Christmas, Boxing Day and Family Times!

I finally forced myself to sit down and write an actual post that can go up on the weekend on normal times.  As you already have noticed, Tranquil Dreams has been a bit off schedule.  Holidays tend to do that and I take the advantage to really rest up and recharge a bit, although work has suddenly become not so much of that as I’ll be the only one without the week off due to responsibilities.  Still, life is life and I can’t lose my job.

Aside from that, Netflix decided a week or so ago that January 1st would be the expiry day of BBC series Robin Hood so I’ve been working hard (and sleeping less) to try to finish all 3 seasons.

Robin Hood BBC

Of course, work or TV series doesn’t stop me from still enjoying the holidays and spending time with family. If you missed my Christmas Eve celebrations, you can find it right HERE!

Christmas was special this year because my mom invited two of her very good friends and I didn’t only get to invite my boyfriend but also his parents.  I love them to bits and they are awesome so spending Christmas with them makes me so much happier also!

Full of food!

Full of food!

So, what do we have here? Fruit salad, Vegetable Salad, Lamb, Shepherd’s Pie, Steamed Salmon, Spaghetti Squash (recipe HERE) and veggie stir-fry. Mega delicious, my friends!

Our dessert!

Our dessert!

And then for dessert, my mom made her walnut cake and her friends brought homemade peanut-filled glutinous rice balls.  So yummy! 🙂

How about some of my decorations?

Ribbons and my Grade 1 Christmas decoration

Ribbons and my Grade 1 Christmas decoration


Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus in full bloom

My little Christmas tree and some real Christmas cards (other our from previous years)

My little Christmas tree and some real Christmas cards (other our from previous years)

Yeah, my mom likes to use decoy.  We used to have fake boxes to pose as presents when we had a huge Christmas tree.  Now we can’t do that so we just put Christmas cards.

Christmas group picture! :)

Christmas group picture! 🙂

Lovely picture, I’d say! 🙂

So what happens after Christmas? Thats right! 1pm, December 26th is my date with Boxing Day! I went by myself to Walmart and some clothes shops and then my friend managed to get off work early so he joined me and we did our Future Shop, Best Buy, Adidas and Puma outlet! I did some other shopping but I’ll reveal that later on 😉 It has a bit to do with my 2014 announcements which I’ve been not telling anyone.  I did Target and Michaels the day after.  Lets check out a part of what I got! 🙂


Puma and Adidas shoes!

My casual walking shoes broke and leak when it rains so it was a matter time before I got a new pair and at 50% off for Adidas (on the right) and 60% off for Puma (on the left), these two pairs cost me $60 or something.  I also got a workout tank top at Puma and a sweater for my boyfriend that I don’t have here.



And then, these are my movie finds! I think I need a bigger shelf but looking at this, I’m rather happy with myself because now I can catch up with 2013 movies! This is the End was a hesitating one but then Dave at ccpopculture put it on his Top 20 HERE! My review will be coming up soon! I wanted to get Side Effects but it was sold out EVERYWHERE!

Aside from shoes and movies, I managed to get some dress pants and sweaters and a new perfume called DREAMS! 😉 They just needed to add Tranquil in front..haha! And that would probably smell like nothing and be called water.

And I finally cracked open my Limited Edition Oreos in the flavor of Gingerbread!

Gingerbread Oreos

Gingerbread Oreos

I officially declare these my FAVORITE oreos! I’m sorry Golden Oreos, you need to scoot aside because I think I’ll stock up another 2 packs and eat them “slowly”.

While I binge TV and eat oreos (and fruits), my cat was being her princess…

My cat sleeping on me and holding down one of my arms

My cat sleeping on me and holding down one of my arms

Can you see her sleeping?

Can you see her sleeping?

Oh yeah, I caught this at 4am the other night when I woke up because my cat somehow got between the covers and stuck her paw in my face.  The use of my nightlight at 4am when I needed to catch a picture with my phone.  LOL!

How was your Christmas? Any Boxing Day shopping? Did you go out and battle some people for amazing deals? Have you binge watched any TV series? Whats some more 2013 must-see movies?

Make Today Great!

Talk about a week that went by in a flash! This week was crazy…I felt like I just blinked and we’re already Sunday.  I kept chasing after the errands I had to finish up and the sleeping pattern has been all over the place.

Luckily the Halloween movie marathon has been pretty much on track.  I’ve gotten in two movies only but one was bad (Area 407) and the second was really good (Let Me In).  Next week, I already have 3 reviews planned to go up 🙂 The main feature of my marathon started since my boyfriend has time to sit down and watch the Halloween series with me 🙂

Another reason its been a bit slower with movies is that I made the silly decision to start yet another series…Pretty Little Liars.

pretty little liars

I had said before that I would never watch it, but I’m somewhat glad because its actually a pretty interesting series.  It reminds me a little of Gossip Girl just this time, mystery person isn’t GG but unknown “A” that messes with the four girls lives.  It has a nice pace and really keeps me wondering what’ll happen next.  Not in an intense way but relaxing enough to calm and empty my mind after a long day/week’s work 🙂

This weekend was also a bit of shopping and I finally had the time to go pick up a copy of The Little Mermaid Bluray combo to add to my Disney Collection 🙂 I won’t be watching it this month due to the marathon but I’ll be getting to that soon.


