Podcast Special Episode: Jack and the Cuckoo Heart Clock with Kim from Tranquil Dreams

Remmeber I told you earlier today there was something special going up tonight? Here it is! David over at That Moment In asked me to be a guest for his podcast. We chose to discuss Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart! It was really fun and an awesome experience.
A HUGE THANKS to David for inviting me on! 🙂
Hope you enjoy! And check out his other podcasts discussing movies and moments and his new segment focusing on actor spotlight! 🙂

That Moment In.com

In this very special episode of TMI, David is joined by blogger Kim of Tranquil Dreams. They discuss the French animation film Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, a strange tale about a boy with a wind-up clock heart who mustn’t fall in love but can’t resist when he meets a lovely blind singer.

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