A Word A Week Challenge: Boat

This week, Sue at A Word in Your Ear challenged us with the word BOAT!

Sounds fitting to do this post, since yesterday, I know a certain boat that murdered me yesterday resulting in a day off today and how I just want to lie in bed and when I get up, stretching all those aching muscles!  It resembles something like this

Dragon boat!

Dragon boat!

I love dragonboat but man, yesterday’s practice (after not going for a month) was brutal! My abs and back are especially in pain! Lots of stretching due for the rest of the day…but you know, I LOVE IT! 🙂

Next up, I’m going to continue to use some older pics from within the past few months!

Some of the best are from Hong Kong in last November!

On my way to Lamma Island, surrounded by boats :)

On my way to Lamma Island, surrounded by boats 🙂


Fishing boats off of Stanley harbor :)

Fishing boats off of Stanley harbor 🙂

Charlie Brown and Snoopy canoeing at Snoopy World

Charlie Brown and Snoopy canoeing at Snoopy World

After that, we head off to Burlington Waterfront 🙂

Burlington Waterfront!

Burlington Waterfront!

And to bring you all back to home (Montreal), on the Old Port waterfronts we see ships or boats 🙂

at Old Port in Montreal

at Old Port in Montreal

Still counts, right?

My brain is really tired.  So tired that words are actually flowing to my brain but dragonboat did this to me so here we go!

This is my response to Sue at A Word in Your Ear’s A Word A Week Challenge: BOAT and please follow the link HERE to see other fantastic responses 🙂

Spirit, Motivation and Finding the Positive!!

Last weekend was fun because of my family and friends.  Heading back into reality on Sunday was a tough one.  It was full of thoughts and reflections that I had pushed to the back of my mind. I was supposed to post about it during the week but I felt like it was too heavy plus I haven’t figured out how to word it.

**I’m going to try to put it out in a more positive way since I want to keep these personal blogs light and fun! If you don’t want to read about it, thats okay..at least check out the vids that I’m sharing, packed with music and motivation :)**

Work has really been on my mind lately.  I hate that it carries into my personal life especially when it invades my weekends and depreciates my own self-worth immensely.  I’ve been on a constant search and reflection to find something that I will feel is my career and my dream and not just a simple job.  Do you get what I mean?  Something that I’m passionate about.  I chose my field because I had to think about reality and (a better chance of)work stability.

When I see these independent YouTube artists doing what they love, it really makes me happy, especially because they are seriously talented. Like I supported Sam Tsui’s first independent album, and I’m hoping it’ll come in the mail soon.

Or someone like Green River Ordinance who went back to doing what they felt was right for them and going independent!

Its mostly because I want to find something better that I’ve been getting myself involved in getting a certification to teach English as a second language.  Its always been something I wanted to do back when I felt started university.  Second, I aim to finish up my piano and eventually maybe do some teaching as well.  I just have certain skills to improve before I feel that I’m fit to be a good teacher.  I’ve been discussing it with my boyfriend and he urges me that maybe I should look into baking: something that I’ve thought about as well.  I’ve even thought about putting those health and training knowledge and strengthening it to become something a certified personal trainer.

There is a world of options, choices and paths out there and for me, its just finding that one that I want to do, because I sure don’t want to stay in the rut I’m in.  What I need now is to make a decision, find the courage to not regret and work hard towards it.  I know once I start, I won’t turn back because thats who I am.  All I know is that I’d like to incorporate something that makes me happy to wake up for in the morning!

That would feel like Paradise, right?  Tiesto & Dyro’s new song is exactly that! It always makes me feel better to listen to some electronic music 🙂

With that said, piano and English training is really taking up a lot of time.  However, I’d like to complete them this year or be ready by early next year to take the piano exam.  That was what prioritized over Dragonboat.  This week, we had a Chinese festival, the dragon boat festival which commemorates a loyal scholar who sacrificed his life and this is what leads to the dragonboat competitions that we have now.  Dragonboat really is my motivation.  If life wasn’t so busy, I would never have dropped it to part-time.  Just look at the inspiration and spirt of it! Thanks to my awesome coach for sharing this with the team!

This may not be everyday life, but character is shaped out on that boat and I bring everything with me every day of the week

He captured it all in that video! Just a little bit of sharing and possibly promoting dragonboat.  Even watching a race feels awesome but being a part of it feels even better! My motivation to pull everything together so that I can get back out there to all my practices.  At least I know I’m working hard training on my own to make sure I don’t fall behind.

