Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise (with a twist)

This week’s photo challenge is Surprise.  My cat surprises me all the time but unfortunately, catching surprising moments are hard.

It was easier to catch her when she was a little kitten, but she still keeps her playful self even though she’s almost 3 years old.




Thats her when she was a little kitten.  She was super tiny but had gigantic ears! Just check it out below!


She always popped up in the least expected places.  She still does that!

Seeing as its Christmas, I put together a little clip of her.

The first part was from yesterday morning fascinated with the falling snow. For this one, excuse the radio in the background..at least it reminds me that it was 8:18am in the morning. The ending has my mom talking in Chinese to me..sorry about that.

The second part is one I took this morning: the reaction to a birthday card I received from my friends earlier this year. She just can’t figure it out, so I cut it off right before she nipped my hand in frustration.  So it has an abrupt ending to the video.

Its only about 40 seconds or so and its my really amateur editing and compilation. Hope you like it!

I present to you my cat, Flea: