My Weekly Adventures #66

Welcome back to another two weeks! We’re getting closer to summer now and the weather is getting hot and humid!

Lots of stuff’s been going on as I look back at the past two weeks with multiple day trips and gardening updates and so much  more. One of the biggest weekends of the year for gaming and of course, Game Warp is just around the corner so I can imagine the next Weekly Adventures might be just a disaster of almost nothing (since Grand Prix weekend is also that same weekend).

Let’s take a look at what’s been up in the last 2 weeks!

Movies and Tea in Full Swing

Movies and Tea Podcast is in full swing this month. Elwood and I have been in quite a groove as we dive further in Paul W.S. Anderson films. After the Event Horizon show at the beginning of the month, we dove into Soldier, featuring Kurt Russell which also saw us joining into our first blogathon held by Return to the 80s and RealWeegieMidget Reviews as well!

Following that, we just released our mega episode taking a trip down the Resident Evil franchise as we take a look at the 6 films!

Take a listen and give us your thoughts over at our blog where we also have each of our takes on each of the films that we review in the podcast. Check us out and give us a follow here.

Hiking on Victoria Day

Mont Megantic National Park

View at the Observatory

You can see the full recap HERE.

Victoria Day in Canada is a lovely statutory holiday. My husband and I went for our first hike of the season. It was a lovely day and super awesome. We are having some great hiking plans of going out to hike at least twice a month. I truly hope that it’ll work out. Next on the to-do list is to get some new hiking shoes. Doing some research on what to get right now.

Cinema Recall Guest

You can find the episode right HERE.

If you didn’t know, we had a mega That Moment In podcast network gathering organized by The Vern, the host of Cinema Recall. We sat down in our different time zones at all hours of the day to record this mega episode sharing our movie firsts: the scariest, the saddest and the sexiest. The choices were fantastically diverse and it was a ton of fun to sit down to everyone! Its awesome! Hopefully we will be gathering for another meeting eventually.

Ottawa Day Trip

Shanghai 360

Last weekend was the Ottawa Marathon. I usually would go down with my friend but with my husband’s change in work schedule, we ended up just going down to visit and hang out with him. We did a little bit of a haul HERE. It was a lot of fun. We had some food at Shanghai 360, a fast food restaurant in Rideau Centre. I really love this place and eat here almost every time I go to Ottawa. It was a great trip nonetheless. We had fun walking around and shopping. We took care of some business since my engagement ring needed to be fixed and I had bought it down in Ottawa. Anyways, I’ll be heading back there eventually to pick it up and maybe then I’ll take my husband to check out the diner and explore Byward Market which we ran out of time this time.

Dentist Update

Last time I talked about my overdue dentist appointment. Well, I went for my second cavity filling session. The dentist decided for my own good to split the original session into two visits. Let me tell you that at this current moment and even when I was going home and that evening, I was ever so happy with that choice because the anesthesia took forever (like 4 hours) to go away and then my jaw feels like there is a bruise on it. Not sure why.

Cute Kitty Pic

When the heat hits us, my cat looks at me meows and then lies down. Not sure if its protest or just enjoying the cool floor.

That’s it for these two weeks!
I’ve had lots of things from hauls to garden updates and a ton of movie reviews, TV binge and just an assortment of stuff. 
What have you been up to?

My Everyday in 5 Shots

I guess this would qualify as the first intro to the March Phoneography.  In yesterday’s post, I already said I would participate with my darling Samsung tablet that confuses me with the wordpress app.  But still I remain hopeful, so here it goes…first topic I chose is to upload 5 photos of my everyday life. So if there are errors, it will be fixed as soon as possible..or you could bring it to my attention or suggest some solutions.


Book and tea, my lunch escape

My lunch time is my time to relax especially now its recently been decreased to 30 minutes with extended workdays. My book and tea in peace and quiet is my time to recharge my EQ.


Looking out the window waiting for the elevator

The clouds and the rooftops are what I subconsciously look at every day as I stand and wait for the elevators to bring me down to street level to take my after work stroll or speed walk session. Isn’t it a mesmerizing sight? Sometimes I forget how beautiful working in Old Montreal really is…


On the way to bus station

This street is constantly used for film locations. Its the path where I take in all the “fresh” air. And be thankful that I made it through the workday when there are still people about. After a certain hour, it is totally empty…creepy, quiet, dark..then the overly imaginative mind kicks in…


Underground city


Revolving doors to rush hour buses

Thats my every day! Boring as it may seem that the routine to and from work is. In the summer I like to spice it up and take different routes to go to the bus station. Sometimes these little photo challenges and activities make me realize that there is so much in my everyday life that helps me relax and makes me not too deep enough to see their beauty.