This has been a scattered post full of my feelings about this week.  I’ve pretty much spent this past week in depression.  Trying hard to pull myself out of this deep, dark hole and I just keep falling back in.  To think that I had spent so many years working hard to stay positive and being trapped in something that has eventually made me so negative that I’m cracking under its heaviness made me realize that change has to happen really soon! I never back out when I have hard times but sometimes, maybe its better to know when to stop a bad thing and find something that attributes more positive.  As I work towards climbing back out, I know that I’m ready to build up my future stronger and find a better path! How I live my life is my choice and I want to have it with more smiles and positivity!

I mean, who likes to hang around with a depressed grouch (or a crying mess), right? I’m not going to let anything do that to me, I promise! I’m climbing out slowly…just give me some time.

Just curious (to those who have followed me a bit or a while): What would you think I’d be good at? Maybe your objective mind will give me something I haven’t thought of 🙂

30km bike ride here I come!  Have a fantastic weekend!!!!

Tomorrow, I’ll have a special Father’s Day post! 🙂 If you’re not too busy celebrating with your loved ones, drop by and check it out!

Building A Balanced Lifestyle

Just to be clear, this isn’t a how-to guide.  I don’t know how to do that, well, I have the general idea.

As you have seen, my life consists of either baking sweets, cooking food or watching movies, at least on the my blog its starting to look like that.  I’m also a traveller but with restricted funds and doing a very average job, these trips are usually once or twice a year along with a few side trips here and there. Aside from all of that and trying to keep healthy, I do dragonboat, as I’ve posted a bit about here and there.  There has been a switch and I’ve felt the need to switch it up this year so I’m training a bit more this year and more consistently so I’m going to do a weekly update as to what I’ve done: Workouts I’ve done as like a way to log my progress.  Maybe some of you would be interested in it.  If you’re not, thats alright if you just brush past it.  However, it is part of my balanced and healthy and stress in balance resolution so anyways, I’ll be posting about healthy workouts as well 🙂 I have sort of introduced it before with DDR (which will have a special post go up soon).

So last week was pretty good for my first week where I’ve committed myself.  For all you people who follow me on twitter, I don’t usually tweet much since I’m still a beginner and the learning process has been slightly slow, I have been checking in with some of the workouts.  This month I decided to follow as closely as possible to the Tone it Up March Calender.  Just a note that you’ll find links to everything that you can reference so click away if you’re interested 🙂


I got straight to work on last week and tried to check out this interesting HIIT High Intensity Interval Training which was like 15 second of these exercises and I followed their YouTube video.  It was alright and it got my heart rate up so it was cool. Then I did their exact workout called Cowabunga Workout.  My only issue with that was that, seeing as I don’t live down South and I’m not surfing expert, do I need a surf board? I had a pretty hard time trying to get all surf board style on solid ground already. It was the first day and I didn’t want to kill myself yet since after a whole two weeks of constant injury and falls and all, I had been on a lot of resting mode than body weights exercises.


This was the usual day for a new workout on Tone It Up. This week kicked off a new workout for the Wedding series since one of the girls is engaged.  This workout Something Blue was super fun..although it made me wish my backyard and streets weren’t filled with ice and snow and that it was like some crazy cold temperature outside instead of running around my room and up and down stairs like a crazy person.  For once in my life, I’m actually wanting to jog outside…I’m not much of a jogger but this might make me want to do it just a bit more.


I took a break on this day.  It was a must though because I woke up with a stiff neck and couldn’t move it at all.  So I took it easy since the next day I had my dragon boat practice.


My neck decided it wasn’t totally ready.  I still went to practice though. I paddled for the warm up and the first exercise segment, then ended up jogging when the rest of the team was paddling and only joining in for the body weights


I had an early start to the day so I was a bit more tired.  I ended up not following the plan but rather I did a hour or so of DDR to just do get some cardio and it felt awesome!


Days off never work out the way I plan it to be but I did manage to squeeze in a workout in the afternoon or late evening, I don’t remember anymore. Its another Tone it Up one that I had saved already but never tried out and they put it in the weekly schedule.  This one is called the Love Your Total Body workout.  It had all sorts of weird names for the exercises but man, it definitely did the job.


