Podcast: ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ Review

The next Game Warp Podcast is here. we are breaking out from the indie mold for a moment and looking at a Playstation 2  Greatest Hits from 2003 developed by Ubisoft called Beyond Good and Evil. Beyond Good and Evil follows Jade, a photojournalist who is tasked by the underground IRIS network with uncovering the sinister plans of the Alpha Sector and the DomZ, with her humanoid boar uncle Pey’J and agent HH. With the recent update on the long-awaited sequel which will be coming to reality, we take ourselves to Hillys and its world to see if Beyond Good and Evil is as great as everyone else says it is. Or maybe, is it just nostalgia?

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Are you looking forward to the sequel of Beyond Good and Evil?

Making Yarny from Unravel!

Happy Sunday!! Today, I’m here with a fun little crafting project. Maybe you know what Unravel is or maybe you don’t, but that doesn’t matter. Yarny is the darling little yarn boy in this independent game called Unravel. We covered on the debut episode of Game Warp and even had a little challenge to make one of our own. Its been almost two months but its only right to get it done before our next game review podcast comes out sometime next week.


Here’s the video of how to make Yarny if you want to give it a try:

Here’s just a picture trail of how mine was done along the way!




Yarny Skeleton

My Yarny

My Yarny

What do you think? The head kind of is a little off but I think it was okay. But to be honest, I had to rework the skeleton/frame one for the arms, legs and the head. In face, my Yarny might have two skeleton frames to give it that shape. Crafting skills is a little rusty. However, I have never worked with wire before so I think it was okay.

Now, I have a ton of red and white yarn left. What crafts to do with them now? Any suggestions?