t understand why its not rated well on RT and IMDB but at least, I found that its was a new twist to the normal stuff.  I always enjoy a good thriller and this one is worth your time. Maybe I’m the minority but I’d say to give it a chance! 🙂

This Week’s Music Obsessions #2

Last night I didn’t get a chance to see a horror movie since I was just tired and wanted to watch some brainless TV series, so I did just that 🙂 That will resume tonight as I can afford to not sleep on Friday nights and sleep in on Saturday. YAY! Although I doubt I’ll pick anything intense.

I haven’t done these music obsessions in a while.  Last time I did it, I had fun just sharing it. Take 2 sounds like a good idea, right?  If you want to see the first one, you can check it out HERE!

Lets start off with something related to Halloween!

This is a music video  of one of my favorite singers, David Tao.  Even if you don’t understand a word that he says, watch the video, k? Its like a horror movie mixed in 🙂 Plus, it has a good energetic beat to it all. The song is called Ghost.

I’ve been getting back to some Chinese music, especially the amazing world of David Tao.

Another huge obsession is that I’m a big fan of AFI.  Although sometimes, I’m not too up to date with stuff, but my boyfriend reminded me that their new album is coming out October 22 and I’m super excited.  I loved their last album a whole lot: Medicate, Beautiful Thieves and before that album, Miss Murder.  All of them are awesome songs and I’ve linked the video to the song title 🙂 There are already two music videos from their upcoming album on Youtube and they are quite good as well 🙂

First one is called 17 Crimes.

Next up is I Hope You Suffer.

I like both of them but I might like the second one just a little more 🙂

Now that we’ve gotten all dark and twisted, weird music out of the way.  I’m going to end with something a bit more fun and cute from the very awesome Shawn Desman and his music video of Stuck.

Just for some throwback purpose, I learned that I’m more open about it but when Backstreet Boys and N’Sync goes on the radio, its an energy booster.  Anyone feel that way? At 5:30am, driving to and from the airport, I turned on the radio in the middle of Backstreet Boys’s Everybody…

What can I say? As much as I was more of an N’Sync fan, Backstreet boys did come along earlier and when I was in Grade 6 or something and that really was a thing during that time.  Memories and nostalgia takes a hold of me every single time 😉

Happy Friday everyone!

Exhibits and October Annoucements!

Usually I post up my personal update on on Saturday but since I had one midweek HERE, I decided to wait for tonight to give you the fresh news as to whats up in my very awesome (but mostly boring) life 😉

My eye is doing very well by the way! 🙂 Its probably going to be a slow recovery but it will get there and thats the great part about it, right?

This weekend has been absolutely fabulous weather and this morning was my hangout with my girl friends.  One of them is a fellow blogger Day’s Lee.  If you haven’t visited her blog, you definitely should.  She’s new with the blogosphere so give her some support 🙂 She’s a great friend and previous coworker of mine and we always have lots of fun along with our other friend (who I was bridesmaid for back in May).

Today’s girl outings started with a delicious brunch at Quartier Dix30 at Oeuf & Cie.

Oeuf & Cie

Breakfast at Oeuf & Cie

After that, we went off to Old Montreal at the Point a Calliere Museum to see The Beatles in Montreal exhibit.


The more detailed post will go up for this exhibit and another one that this ticket allowed access to called La Route du The (The Tea Route) will go up some time on Monday.


Both of the exhibits were really awesome and I urge you to drop by tomorrow to check it out.  After I post this, I’ll be flipping through the pictures in detail to get the post done 🙂

Tonight, I also had a long awaited date night with my boyfriend 🙂 We went to see Riddick.  The review is coming up.  I didn’t end up rewatching Chronicles of Riddick so to keep things short.  It was a tad slow and I saw about 70% of that movie and slept through the other parts.  Maybe I will revisit it one day but since I already saw the new one. I might as well do that review first.  I’m sure its more relevant as well.  That should go up tomorrow as well.

Aside from all the blog drafting, here is the OCTOBER ANNOUNCEMENT!

