A Word A Week Challenge: Fur

Since a new challenge over at Sue`s A Word in Your Ear is up already, I’m not going to waste any time and just get straight to busy.

Last week’s challenge theme was FUR!

I had to pick my model! Let me present to you my little girl Flea! She’s three and a half years old (give or take a few months) and to me, she’s the most beautiful brown tabby ever! Thats just a mom’s bias..what else can I say?


She’s usually not very much willing to sit down for me to snap photos but two nights ago, she was extremely cooperative and not only sat still but also sat in my lap so I could be in a weird awkward position taking close shots of her fur…


Front paws




A very furry post, right? Well, she’s my little clumsy fur ball and its coming to the time where she wants to cozy up with me in the evenings and then her purring starts, and I start dozing off before I can do anything else…

This is my response for A Word A Week Challenge: Fur.  For more furry posts, head over HERE!