Marvelous Mondays – The Wolverine by Tranquil Dreams

Happy Monday everyone! Check out my contribution to the Marvelous Mondays series over at Natasha’s Life of This City Girl blog. If you don’t know her, she is an amazing blogger that features awesome movie and book reviews among many other topics. Remember to go check out the other Marvelous Mondays reviews as we check out the Marvel-related movies over the years by different guest bloggers.
The Wolverine was one I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first released in theatres but after delaying it over and over again, I finally gave it a watch and it was surprisingly entertaining fun! Head on over to check out the full review 🙂

Life of this city girl

Happy Monday, folks!

To continue our extensive run with this blogathon, Kim of Tranquil Dreams was kind enough to review The Wolverine for me. Thanks Kim!


I’ve never been a comic book reader, at least not for superheroes.  For the longest time, Marvel and DC Comics didn’t mean much to me.  I knew the general popular superheroes but I never knew more than that.  When X-Men hit theatres, it didn’t have such a huge appeal to me.  However, I only started being more into superheroes after The Avengers and especially my eyes were focused on Marvel.  The quality of each of their movies is almost guaranteed.  Despite X-Men not having such a huge appeal, I did enjoy the first one when I saw it and soon saw X2 and X3 also.  The most outstanding character have be The Wolverine and Hugh Jackman has been identified with him.  When The Wolverine…

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