Petalled Cat Collar!

Halloween party is tonight for us.  We have our costumes pretty much done.  Since we’re leaving our little kitty, Flea at home, I had this fantastic idea to mash up crafts and a little something for her.

I got inspired by Martha Stewart to make a Petalled Collar.  Flea is going to be a little red flower for Halloween!

I know she doesn’t like collars much except for her own. So I just kept her in it for 5 minutes to take some quick pictures.  I’m actually glad she was still, very  much less sitting up.  Still, I think it was a fun project.

So some of the things I used and the final product looked like this:

I used black and green thread, red wool felt, purple ribbon.  You don’t see it here but I also used velcro as the fasteners

Not too bad, right? I used the ribbon to imitate the idea of having it around something so it’d curve up a bit as well.  I think its pretty nice for a first attempt.  I had a few road bumps along the way and I had to make some finishing touches today to make up for the mistake I made.

Here’s how Flea looked in it.  Of course, this was an extremely short photo shoot so I didn’t get to take too many and a lot of them were a bit blurry.

Pretty cute, right?

If you have a cat that is a bit more still than her, then this will work perfectly.  At least she won’t try to rip it off..this is what happened as a cue to stop.

If you want to know how to make this, check it at this link on Martha Stewart’s site:

I did this one over a course of a month or so.  From buying the materials from arts and crafts supplies store and Walmart. Then  another day, using the template to cut out the petals and sewing it to look like petals. These last two days have been intensive on sewing it onto the ribbon.  I thought it still turned out okay.  It will get better once I get the hang of sewing for starters.

Hopefully, I will get a few more crafts done by the end of the year.