Unboxing: Arcade Block [October 2015]

Sorry about the slight delay with this unboxing.  I did get this block before the end of October but as you can see, nearing the last week of October, I had too many posts and not enough days to post it.  I try to avoid double post days but sometimes, I just can’t.  Still, I wanted to end things off well.

Both the blocks came within one day of each other.  However, while we managed to prioritize the horror block, we didn’t find time to unbox this Arcade Block until later on.

Let’s check it out! 🙂

Arcade Block [October 2015]

1)Fallout Funko Mystery Mini

Arcade Block

Arcade Block

I think we had gotten Fallout gear before. I’m not quite familiar with it. But this little figure is quite detailed.  It looks absolutely slick and nice 🙂

2) Arcade Block Exclusive: Retro City Rampage DX (Game)

Arcade Block

This says an open world carjacking game from the 80s. Well, I didn’t game much when in the 80s.  I mean, I was born in ’86 so yeah…excludes me from knowing much about this. However, does this look like the 80s version of Grand Theft Auto or something.  Haha! Looks really cool.  It has a PC game in the box and also includes the downloadable version.  So SWEET!! 🙂

I tell you, just by this game, the Arcade Block never disappoints!!

3) K’Nex Titanfall Construction Set

Arcade Block

Pretty cool, eh? Normally, I would’ve sat down to build it but it looks like something we can give away to kids above 8.  We gotta share the fun and joy.  We’re thinking about it… Mostly, its deciding whether we know anyone with kids over than 8 that would like this among our friends. Still, this is rather awesome.

4) Atari Baseball Cap 

Arcade Block

Since the husband gets all the shirts, I asked to get to keep this.  I’ve been looking for a cap for the summer.  I know summer ended but its still pretty cool to have for next year.

So for the fun of it, I took some shameless selfies…

Arcade Block

Love it! I think it looks good!

5) Exclusive T-Shirt: Call of Duty Black Ops III

Arcade Block

I don’t play CoD but this sure looks cool. What more can I say? 😉


I sometimes wonder why I keep getting the Arcade Block.  I know so little about the world of video games and yet, it also has some awesome gear that comes in.  I mean, we got codes for games a few times and the T-shirts look so nice.  Then we get all those vinyl figurines that I just love to decorate my display case with. Its hard to want to switch the block subscription just because every time it manages to maintain or step up its game. Now, if only they could make Canadians have normal shipping fees, I’d be pretty happy.  I’m like in the next province and its not only charged in USD (which kills me on conversion right now) but the shipping fees for the 2 days it takes to get here from Ontario makes me feel a little bitter.

Anyways, rant over! This Arcade Block is awesome! Love it! 🙂