Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

This week’s challenge is to show humanity.  Its hard to show humanity if we go the idea of compassion and kindness.  However, humanity can also be seen simply as just mankind. So here we are!

This is also hard because I’m not much of a photographer when it comes to taking pictures of other people, except people I know and for the most part, I avoid putting up other people’s pictures unless I have their consent.  These are random shots I took that reflect a bit on the culture in other a few places I’ve visited.  It could be just crowds and certain people doing various tasks wherever they live. From the street musician from Frankfurt to the how people live in rural areas of Egypt to cultural festivals in Hong Kong along with the crowds up till Macau with its cute postal service booth.

I’m not exactly sure it fits the topic but this is my best effort.

This is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity. To check out more, head over HERE!

A Word A Week Challenge: Tropical

I wish it were tropical at this very moment.  Although last weekend sure felt like the tropics when it was hovering around past the 30 degrees Celsius mark 😉

I haven’t been to anything very tropical in a long time. Hong Kong kind of counts but I didn’t take pictures of anything showed it too much.  Then there was Egypt, but hmm..not sure which picture to choose.

When I think of tropical, I think of fruits like mango, pineapple, durian, mangosteen, etc.  That sort of thing. But then another thing is usually even more tropical is colourful flowers.  It doesn’t have to be warm outside and I don’t necessarily have to be on vacation (of course, thats always a plus) but when flowers are blooming in their different colours filling up the garden or streets outside, I fly to somewhere tropical in my mind.

I was playing around my camera a bit yesterday after dinner around my backyard and testing out shots.  It might not feel very tropical but it warmed up my mind 🙂

Beautiful Pink Flowers!

Beautiful Pink Flowers!

White Wild Roses (I think)

White Wild Roses (I think)

Yellow flowers

These are the sunlight in my garden right now! Yellow flowers

More Yellow flowers

More Yellow flowers

I know I’m stretching it with lavenders but they are awesome flowers 🙂

Gorgeous Lavenders

Gorgeous Lavenders

Now okay, bright colored animals do the trick.  How many of you link wonderful pink flamingos to tropical? Because I do!

Flamingos at the Toronto Zoo

Flamingos at the Toronto Zoo

To end off, as far as flowers go, no flower reminds me of tropical quite like bright colored hibiscus flowers!

Hibiscus at Lamma Island

Hibiscus at Lamma Island, Hong Kong

This is my response to this week’s word in Sue’s dictionary: TROPICAL! Please go check out her beautiful blog A Word in Your Ear right HERE to see other responses to the challenge and more 🙂 Maybe you’d like to join in, the more the merrier 🙂

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

A Word A Week Challenge: Dawn

Sue @ A Word in Your Ear landed on the word DAWN in her dictionary this week.  I spent the whole week trying to wake up at dawn to snap pictures, but its been crazy and the stress is causing funky nights so I haven’t been able to do it.  After some debate I had planned to wait for Saturday morning and head out to do an early sunrise shot to capture the moments of dawn, but forecast has it that it’ll be CRAZY COLD and probably windy…its not excuses…I promise! I can’t get sick on the last week of massive gigantic deadline at work.

I have been trying to not use old pictures, but this is the first sunrise I ever saw and it was in Egypt.  You know what time I was up at? 2:45am for a 3:30am departure to Abu Simbel on bus with police escorts! At least on the way, while most people were sleeping, I was fully alert to capture the sunrise…something I otherwise would’ve slept through 😉



Sunrise on the desert in Egypt

Sunrise on the desert in Egypt

The bus windows had me scrambling to get the right functions to take good pictures.  Thats why some angles are a bit funky.

The aftermath of Egypt didn’t really feel like a vacation, because I almost needed a vacation afterwards to recuperate because we had to wake up the next morning at some crazy hour like 5am or something.  Both my mom and I decided that it would be a good idea to head up on the upper deck of the cruise ship to see the sunrise…

Was it ever breathtaking!!!


The reflection of the sunrise in the Nile River over the distant desert.  Trees lining appearing as the sun goes up. This was an amazing moment.  One of the most memorable moments 🙂 This made early morning wake ups on vacation so worth it!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Lost in the details? Lets see what details fascinate me and make me lost in thoughts and imaginations or simply admiration…

There is one picture that came to my mind right away.  I had used it for a Weekly Photo Challenge a long time ago, but after a few years, whenever my friends see this picture they call me “lost”.  Do I look lost?

Kingston alleyway --> Lost in the details of the walls

Kingston alleyway –> Lost in the details of the walls

I wasn’t literally lost but I was admiring the beautiful bricks and lines that it formed in this particular alleyway.  One of my friend’s attended Queen’s University for a year or two and when I went to pick her up to head back home.  She showed me and my boyfriend around a little.  That was pretty cool.

As much as you can try to get lost in Canada but never really in most cases, getting lost in details was in Egypt.  Temple after Temple after Temple of drawing carved on every single surface of their stones, each with their stories, their history and the ancient life.

