Its been a bit busy so… last minute posts!

I have half of post ready that was supposed to go up today. I’m not too confident I’ll be able to wrap it up. Between now three days behind on NaNoWriMo and the deadline just over a week left, I’ve been powering most of my energy for it. And well, there’s been editing duties to take care of the last few nights, which I totally love doing.

With that said, I feel like I’ve been slacking off a little, even if I really am not. So here’s a few things I watched that have helped me de-stress a little.

Team Edge is so awesome! I usually have a lot of fun watching their challenges.

I’m not quite the fan of VR just yet but Until Dawn: Rush of Blood looks intense and watching people get scared is in general pretty funny. Maybe my humor is a little warped.

And finally..for some shameless self promotion, kinda. When I’m not writing or editing, this is what I’m working on…trying out new recording software for mobile games.

Its short and not super interesting, I guess. But I  needed a pass for today. Hope you enjoyed the vids! 🙂

Normal posts should come back tomorrow! Sorry again.

Christmas Marathon: Garfield’s Christmas Special (1987)

garfield christmasAs much as I love Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, I HAVE TO watch Garfield’s Christmas Special every year for the holidays.  This wasn’t too long though so I ended up watching Garfield’s Thanksgiving as well.  My DVD was a Garfield Holidays Collection. Who can have enough of the lasagna loving orange cat?


This is only 20 minutes long TV movie originally.  The plot is pretty basic to not ruin it for people who haven’t seen this.  Jon takes Garfield and Odie to his home to spend Christmas with his family on the farm.  Quoting Garfield, “Christmas is not about the giving, its not about the getting, its about the loving.”

Honestly, I have no idea what makes me like this so much.  I have no idea ever why I like Garfield ever, especially now that I’m in my mid 20s.  Jon is hilarious with his helplessness with Garfield and how he just sometimes does the silliest things.  Odie is the ever cute companion and friend to Garfield and is the absolute sign of unconditional love.  Garfield is always so cunning but then things never really go his way.  In the Christmas special, what I like a lot is Jon’s Grandma.  Whenever animations put in a Grandma with that type of personality something between rowdy and fun mixed with sentimental and sweet always makes me happy.  An example being Grandma Puckett from Hoodwinked.

There really isn’t much to say about this one.  Garfield TV movies are always quick and to the point .  They captured spending time with family doing their own traditions (no matter how old you are) is always times to treasure.  It touches my heart to see that.

To people who actually still watch TV, I only have bunny ears so I don’t catch much anymore.  Do they still air this during the Christmas holidays?

I know this is more ancient compared to my previous selections, do you still watch it? Do we have any Garfield fans out there?