Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Sometimes serendipity is the casual photographer’s best friend.  Today, we challenge you to show us what “express yourself” means to you. – The Daily Post

From last night :)

From last night 🙂

Not exactly a great shot but its the best one I’ve had of my cat sniffing the camera/my phone.  She loves attention and hates it when this little device is taking mine away from her.

And just a few recent random shots that I personally kind of like…because I never just use one photo for these challenges.

After a night of freezing rain a week or two ago

After a night of freezing rain a week or two ago

Fountain show at Complex Desjardins

Fountain show at Complex Desjardins

Not sure how any of that expresses myself but these were all random shots and events that I didn’t quite expect but just had my phone with me and caught a really decent shot of my surroundings 🙂

Hope you like it! Happy Friday, my lovelies!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

The definition of unexpected as the winter season approaches is ALWAYS precipitation.  I usually turn this blog into some funky weather rant over and over again.  The praise for snow starts from awesome to something like “Will it ever end?”

I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way.

BUT I love snow, especially the first few falls.  I don’t particularly enjoy storms, especially now that we have a crumbling bridge that I have to cross every single day to go to work.  Well, the engineers and city didn’t beat the storm with this one so lets hope the super beam installation this weekend will go as planned.

I’m currently sitting in my office as a supposed snow storm has hit the city.  Was it even a storm? There are lots of school closures but my bus wasn’t delayed, so I don’t know what that means.

Leaving work yesterday was clear.  Just cold and windy. When I got back to the suburbs, I realized that it had already started snowing. The roads looked like this when I was walking home.

Snow on the way home

Snow on the way home

Just a thin layer and very comfortable to have snow drifting around.

The forecast kept changing and it was supposedly a 15-25 cm of snow or something like that followed with freezing rain and rain as the temperature rose.  Ugly stuff, my friends. This morning, I feel like we escaped the freezing rain since it wasn’t so slippery.

Looking out my balcony door, this is what it looks like:

This morning

This morning

Well, I was expecting more heaps of snow. Unexpected, right? 😉

Still the first snow that stays on the ground always has the shocking unexpected effect even after so many years of being here.  Drivers are the same also, they kind of forget how to drive. So, from what I gathered on the traffic reports last night and this morning, it was a nightmare with lots of accidents on the highways.

Any “unexpected” precipitation or in general weather in your area?