Game Warp: July News Blast!

Another episode of Game Warp is here! Elwood and I look at the July news that has caught our eyes from the map reveal for Ghost Recon Wildlands to pitching ideas for Life is Strange Prequel Fanfic. Let us not forget to chat about whether Xbox has an edge with the ongoing  backwards compatibilty games list and the upcoming launch of Play Anywhere. And much more. And yes, we talk about Pokemom Go and some other Pokemon related news.

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Podcast: Game Warp E3 Special!

Today we have a special feature for Game Warp! It is about half a month after the E3 press conferences but Elwood and I sit down to talk about the six conferences and the games that we’d like to highlight. We did do separate and more detailed posts on That Moment In covering more of the games but here is our Breakdown and Impressions!

If reading is more your pace, you can check out the detailed E3 Conference coverage:

Electronic Arts Press Conference
Bethesda Press Conference
Xbox Press Conference
Nintendo Treehouse Live
Ubisoft Press Conference
Playstation Press Conference

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Game Warp: June New Releases

With E3 catching us a little out of surprise, Game Warp is a tad behind on our New Releases segment. However, a few games in June does peak some interest to us and have quite a bit of discussion. We start our show on the recently released Dead by Daylight  after its two weeks of beta. Resident Evil has another side game called Umbrella Corps coming out. There’s some Kirby and then some Star Ocean. We end the show on a chat about VR, especially since it had a huge focus at E3 press conferences.

Hope you enjoy!

What June game releases have peaked your interest?

Podcast: Game Warp June News Blast!

Its been a month since we launched our debut episode of Game Warp. The first episode did relatively well especially with it being the debut and had over 100 views. Its amazing! After some discussion, we have worked out shorter episodes so that its quicker Youtube podcasts.

We have a few episodes coming out more frequently. E3 is going on right now! You can catch our  news updates on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We highlight some interesting news bits from the Petition on the Bikers DLC to the world premiere of Watch Dogs 2 and some E3 trailer releases that have peaked our interest.  Check it out here! June News Blast!

Hope you enjoyed the episode!

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