Ceiling of one of the arches

Ceiling of one of the arches

Walls and walls of carved drawings

Walls and walls of carved drawings

Rows of carved poles

Rows of carved pillars

Thats me..at the first temple lost trying to interpret and understand the pictures on the walls...

Thats me..at the one of the temple lost trying to interpret and understand the pictures on the walls…

My bad in this trip was to not read up before going to each of the temples because for 3 (or 4) days in a row, we visited temples and temples and more temples.  At that moment, I still had an idea of what they were called and the related stories, now its just a mush in my mind.  Don’t ask me which temples these were all I can say is I think the one where I’m lost is one the first or second day, early on in the trip.

However, getting lost  in the history and the significance of the ancient ruins was memorable.  At the time, our tour guide had given us the backgrounds of the temples and the stories attached to it.  As we walked through every alley, every path and turned every corner, it was story after story to uncover..if only I could piece together those pictures on the walls.

Of course, after walking around following walls and staring at everything that seemed to look similar, I’d look up and wonder where I was and how I would get back to the meeting place.  This time I was lost for real and definitely in the details…or because of the details 😉 I think the biggest one was Luxor Temple and man did I get lost in the turns and columns and all…

This is my response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  Check out the link HERE and check out other posts or join in with your own submission 🙂

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Dance

Its been a lot of photography posts but you know what, I’ve been somewhat slacking off on this section and I needed a break from watching movies and set a new schedule and routine after work.  Healthier one, perhaps.  You’ve heard about DDR rambling and maybe I’ll do a few more rambles here and there about things I love or hate, etc.  Anything you want to hear about give me a shout out in the comments.

On the note of DDR, I’d like to give my response to Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge – DANCE over at her blog A Word in Your Ear.  Head over and join into this fun challenge, it doesn’t have to be photography just anything you think of that’s related.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance.  Not all that fake dancing in DDR, but actual ballroom dancing.  However, I am missing a partner and the funds…so the plans have been postponed for over 5 years, I’d suppose.  I know that I’ll do it one day just not now.  So when I see people dancing in groups or by themselves with all the beautiful, loud, rhythmic, fast, slow, improvised, rehearsed…I love to see it all.

Here’s just a few of those moments that I found…

Wedding couple's first dance in September wedding

Groom’s rehearsed dance with bridesmaids and guest for his wife

Wedding couples first dance..and they are the sweetest couple EVER!

Wedding couples first dance..and they are the sweetest couple EVER!

Radio station on site mixing music with a dancing audience

Radio station on site mixing music with a dancing audience

Just a little break, do you miss the beach? I do…I’m just hoping the snow melts soon and it’ll be time to go to the beach again.  Moving on…

Magog Winter Festival with a gymnast rings dancing about her elevated ring

Magog Winter Festival with a gymnast rings dancing about her elevated ring

Egypt Nile Cruise entertainment with traditional dancing

Egypt Nile Cruise entertainment with traditional dancing

And then, they got everyone to come out and join in while passing this scarf belt thing around…and this happened…


I’m trying to get this on and then a bit after, I found a lucky person to pass it on to 😉 Thanks to my mom for taking this picture to remember the embarrassing moments in Egypt…*blush*

Do you know how to dance? Whats your fave style?

A Word a Week Challenge: Different

The blog A Word in Your Ear has initiated a new challenge called A Word A Week Challenge.  A Word a Week is essentially where she opens her dictionary and chooses a word and then it could be a photo, story, poem to describe it in each person’s way.

I’m taking this as a photo challenge since I don’t seem to post as much other than the Weekly Photo Challenges.  So here’s to a new challenge to work out.

I think the place that I went to first time and gave me a whole new view on the world and its culture was Egypt, check it out:


Carvings on the wall at Kom Ombo and I mean every single wall in the temples at it.

On a horse carriage ride, we went through the alleyways of Edfu to go to the Edfu temple

Living in Canada, we forget about the living conditions outside.  I knew that we were pampered but I cannot imagine myself living there.

In North America, we usually use cows, ox, horses to do the hard work but in Egypt, its donkeys.  I even saw a man riding one.

This is the Old Citadel.  Egypt has a different religion, naturally the sacred building is different.

That was the quick tour of Egypt through my camera.

In Egypt, it was a culture shock.  Some things that happened I was not able to capture.

It was definitely an eye-opener.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

BLUE…a word that can be associated with so many things in our life.  It can be a colour or an emotion.

The shades of BLUE come in so many different ways, here are just a few:

Submerged in the Red Sea Hurghada

My camera mixed with lighting producing a nice blue shade

Blue spotlights for the entrance of Boyce Avenue last year’s Fall Tour at Metropolis

Blue is just a beautiful color. There would be so many other pictures I would love to share…BLUE skies, flowers, rivers, etc.