I was going to work out to make up for Wednesday not working out but since I had managed to get in workout for 5 days of the week, it was alright to take it off.  Plus, I went to do groceries and had to lug them back in with me 😉 And technically playing piano exerts energy too.  Something I definitely should do more.

If you’ve stuck around till now, Thank you! You either love reading whatever I write or you like work outs. My recommendation from last week would have to be either Something Blue or Love Your Total Body.  Those were super awesome and felt great afterwards.  I’m totally charged up for keeping this regularly.

Last week, my work schedule also had a shift in schedule .  I’m trying to shift my schedule a bit so that I can all my stuff tucked into so sort of routine again.  So, with that, you might see my posting schedule a bit scattered and irregular here and there.  I will try to keep this up though because it really helps me keep the positivity around and the stress away 🙂

Happy Monday! And if you have any exercise or workout sites you’d like to recommend, please do! I’m always up to switch things up!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This past weekend was very eventful.  It was race weekend for us.  Race being dragonboat race, as it was Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival.  At the same time, on Saturday, I had to drive out to the country for a friend’s wedding.

For starters, I was INSIDE  a church, Eglise St Gregoire in Becancour, Quebec.  This church was so beautiful and the wedding itself was done fantastic.

I’m also going to show you what happens inside the gates of the dragon boat races.



From behind the gates is where all the action starts, we line up under tents to go on our boats in whatever lane we are supposed to go on.  The dock marshal makes sure we board and enter the right race while the volunteers are there to help bring the boats in and help everyone out on the docks.  In between, they watch the races as they come in.  All the gear is there, we have life jackets ready for paddlers to pick up and paddles of different sizes in the buckets.  We can see how its blocked off to the water and there are spectators lining up on the side, reinforces how we are INSIDE the action.  Too bad I could not take pictures as I paddle or else now that would be pretty intense!

After a crazy weekend, yesterday after work, I think everyone was happy to be nice and cozy INSIDE their homes while a severe thunderstorm hit. My house was lucky and just lost electricity for 30 seconds or so. Between 10pm and 10:30pm I took these pictures from inside my living room…

This is the normal night while its just raining…

THEN…we have this…when lightning flashed and thunder rumbled away…

This happened pretty much for a good while.  This is what afternoon rainy weather looks like..

Trust me..this isn’t 5pm..its 10ish pm…

So you can bet in this weather, I’m happy to be INSIDE!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This is definitely change: TODAY! (I postponed it a few times so now I’ll extend the post a bit)

I’m going to twist the notion of this topic a bit from what the topic wanted us to do as I was sitting in front of the computer stressing out and overwhelmed with the workload that’s around me. At the same time, getting immensely frustrated over some of my clients. So lets show you a slice of my wonderful Friday to start things off and end off with Saturday.

FRIDAY (The TODAY that I had started putting together this post)

For starters, right outside my office is yet another film setting, which is rushing in preparation for filming supposedly this weekend for Smurfs 2.  They  have put a crosswalk on the intersection; changed the mailboxes to yellow ones (maybe more Parisian, I’m not really sure); conversion of two ground level offices to stores; placement of tables and chairs on the sidewalk; Pharmacie sign put up in front of one of the entrances.  I had to take these pictures away from the setting as there was a lot of security around there and sometimes they don’t let you take pictures, so please excuse the quality.

Here are some snapshots of the settings, props, etc:

This was the only picture I could get that showed it was Smurfs filming.

After work, its the usual Dragonboat practice with my team.  Dragonboat is seriously amazing.  Its a sport I’m proud to be part of and I’m extremely passionate about.  Its also what motivates to keep working out on a regular basis.  Here’s a few shots of the Olympic Basin on Parc Jean Drapeau where I have my practices.

Note that this is not my team. I don’t think I would ever bring my camera on the boat.

Just to give an idea of what dragonboating looks like if you have no idea.

 My Friday was really busy so I didn’t end up posting this up till now.  As I only got back home at 3am on Saturday morning.

So lets looks at SATURDAY!!

The big thing on this “today” was preparing and attending a wedding as my mom’s +1 (and chauffeur).  So here’s a few snapshots from the wedding venue:

 TODAY wasn’t much to say, I did finally get to sit down and upload all the pictures for this post.  Sorry for the delay and therefore, twisting the TODAY topic a little bit. Nonetheless, hope everyone enjoyed it and had a fantastic weekend!