Week 20/21: Getting Back on Track!

Week 20 pretty much was sickness the whole way but still its part of the year so I’m going to  keep it going to keep my workout tracked.  Ear infection, cold symptoms and the whole kit..it wasn’t fun.  Along with work having the mega huge deadline, energy and feeling better really wasn’t on my side.  I decided that since I had 10 days of antibiotics, I would let my body rest and recover as much as I could before jumping back into the workout!

Week 21 was partially still under antibiotics! August 1st marked not only the start of a new month but also the end of my antibiotics and feeling better enough that I couldn’t resist working out again.  My routine seemed to have gone totally crazy after not having my workouts and my stress went completely off the charts.  Trust me, if something had gone just a little wrong, I would have burst into tears and bawled my eyes out! Even though I still have a bit of a cough left, I decided that I had to get back on track before my mental volcano erupted…for everyone’s benefit 🙂

Thursday (August 1st)

I wanted to push myself to the max but knowing that I’m not fully recovered, I decided to head on over to Tone it Up and see what was scheduled. I ended up with Under the Sea Routine! Its a full body body weights routine that I had to do 3 times.

I love body weights and I was able to complete it 3 times.  It did make me realize how not working out and being sick had really affected me.  I was sweating bullets after this.  Just that Dolphin Dive move was murdering me in every single way! Last time, I already had started tracking how I actually looked physically…since I didn’t really do much, I decided to start over and took another set of pics of myself to track how my body was changing: front, side and back! Of course, I won’t showcase those pictures here because I don’t want to frighten anymore but maybe..if I have even progress to see a before after effect 😉


I took this day off.  Mostly because as much as I want to push myself to do a workout, I had to make sure my body was able to handle it.  With all the injuries and sickness this year, I felt it was time to change my workout routine a little to make sure it didn’t result in any more injuries.


The desire was there but with my cat waking me up at 5am continuously till 7am.  I finally gave up but was too tired to do more.  I wanted to do a cardio jump rope routine but ended up drafting my blog post and waiting for my friend to tell me what he wanted to do.  My exercise that day consisted of shopping 😉 Talk about fun and relaxing 🙂 If you didn’t read about what I did get, well, you could drop by HERE!


This weekend really turned out to be a lot busier than I expected and although there was no actual workout done.  I did manage to get my fingers exercising with piano (while my ears weren’t hurting from the sharp notes on the piano and the crazy emotional pieces).  I also went to an exhibit called Planet Shark: Predator or Prey at the Montreal Science Centre which required a bit of walking and standing for more than an hour.  I will post about this exhibit tomorrow (afternoon, most probably) 🙂 My boyfriend and I took a stroll around Old Montreal as well.

This is a short startup post but without all of you in my head watching my progress, it just doesn’t feel the same! I’m still pretty disciplined but hey, a little motivation and support always helps 😉 I hope to be changing my diet/eating habits soon, adding in more cardio workouts mixed with more yoga to keep things in balance and really putting in time to tone and lose some body fat if possible! Stay fit and healthy and maybe those cold bugs will stay away from me in the second half of the year 😉

I’m not completely sure if I will keep doing weekly updates on my workouts.  Maybe I’ll try Biweekly and then drop down to Monthly updates.  Its less time consuming and well it would be more of a monthly roundup by the time I get to that phase ;).  Just need some motivation to get back on track! My goal is 4 workout per week 🙂

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!