Most of you probably weren’t following me last October but I did a very interesting (for me) Halloween marathon that featured almost 30 movies (if I remembered correctly).  10 animated, 10 thrillers, and ending with 10 intense horror films.  It was crazy hectic so I’m going with less this year and well, I have the lineup done already for the most part.  The highlight will be my Halloween series marathon.  I had a debate between that and Friday the 13th…but that won because I had recently bought all the movies when I was in Burlington 🙂 I will also be doing random horror of all kinds here and there.  My goal is to have the first review up on Tuesday.  I’ll be aiming for about 15 movies in this marathon.

For October, I’m going to keep it mostly Halloween theme so I have some baking planned and a few exhibits (one confirmed so far) planned.  It’ll be fun! I also have a few movies that I want to see in theatres so if all that happens, October will prove to be a very eventful one that one will make up for this past one and the coming one in November.  Lets not get ahead of ourselves though 🙂

Before I head off, here’s a cute little picture of my cat, who is encouraging me to sleep all the time and succeeding this week…


Remember to drop by again and check out the exhibits and for the eventful October Halloween month ! 🙂

If you have any movies you’d like to suggest (preferably on Netflix), I’d love to hear some suggestions or recommendations! What do you usually like to make for Halloween?

Last year, I also did a piano cover of Candyman theme (you can see it HERE)! I was thinking of doing another one, any horror movie theme song that you’d like me to do?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

The Descent (2005)

I’ve been in this weird horror obsession and picking the worst times to start and/or finish them (aka in the middle of the night).  Next up, we have a fairly more recent movie blogger that I’ve followed from Liam at Liam Does Film. After a recent review of The Hole (find HERE), he recommended to me a few British horror.  The Descent was the one I chose to watch with no prior knowledge at all because Netflix seemed to think it was something I’d like also ;).  Let’s check it out!

the descent coverDirector: Neil Marshall

Cast: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder, MyAnna Buring, Nora-Jane Noone

A year after Sarah’s (Shauna Macdonald) tragic accident where she loses her husband and her daughter, one of her extreme adventurist friends Juno (Natalie Mendoza) invites her and her best friend Beth (Alex Reid) to go on a cave exploration trip with two other friends and sisters, Rebecca (Saskia Mulder) and Sam (MyAnna Buring) along with her new prodigy and risk taker Holly (Nora-Jane Noone).  When a cave tunnel collapses, leaving them with limited supplies and an unknown escape plan, They try to preserve as much as possible to find the way out, however, they encounter living creatures that are also hunting them.  Will they find the escape before they are hunted and killed by these unknown beings?

the descent juno

You know what The Descent reminded me of? Alien vs. Predators or something like that (you know, exploration and creatures).  Of course, we’re not dealing with aliens but man, this movie was INTENSE! The environment and atmosphere mixed with the tone and a good balance of noise and silence made this movie so creepy.  Plus, it wasn’t just a horror survival story, but also a story of friendship and revenge. The human nature is also a scary thing, my friends, and many of us do know that, right?

the descent rebecca sam

I don’t know any of the cast prior to seeing them here.  The cast of the six women were fantastic.  Most horror movies always have irritating characters and especially when in these type of movies, its just yelling and screaming and just retarded actions, but in this one, every single decision made by the characters and everything they did, emoted and reacted to was valid, made sense and they each balanced each other out perfectly.  The characters were so well thought out. In these claustrophobic horrors, they are our actual focus and they help every bit of it.

the descent sarah

Now, we can’t get through this review without talking a bit about the creatures which are crawly things.  I don’t want to talk too much about it because it is the surprise of how they look that might make this horror flick rise above other things.  Its not like sharks, you know. These creatures were not exactly scary-looking but the fact that they were so unpredictable and new.  Just like when we’re learning about a new species, right? We wonder about how they move and why they are attacking them.  Plus, its set in caves, therefore limited light so its always a mystery where they could pop out of, among all the isolated sounds around them here and there.

