My Weekly Adventures #62 I’m 32!

Weekly Adventures

Welcome back to this edition of My Weekly Adventures!

This post comes a little later than usual. To be honest, I was just taking it easy since I took today off to relax and enjoy my birthday. I am getting older and this past week has been busy with new project launch and lots of catch up on stuff to be more on track and organized. Its been an uphill trek after being functional again a few weeks ago with the new PC. Luckily things are going very well now and I’m hoping it will go that way. Although, the last few days, the stats were absolutely meh but after so many years of doing this, I love just sharing what a little bit of everything so the stats don’t bother me anymore. Maybe its the enlightenment of getting a little older. 😉

This is going to be a really short one since there honestly isn’t much to recap. I was looking back and realized that the last two weeks didn’t have much going on. I debated about posting today but hey, why not! A little bit of something is better than nothing, right?

Getting Ready For Running Season…Very Slowly

The snow is melting away in our yard and I can see the tulips starting to come out and the strawberries are sprouting some new leaves as well as some other plants here and there. Which means that as the weather gets a little more stable and mild, I’m getting back to running season. I haven’t ran in a year. In fact, working out has been so sparse in the past year and a half that I really need to get back on track to just basic exercises. With that said, I started scheduling in little improvise workout programs for myself at home, just like 30  minutes of Zumba routines from Youtube 2 times a week. Its going okay…can’t say that I’ve been incredibly disciplined but working out is definitely always in the back of my mind and I make a solid effort to get even 20 minutes in when I have the time.

I’m hoping to start actually running somewhere like mid to late April depending on how much overtime I have at work and how that affects my own calendar.

The Husband’s Birthday Weekend

My husband, better known now as a contributing factor of Game Warp as Stunt Gamer had his birthday last weekend. Yes, our birthdays are a week apart. You haven’t heard the weirdest part yet when it comes to coincidences and our families other birthdays. Either way, for his birthday weekend, he got to relax like crazy and over the Saturday and Sunday, I made it a full day of meals pretty much, there was a brunch, a dinner and a birthday dessert. I posted last week about the dinner HERE. And well, above are the cupcakes (because the cake version of this would be crazy) that I made for him. It was a Chocolate Cupcake with Nutella Filling topped with cupcake icing and a Ferrerro Rocher.

I’ll share the next two recipes very soon. We also went to go see Tomb Raider for his birthday and while the theatre experience has me really angry, the movie itself was pretty fun. I’ll have that review going up very soon as well. Lots of upcoming stuff, right?

New Project: Movies & Tea Podcast

If you missed it this week, my awesome Game Warp co-host Elwood and I started up a new podcast and the debut episod went live this week. We apparently hate free time. Thats our running joke. Between us, we have too many projects and who are we kidding…we love it! Movies & Tea sparks from the idea of each season looking at a different director and their movies. Of course, some will have more than enough movies but we will pick a selection or batch together a few so that the season will be about 6 to 8 episodes long. Right now, we are looking at releasing on a biweekly or once every three weeks or something. We are pretty flexible with the schedule. This is a fun and casual project since we love talking about films off air during production meetings and stuff.

The kick-off director is Paul W.S. Anderson and this episode looks at his directorial debut full length feature, Shopping.

You can follow us over at the blog where you can catch all the episodes HERE.
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Thanks for listening!

Turning 32!

How about that? Time sure does fly and I’m 32! Honestly, I don’t really feel that different. If anything, with all the projects going on, its making me feel very energetic and youthful like never before. I kind of have to be since it is the gaming scene and embracing new stuff and new game ideas and same goes for the movie industry and whatnot. I feel like the past year, I’ve grown a lot as a blogger and podcaster among many other stuff that I love to do. With that said, I usually don’t like to make a big deal of my birthday so its just been a relaxing day with my husband. We headed for a little day trip out to check out the Dreamworks Animation Exhibit in the Canadian Museum of History before it ends next weekend. Its a ton of fun since other than that exhibit, there’s some permanent ones there about the full Canadian history and its like 4 floors of stuff to look at and its paired with the Children’s Museum as well as includes a Dreamworks film which we missed since we got there too late and it was a decision between seeing exhibits or seeing the movie and just one exhibit. Plus, the movie was Shrek 4 and I stopped watching Shrek after the 2nd one so it wasn’t particularly intriguing. With that said, the exhibit was very unique and I loved seeing the art work and all the sketches and music and more. Super cool stuff.

No worries! I’ll do a coverage/recap post some time next week. More upcoming…

Cute Kitty Pic

That’s it for this Weekly Adventures!
Hopefully, I’ll be reporting back with some more exercise progress next time (if work hasn’t drained me).
You already know whats upcoming for the next week or two with all that I talked about up there. 
What have you been up to?

Workout Week 1: Getting back on track!

Nothing is harder than to not use a ton of excuses and get up from my comfortable chair and get away from my movies and blog and work out.  I love working out and I stopped a few months ago because life did go a little crazy.  Still, sporadic work outs can only do so much and its time to get back into gear.  Get my mind back to its relatively less stressed mode, be more motivated and get back into shape 🙂

Week 1 is hard because I’m renewing a commitment.  This time, I’m not stopping after a year.  There is no end to working out.  I’m not going to choose to take it off my blog because its getting too versatile and I don’t have time to schedule it in. None of that stuff anymore.  I realized that was a horrible mistake.

I apparently love to start my workout week on Tuesdays.  Don’t know why, I just do.

TUESDAY: Pop Sugar’s The Ultimate 30-Minute Cardio Pilates Workout

The guest coach is a lady who found something called Burn.  Let me tell you, she is not messing with you.  The burn was there from every part of it.  I absolutely hate pulses…I hate it! That burn feels fantastic afterwards but during is just close to unbearable.

By the way, they used 3lbs dumbbells  but I only have one of those so I was stuck with 5lbs. That was REALLY painful!

WEDNESDAY: Tone it Up Yoga

I usually use this yoga flow to recharge between heavier training days.  I haven’t done this one in a while so I figured I’d revisit it  to recharge a little.

SUNDAY: Pumps and Iron’s Workout Mashup

Workout Mashup

This first week restarting this workout thing and committing to it again.  I’m trying to get back to what brought me to really challenge myself.  Pumps and Irons was the blog that I first found in the blogosphere that had some really challenging workouts.  So I went back to this circuit style workout mashup.  Its always been my go-to and I haven’t done it in a long time.

Something about completing workouts like this make me really confident and motivated to workout again.

I’m charged up for next week’s workouts 🙂

Before I go, tradition is that I always put some workout inspiration.

i run because


Replace “run” with “workout” or “train” and thats exactly how I feel.  Work’s been a bitch but when I push myself and succeed, it reminds me that I can still do and feel great.  There is more to life than all that work stress.  It’ll pass eventually 🙂