My Weekly Adventures: The Calm Before the Storm

Welcome to the mid-April Weekly Adventures! Its a bit weird to call this the calm before the storm as we supposedly should have had a rain storm (there was a rainfall warning on The Weather Network) but it was a lot more mild than expected. Regardless, my meaning is that the first half of April was relatively calm but the second half of April is going to be crazy. I sometimes skip the month end April Adventures post because my life is going to be mostly work and more overtime work so just putting it out there in case, things get crazy. For now though, April was a little quiet, mostly because there weren’t any holidays and then nothing huge happened and I didn’t really do a whole lot of anything. Still, let’s see if I can rummage something to talk about. I will end with some little planning things I have set for myself in anticipation for some stuff down the line.

Restaurant ChuChai

I’m going to keep this short since I already did a small post on it before. ChuChai is a Thai vegan restaurant. It was a spontaneous visit to say the least while being in the area.

You can check out the entire Restaurant ChuChai post HERE.

Courses Thematiques Le Tour D’Horloge (& Old Montreal Stroll)

old montreal

old montreal

old montreal

To be clear, my outdoor running season hasn’t started. I’ll talk about that at the end of the post. My friend’s that I help out has. This was a new one for him but it was a nice double race to start with a 5 km and 8 km. To be honest, I’m considering this one for next year, the 5km probably since its still early in the season and on the rare occasion, I’d have time to run in March. Either way, my friend did alright especially for the first outdoor races. However, I liked it mostly because I got to finally walk around during that time and take some nice pictures in Old Montreal. I work around the area but its not the same on a weekend morning or when its gloomy and stuff. The emptiness of it in some areas makes for some nice pictures. I only showed two with actual runners in the background. Talking about the race, the course looks pretty nice.

L’Instant at Casino De Montreal (again)

Casino de Montreal

One of my friends are on a gaining casino points mission so its been all about taking advantage of the bonus points events so on the start of a gloomy weekend, we went out to have dinner. I finally got to try Fish & Chips there which was what I wanted to try last time but decided to choose the pasta instead. It was the special of the day and I don’t think its a permanent selection? I really don’t know the menu here at the L’Instant, the deli at the casino that well. Either way, it was pretty good. I only went to the casino to eat so it was pretty much in and out.

Upcoming Plans: Workout Plan

As the 2 months and one week countdown starts until my best friend’s wedding and I’m one of the bridesmaids, I need to lose some of my winter fat and get a little more in shape (at least to make sure that I can still get into the dress at the end of June. I have started walking the stairs to the office at our building and trying to not take the elevator. Its been  pretty nice. The project coming up is finding a cardio and weights workout schedule that I know that I can stick to and try to eat more healthier. I’d like to start clean eating again but I’m not sure that I’m totally ready for it. Either way, I’m going to gradually try to get back to a more balanced diet, more veggies probably. Gardening season also starts soon and weather is starting to be good for running so I’m looking forward to putting some outdoors activities in as well as in May, hiking starts. So, I’ll work it out accordingly. Especially going to try to add in using the park workout stations facilities to incorporate something different to the running path. I won’t do a segment specifically for workout (too many segments right now) but I will do some updates here. 🙂

Cute Kitty Pic

That’s it for this Adventures post!
Its been relatively calm lately and its nice since I’m enjoying the staying at home time.

Hopefully I keep up with posting (or getting things done in bulk beforehand) for the second half of April.

Restaurant Review: Bidon Taverne Culinaire

I always enjoy  posting about food and restaurants that I visit!

Here’s the restaurant my friend and I went to try out after our chiropractic treatment.  We’ve been talking about going to check it out for almost a year and finally we decided to go yesterday 🙂

I present to you: Restaurant Bidon Taverne Culinaire!

My 7UP and the logo of the restaurant :)

My 7UP and the logo of the restaurant 🙂

First off, the waiters and the staff are a charming bunch of guys who are very nice. We didn’t have a reservation and the guy took a chance and gave us a seat anyways. That type of flexibility in service is what I’m talking about. Plus, the waiters were friendly.

Now, on for the food.  They don’t have a very long menu but it includes 2 types of soup, a few appetizers, 2 types of foie gras, 2 types of tartare, and 9 selections for the main meal.  They also have a chalkboard on the wall with the day’s extra menu.  On the back of the menu, it had a whole side of wines.

As usual in these types of restaurants, we started with some bread!



The bread had little crispy pieces on the side and it was so delicious!!

My friend took the tomato soup with roasted peppers, shredded Parmesan and ham.

Bidon Taverne Culinaire

Tomato Soup

I’m still trying to figure out what that piece of bread had but my friend said the soup was excellent and the bread was awesome! He rarely compliments it to the waiter also but he did this time.  So, I know he loved it 🙂

Next up is our main dishes.

My friend took a Tenderloin Steak with Bordelaise Sauce and Blue Cheese crumble.

Bidon Taverne culinaire

Tenderloin Steak

My friend said that it was cooked perfect and the portion was exactly right 🙂

I had Fish and Chips with beer coating, home-style tartar sauce and pickles.

Bidon Taverne culinaire

Fish and chips

This is possibly the best Fish and Chips I’ve had in Montreal.  The fish was super tasty and the texture was perfect.  The batter covering it was not doughy and thick and it was also a great portion for me.  The fries were delicious as well. Usually when I eat fish and chips, its all greasy but this one wasn’t heavy at all.

We were so full after the meal, we couldn’t fit dessert in.  Next time! 🙂 The dessert menu had about 5 items ranging from our own Quebec delight Pouding Chomeur to Creme Brulee and some chocolate stuff and even a dairy free choice, Sorbet in 3 flavors 🙂

Definitely worth it to try this place out and I will be coming back to try other dishes!

If you are interested, its located in the Saint-Lambert area on the south shore of Montreal.  Aside from having great service and delicious food, it also has a beautiful atmosphere and in a very nice area. 🙂 Check out the site for more info HERE!