This pic is way brighter than it was in the movie itself...

This pic is way brighter than it was in the movie itself…

Honestly, all I want to say is that its f’ing awesome and that you should go checking it out! I’m not an expert in horror but I hope to understand it a bit more.  If most creatures/predators horror movies are this good, man, I’d be a very busy bee! This had everything done really well: atmosphere, tone, cast and creatures!

Thanks to Liam for suggesting it! Run on over and check out his blog if you haven’t yet!

Any other creatures horror movies you’d like to recommend (preferably on Netflix or somewhere I can stream). But if not, I’d take it anyways! I’ll just do a shopping spree in bargain bins and hope to find it 😉  I already did my first sweep yesterday and managed to get a good few for a decent price :)More recommendations please!

Oh and do you think I should follow through with The Descent 2 during this month?

El Orfanato/The Orphanage (2007)

Its not even Halloween and over here we’re getting into the horror movies already. I’ve seen a few this year with The Woman in Black and Pulse 2. The version this spanish horror thriller The Orphanage that I bought only had subtitles and not dubbed, its going to be a new experience which will force me to watch every single minute of it. *shivers* Especially with my boyfriend constantly pulling down the blanket I was using to cover half my face.

the orphanage posterDirector: Juan Antonio Bayona

Cast: Belen Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Princep, Geraldine Chaplin, Mabel Rivera

In a big orphanage located on the seaside, Laura(Belen Rueda) was adopted.  Many years later when she is older, married and has her own family.  Laura and her husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo) decide to come back with their son Simon (Roger Princep) to set up a home for mentally disabled children.  As they are slowly settling in, they start seeing that Simon starts acting bizarre as he is making more and more imaginary friends. When Laura one day finds out that her son is playing a game that seems a lot more real than she had first thought, she starts believing that maybe there is something a bit more that has entered into the house.  As things start to get worse with her son’s mysterious disappearance, she tries whatever possible to find him.

Its hard to really explain this (or any) Guillermo Del Torro type of production piece.  That was one of the main reasons I watched this.  He didn’t direct it but still, I really enjoyed how the director Bayona carried this horror thriller out.  As mentioned above, I had to watch this whole movie and this movie taps into a lot of my favorite sort of stuff.  While I was searching for image, there is one that had a reason of why we like The Orphanage.  Although I’m worried that this might be a spoiler (which I don’t want to include).  So here is the link: http://horror-movie-confessions.tumblr.com/post/10440747973/i-loved-how-guillermo-del-toro-in-the-orphanage. If you have seen this, do you agree with me?

This is really an awesome horror thriller. However, I had a hard time actually determining whether this was the right category at the end.  People who have seen this would like to know that I loved the ending.  It totally turned it the other way.  It makes me think that any movie with Del Torro always has these awesome twisty endings that just surprise you.  I didn’t figure out the twist, but my boyfriend went “OH NO” right when he did and it hit me then.  I loved the originality of the ending.

orphanage laura carlos

Other than jumping straight to the ending, what made this movie totally a must-see is because it really  kept me on the edge wondering and waiting and expecting for something to happen.  Sometimes, I was right and sometimes, I just wasn’t.  It kept throwing out ideas and possibilities to what would come afterwards and eventually by the end, I really had no idea how this was going to go.

orphanage tomas

Another thing that really scares me in horror movies more than anything are creepy children.  I think I talked about that when I reviewed A Woman in Black (click on the title for the link). Coming from Asian background, I believe in the existence of ghosts and spirits so those things hit me in a psychological way.  I’m frightfully scared of the dark and that was the tone of this movie for the most part: darkness.

My boyfriend did find it a bit slow and not his type of horror movie but for me, it did EVERYTHING. I highly recommend it.  Dark, creepy children, ghosts/spirits, an interesting premise in this awesome horror thriller.  If you  like Del Toro, this is for you. If you like ghosts, spirits, creepy children, horror movies, surprise and some connecting the dots, then this is definitely for you.  I LOVE IT!!! 🙂