Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

For this week’s challenge, share a photo that shows what spring means to you…No matter which hemisphere you’re in, think about how the season’s change will expand your own chance to play outside, taking pictures as you go! – The Daily Post

Spring means a lot in my family, mostly that everyone is getting older especially in me and my boyfriend’s side of the family.  However, this year in March, it still felt like winter.  May finally came around with our spring weather and nothing defines it like seeing the trees bud and the flowers bloom.

Except with the fluctuating weather, flowers haven’t quite bloomed yet but there a whole lot more green around us.

I took a few quick shots yesterday evening after work in my front yard: some tulip leaves, some little purple flowers and some more green plants intertwined with twigs.

Tulip leaves

Tulips not yet in bloom

Purple flowers

Purple flowers fallen over from the wind and rain

Green plants

Green plants

I don’t know the name of the last one or the purple flowers.  My mom tends to plant and plant and we make up names but we never really figure out the real thing.  Still, I’m happy to see more green in the yard.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more dabs of colors around also 🙂

What does spring mean to you?