Raising Arizona (1987)

When I ended my Valentine’s Marathon, I asked what everyone’s favorite comedy is and to that question, Eric at Isaacs Picture Conclusions told me “a MUST see” called Raising Arizona.  All of you probably know it already because apparently I’m missing out on tons of awesome movies and have a lot of catching up to do.  However, I think most of you know about Eric and his blog the IPC in short but if you don’t, you really have to check it out especially since Shitfest 2013 Fall edition is right around the corner and well, I have a submission for it again 😉 Plus, he posts awesome and fun reviews all the time.  Now, lets check out his recommendation, Raising Arizona!

raising arizona posterDirector: Joel Coen

Cast: Nicholas Cage, Holly Hunter, Trey Wilson, John Goodman, William Forsythe, Sam McMurray, Randall Cobb

H.I. McDunnough is a small-town ex-con who has an ex-cop, Edwina ‘Ed’ McDunnough as his wife.  Ed decides that she wants a baby but after trying everything learns that she actually can’t have any.  At the same time, furniture tycoon Nathan Arizona and his wife luckily has quintuplets.  Hearing this news, H.I. and Ed hatch a plan to take one of the them for their own and raise it like their own child. Luckily, they manage to get one and at the same time, H.I. has two jail buddies, brothers Gale and Evelle that bust out of jail and have some big plans to turn their lives around.  On top of that, the situation gets even more complicated when an “emotionless” head hunter (of sorts) approaches Nathan Arizona to search out his baby boy and does so any way possible.

raising arizona holly hunter

Raising Arizona is a very odd comedy.  Is it my favorite? Probably not. I like a lot of weird things but as entertaining as this was, I was absorbed by the different style of comedy that it was.  There was a good many parts that did make me laugh out loud and for the most part, this movie really offered an awesome experience and fun movie watching experience.  And another thing, that whole southern accent thing was totally amazing!

raising arizona nic cage

Number 1 highlight of this movie is Nicholas Cage.  For one, he’s super young.  Was this around when he did Moonstruck because he seems to be sporting that crazy out of control hair style. You know, I’ve always liked the crazy Nicholas Cage act and this one counts as one.  Plus, his whole love struck act at the beginning to Ed (played by Holly Hunter) was pretty hilarious.  Those facial expressions in this one and there was a ton of scenes that just rocked the world.

raising arizona john goodman william forsythe

That’s right! John Goodman is in this! Totally crazy character and I loved it for the most part.  He played a pretty silly character but still, I had a great time watching him on screen.  I’m a huge fan of his from his days on Roseanne and in a few of his movies.  Plus, he had a great chemistry with the on-screen brother played by William Forsythe.  I think if Nicholas Cage doesn’t fully entertain you, these guys definitely will.

raising arizona

I’m running out of reasons as to why I liked the movie so much.  Maybe its because its odd, or its because I found it original and had a lot of style.  I recommend this if you haven’t seen it.  Its fun and pure entertainment.  Nicholas Cage and John Goodman are plenty of awesomeness and as pointless and random as some scenes are, it all wraps up into a pretty amazing comedy.

I think this is the first Nicholas Cage movie I’ve reviewed here.  Let me ask you: Do you like Nicholas Cage? What are your favorite movies of his? What genre do you think he excels at?