During my shopping, I was at Future Shop and ended up seeing this on the shelf…in a bit of disbelief as well…

Spiderman 3 Steelcase for $1.97

Spiderman 3 Steelcase for $1.97

WHAT?!? I know Spiderman 3 isn’t a good movie but wow, now thats a deal, right?

This weekend, we rounded up a group of friends, including fellow blogger Day’s (who went to The Beatles exhibit last week) to go to see Pumpkin Inferno at Upper Canada Village.  I’m looking through the pictures today and hopefully the post will go up tomorrow. The drive was extremely beautiful with the trees and leaves changing colors along the highway and the evening sky was absolutely gorgeous.


Pumpkin Inferno

Pumpkin Inferno entrance

After that, we had a very late hangout with a simple dinner.  I had a very beautiful and tasty Sangria with my meal.

Sangria at Les 3 Brasseurs

Sangria at Les 3 Brasseurs

This week has been pretty cool also, especially when my cat started doing her silly little shenanigans and believed that she was completely hidden…I mean, c’mon..


And, thats my cat for you…she believes that when parts of her body is covered, that she’s completely hidden. Pinterest seems to be on the cute animals in the Halloween theme also.

bobbing for apples

Tonight, I’ll also get a baking session in! I just need to decide what to bake with a Autumn/Halloween theme 🙂

This coming week looks pretty much set up once I draft up the blogs.  Remember to drop by again 🙂 We’re in full on Halloween mode now!!

make today great

Hope your weekend has been fantastic! 🙂

Birthday, Hangout & New Toy!!

Its long weekend in the province of Quebec! Yay! Meaning, tomorrow I still don’t have to go to work and have a fantastic day off with the boyfriend! He’s going to redeem his Christmas gift tomorrow for his 2 laps driving both a Ferrari and Lamborghini! He’s pretty much been anticipating it since forever! After that its going to see World War Z!!

Lets rewind just a little and fill you in on whats been up for the last two days 🙂

Friday evening was a great night because I managed to get together with my best friend! She finally graduated from her medical field course and has to prepare for her National Exam but between that, we found it was time for our little gathering to catch up because we have a lot of suppressed thoughts that chat doesn’t really communicate as well! It was great to just relax and have a good night with her 🙂 First, we went to our favorite joint at the Crescent Street restaurant, Les 3 Brasseurs! I chose the Chicken Brochette with rice and fries and had a Mojito on the side!

Chicken Brochette with Fries, Veggies and Rice!

Chicken Brochette with Fries, Veggies and Rice!

YUM! So delicious! Plus, we were starving…and we started chatting and talking about everything: work, job, future, boyfriends, life, parents, etc.  After that, we needed to walk off the meal a bit and walked back to get some shopping done where I managed to find some AMAZING deals at HMV! I had to try to be rational and got Seven Psychopaths, 21 Jump Street and Step Up 2! 🙂  I had originally wanted to get Stoke but it was ALL SOLD OUT!  Afterwards, we finally decided that we wanted to head over and relive the moments at the arcades.  We’re totally into Time Crisis 4 but that machine was as popular as ever (even after so many years) so we settled for trying out Razing Storm!

Razing Storm!

Razing Storm!

I couldn’t find the North American arcade machine and I didn’t think about taking pictures of it either! Those machine guns were so huge, my hands were hurting after playing a few rounds of it! It was mad fun though! PLUS, it was half price for all the games that night.  I love getting things done for cheaper than intended, so it made our day and it was quality time together so even better! It was definitely a fantastic Friday night! 🙂

On Saturday, the weather plummeted into rainy day again.  I had to postpone a lot of my workouts and since the night before, I had some insomnia (its been for the last few days) and didn’t sleep till 4am in the morning and then woke up at 7am.  It was efficient though! Managed to get a whole section of the Unit 2 for the TESL online course! Went over to my friend’s place to chill for a bit and then went out to check out the movie deals at Future Shop.  I should learn to avoid these places these days…I had to make decisions. I did manage to find Stoker for even cheaper at Walmart and found the only Resident Evil: Retribution Blu-ray that wasn’t in 3D and at a seriously inexpensive price! SO HAPPY! Lots of movies added on…even though I wasn’t supposed to buy any 🙂 (AND, Sir Phobus I did manage to get Wall Street on my tablet and I’ll get on it ASAP).


I ramble too much! Saturday night was the birthday of my boyfriend’s nephew which means seeing lots of kids play around and babies, chocolate birthday cakes and some adult fun! I got the chance to fulfill the hot dog craving I’ve been having!



Some shots to celebrate amongst the adults!

Raspberry Sour Puss Shots!

Raspberry Sour Puss Shots!

It was a fun night! We cut it short since both my boyfriend and I were dying of fatigue…so I went home to watch some Criminal Minds and prepare for an early morning jog on Sunday!

Guess what? This morning, I did get my jog in and did a whopping 6.8 km in mega humid weather.  At this moment, I still have 1.2 miles to complete by the end of the day to reach my 100 miles by summer goal.  I’m sure I can get it done with an evening walk later on.

BUT!  I have to introduce to my big investment of 2013 and my newest toy…

DSLR camera!

DSLR camera!

Here it is! My upgrade to a DSLR camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i! I’m still learning a lot about how to use it but its really fun and even though this pic isn’t that great…I’ve been getting some really great shots with testing out the functions on objects! 🙂

How is your weekend? Did you have some awesome meals? Cave in to some cravings? Do some shopping? Maybe spend some time with family and friends?

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of it 🙂