Music Obsessions [January 2018]

Happy 2018!

January 2018 is here and we’re taking a look at what music has been on repeat over here! The beginning always gives a very hyped up and exciting time and with that, there’s some pretty upbeat stuff going on here to kick off the year full of motivation and positive vibes.

Let’s go!

Perfect – Ed Sheeran (with Andrea Bocelli)

If Perfect was really awesome enough, this one is absolute perfection. Its so beautiful and romantic. Andrea Bocelli is fantastic and the video even is fun to watch because you can watch how much Ed Sheeran is mesmerized by Andrea Bocelli also.

Special – Ryan Blyth X After 6 feat. Luther Soul

I do a lot of electronic music catching up over the holidays when they have the best of the year mixes. I found this one in the Spinnin’ Records 2017 Mix. Its a 2 or 3 hours show so there was a few songs that I liked quite a bit. It’ll probably pop up in this post. This one has got to be my favorite though.

Fogo – Garmiani (feat. Julimar Santos)

I love Latin music which I normally associate with Zumba. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d go back to Zumba class so this sort of music infused with Latin music influence gets me all pumped up. Its fun and upbeat and just notches up the energy so much.

Hit the Road Jack – Throttle

Catchy and fun version of this song. My reasons can sometimes be very simple.

絲路 Silkroad of Love – Fish Leong

In my university days, Fish Leong was my constant companion. She’s such a talented singer and this is definitely one of her best songs. Something during this holidays made me really want to get back to the music that I listened to.

Finally the little additional bit…

This is a snippet of the Young and Dangerous Concert in Hong Kong in 2015 (I think). Anyways, this snippet was when the group sang to their wives and Jordan Chan’s part with his wife is absolutely adorable. Actually the entire part is pretty fantastic but then I’m biased because I thought the concert was pretty awesome in its entirety and that has to do with Ekin Cheng being one of my fave actor and singer in Hong Kong. Something I’m working on doing this year is to not only review Young and Dangerous franchise but also Ekin Cheng’s filmography.

That’s it for this Music Obsessions!
What music are you listening to lately?

Steve’s Music Mix: Fashion Victim…

Here we are at another round of Steve’s Music Mix.

I saw the heading and knew nothing good could come of this week’s.  There was no logical way that things would work out with my current playlist in my MP3 player. Still, I’m a stubborn person, so I figured how far could I stretch my answers 😉

How do I look today?

–>Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran

I’d say that I’m looking pretty nice if I’m getting this song. Kissing and falling in love; love and lust.  Well, honestly, I love what I’m wearing so I guess that works for me 🙂 I rarely would agree but some days I just have the perfect weather to match the perfect outfit and today is one of them.

What should I wear tonight?

–>Outside – Green River Ordinance

I’m not exactly sure I know how that work.  Is it urging me to get my workout gear or my gardening clothes tonight so that I head outside? I guess if it doesn’t rain that could be a possibility.

What should I wear tomorrow?

–>On My Way – Boyce Avenue

Ummm…I don’t even know what to write for this one.  Tomorrow I’m supposed to wear something that can help me move about? Comfortable and presentable is usually what I aim for, even for work.  Although, tomorrow is supposed to hit over 30s degree Celsius so maybe it might be nice to find those comfy flats, skirts, summer dresses. Some summer clothes digging tonight to prepare for tomorrow 😉

There you have it! My playlist isn’t very much clothes related but I think it worked out not too badly.  I just don’t think I will let me MP3 dictate my choice in clothing 😉

It was funny while I was doing it though! I think thats the point, right? Right! 🙂