Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

I’m all for affection and love and all. I just felt like I had posted about this during Love..haha! Now we’re back with KISS *facepalms* I’m serious…I don’t take that many kissing pictures.  Wouldn’t it be awkward to try and shoot myself and my boyfriend kissing all the time? I think so..

Anyways, I did spend time on this, digging through pictures and searching for kissing when I was out this weekend.  That last part sounded like I was stalking people.  I wasn’t…either way, lets check it out!

Wedding Gift

Personalized M&M’s with Hershey Kisses I got at a wedding last year

Chip n Dale Disney

Chip n Dale giving me a kiss in Disneyland Hong Kong!

Birthday Kiss

My boyfriend giving me a kiss on my 24th birthday a few years back

And my teaser for this weekend’s adventures! The post should be up by tomorrow!

Husky Kiss

Kiss from a beautiful Husky

I found more kisses than I had expected but if you want to see more.  I have them in a previous Weekly Photo Challenge right HERE!

However, this is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge and you can check that out HERE! Go on over to check out the other fantastic entries or join into the fun!

Happy Monday!