Three Quick Reviews: Fearless, FernGully & Choose

You all really don’t want to know what I’ve gone through this week but in short, its been just crazy.  All I’ve been doing is work, workout and have a movie playing in the background.  So I decided that I’d do a small review of a few movies I’ve seen over the past few weeks but didn’t get around to writing a review for  since I’ve been focusing on catching up on 2013 releases. Not that that was very successful either. I still have a good amount of 2013 movies left and well, not so much time left before Valentine’s marathon starts next week.  I’ll probably resume second half of February.  For now, I just need to survive tomorrow and get off work on time 🙂

Remember when I did the other 3 reviews 😉 If you didn’t see it, you might want to check it out HERE! Its kind of silly and funny and along the lines of sexy.  I really want to do another one of those but well, we’ll have to stick with this for now…

Let’s get cracking with those reviews! 🙂


fearless poster

This is about the life of martial arts master and founder of Jin Wu Sports Federation, Huo Yuanjia.  Don’t start telling me how accurate it is, because I don’t know. I haven’t dived deep to read up on the man yet, but I do know of his existence.

I usually don’t particularly like to watch these sorts of movies unless its Ip Man but I’m a HUGE fan of Jet Li.  I never get too overly enthusiastic about them either.  Something about Jet Li portraying Huo Yuanjia really works for me.  Maybe its that I’ve never seen him do that who egotistical prick role who learned better. You know, took a hard hit for his mistakes and through those consequences, learned to be a better man.  The final fight was really something and you know, as much as I’m a Canadian, I’m also proud of these martial artists who really strive to teach us valuable lessons through what they’ve done.  Support our own and respect ourselves and the whole our biggest challenge is to beat ourselves.  I like all that and it makes me proud when I watch this. 🙂


fern gully poster

FernGully: The Last Rainforest is one of those animations that I keep thinking I’ve seen when I was younger and then I realized that I actually never did.  I realized that I mixed it up with Once Upon a Forest which had a similar idea about human invading natural habitats and then said habitat habitants fight back.  This animation is really dated.  Its not even the older animation style.  I actually like that.  It just seems like if I was 10, I’d like it a lot more.  But you know whats the redeeming features of this one? Robin Williams doing the voice of Batty and Tim Curry doing the voice of the bad guy, Hexxus.  I respect those two a whole lot and honestly, this movie was alright 🙂

CHOOSE (2010)

choose poster

My long awaited return to the horror genre.  Choose was going to expire Feb 9.  All you Canadian Netflix subscribers can keep that in mind if you want to see this 😉 Although, I’m not going to push you to see it.  I was working out at the same time so really watching the actual screen between doing sit ups and crunches and jogging in place and all those other things.  Its not great.  There’s a lot of unanswered questions to the ending but you have to give them applause for really stringing up the surprise ending.  I had a feeling maybe it would end that way but in my mind, the possibility was really like 10%.  There were some good scares, and creepy moments but thats probably because I’m really easily scared.  I also think its because they really use eerie music to accentuate the scene.  Its an okay horror for most.  I actually found it a tad boring in certain parts…so yeah, its alright 😉 I don’t think its horrible though.

I haven’t been watching very fascinating movies on Netflix these days.  I need to turn that around soon 🙂 I have a few more reviews to write.  I still owe a Bridesmaids and Mud review.  I just don’t want to do a crappy review so I’m going to wait for when I’m not brain fried from work and writing during my little break while stuffing my face with a quick dinner.

Out of the three, Fearless would be my recommendation though.  I love me some Jet Li and some action and valuable life lessons 🙂

Have you seen these? What did you think of them?