TV Binge: Next in Fashion (Season 1, 2020)

Next in Fashion (Season 1, 2020)

Next in Fashion

Hosts & Judges: Tan France & Alexa Chung

Guest Judges: Elizabeth Stewart, Jason Bolden, Monique Lhuillier, Prabal Gurung, Phillip Lim, Kerby Jean-Raymond, Adriana Lima, Christopher Kane, Josefine Aberg, Maxwell Osborne, Dao-Yi Chow, Tommy Hilfiger, Eva Chen, Elizabeth von der Goltz

18 budding fashion designers compete for a $250,000 prize and the opportunity to launch a clothing line with Net-a-Porter. – IMDB

Next in Fashion is the the latest global competition that takes on finding the best upcoming fashion designers around the world with a huge prize to help their fashion business grow while giving them a chance to also launch their line online. Its a pretty big deal and one of the best parts of these shows is seeing that there is an international participation with the fashion designers coming from different countries and with different backgrounds. Just like any competition, each week’s task is a different type of clothing to challenge them and to help them break out of their comfort zone.

To be honest, most Netflix competitions (as with most competitions) are structured very similarly. What makes it exciting is the race against the clock to make something that embodies the designers vision. At the same time, the show starts off with pairing the designers into twos and it varies between some duos who have worked together before and some who are completely strangers and need to find their balance in the work up until a certain point where the teams are separated and they compete as individuals up to the finals. This is pretty much the most similar to the Netflix global cooking competition, The Final Table (review). This structure works well for this style of show as you see the idea of cooperation and the new ideas that push through each other’s comfort zones so when they break apart, it also helps give them that individual ideas and direction. I think it happens a little late in the show and I wonder whether it has to do with one of the episodes that result in a dilemma that ends up with no team being eliminated. We will come back to talk about this issue later.

If we look at the hosts, participants and judges, its a pretty nice group. I’m not into the fashion world so I know very little of where these judges come from other than Tommy Hilfiger because his clothing is pretty much a household name and widely available and like Adidas or other big name brands. The hosts are Tan France and Alexa Chung and they are a fun pairing. I’m a big fan of Tan France, even on Queer Eye so its great to see him do this show because he does have a more grounded fashion sense and one that can be elevated. Pairing with Alexa Chung, they both balance each other out pretty well. As for the participants, its nice to see that they are from many different countries: South Korea, UK, China, Mexico, North America, etc. It gives a different vibe as you can see each stylist and their different vision that they bring to the table especially as each challenge always is at least one of their fortes while others will find it challenging. Its a good way to give them a more well-rounded way to attack different challenges and break through the comfort zone. I think those challenges and the teams that can get through it really are the most fun to watch.

Overall, Next in Fashion is a pretty good competition. I’d say that its one entirely bingeworthy. I think I watched it over 2 to 3 days. Its nice to see different fashion and ideas in different types of interpretations. If there was anything to criticize based on that one incident they had (which bothered me a little) is that there isn’t a strong enough system of elimination. Its a competition and sometimes tough choices need to be made. While I can understand that fashion is subjective, there has to be some way where even when its not unanimous to be able to keep with the system of elimination whether giving the guest judge who has the expertise the tie breaker or get some odd number of judges or whatnot. I’m not a competition expert but it just seemed a little unprofessional how the whole thing went down when the editing showed a favor of who was supposed to leave. Either way, its just a thought. I still think its very entertaining as a competition and I’d be down for another season.

Exhibit: Le Salon du Mariage Chic!

I guess you could call a bridal show an exhibit, right?

I may not be getting married but I am the maid of honour for one of my very good friends.  We’ve been friends for pretty much 20 years now.  Talk about a long friendship, right? Sure, when she went off to university in another town and then did her master’s also out of province, we distanced for a little bit.  In the last few years, we’ve really bonded again as good friends and she’s my cat’s godmother. I didn’t know that existed but she volunteered.

She asked me to go with her and her fiance to the Salon du Mariage CHIC.  I’m not going to do the big banquet wedding but I do love to look at this stuff: centerpieces, catering, wine, jewelry and of course, wedding dresses.

Salon du mariage chic

There was two fashion shows set and due to lunch, we missed the 12:30pm one so we went for the afternoon one at 3:30pm.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the decor but I really liked this one.

Salon du mariage chic

Centerpiece exhibits

Right before the show started at around 3, a percussionist performed to some fast beats to liven up the mood 🙂

Salon du mariage chic

He was pretty good.  I like this sort of percussion music.  Rhythmic and fun!

After a little bit afterwards, the fashion show starts.  I only took pictures of the dresses I liked, there was a lot more! Oh, and yes there were suits also.  Grooms do need their suits 😉

Aren’t the dresses lovely? I’m not a huge fan of mermaid dresses so I didn’t take any of those.  These are very beautiful.  The company most of these dresses are from is White Montreal (if I remember correctly). That place makes beautiful dresses.

There was also one more that I didn’t match with the gallery so I put it aside of this suit and well, this model.

salon du mariage chic

This guy has the most charming smile.  I couldn’t catch a good shot of it and well, he looks fantastic in that suit also 🙂

I’ve never been to a fashion show before so I found this end of the show thing where all the models walk out in a line and face the audience was pretty grand.

salon du mariage chic

Fashion shows are pretty fun and wedding ones are even more awesome.  I love big dresses and elegant clothes and all those things.

It was a fantastic experience! 🙂

Have you ever been to a bridal show or a fashion show? How was it? Did you like it?

Handmade Necklace with Swarovski Elements

I did about 3 hours of shopping for craft supplies this past weekend in preparation for the gifts I was going to make for Christmas.  Luckily, on Sunday, after being overwhelmed at everything sitting in the bag, I sat down and got straight to work on the first gift.

Its not completely handmade but I did have to stick on all the individual crystals and arrange it myself.  I thought it looked pretty nice.  I think I probably spent an hour arranging and rearranging the crystal beads on the pendant to see how it looked.


This was testing phase and final choice

Originally, I was going to make a semi-precious necklace but seeing as my local Walmart didn’t have anything I particularly needed and was overloaded with people.  I managed to find the pendant and crystals to put on.  I thought it would be pretty  nice thought.  I started regretting immediately that I didn’t go to an arts and crafts supplies store right when I got home.

If you are at all interested in making this, which I think is a pretty nice thought, here are the supplies I used:

– 18 inch (45.72cm) nylon cord necklace

– Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements Pendant

– Swarovski Elements Flat Back Non-Hot Fix Crystals

– Crystal Glue Pen


This is the final product.

You need to give it a little time to dry though. The gluing might have taken me an hour or so.  Glue pens I actually don’t regret doing this because when my boyfriend saw it, he gave me the approval.  You can’t see it clearly with the reflection but I used two different shades of blue crystals and white/clear crystals.  The blue ones were somewhere along the lines of aqua and sapphire.  The clear crystals are the ones that are looking  a bit pink in the light.  It’d say its pretty.

Also, you don’t have to get this at Walmart or whatnot.  I was researching this online and saw that the Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements is actually something you can customize for different events and more choices are available online.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:  I’m not advertising for them but they seem to be nifty design projects that I’m definitely going to look into for future reference.

One day, I will actually get that jewelry making skills down.  I am quite pleased with this one and it was really fun.  I’ll probably go ahead to learn more complicated ones eventually.