Book Review: Twelve Nation-The Book of Epoch by Michael Reiss and Walter Timoshenko

The Twitter-verse is one I’m still learning about.  I guess I underestimate how easily you can search up someone there or connect with other similar bloggers because when a new follower, Michael Reiss sent me a direct message asking if I’d like to review his novel, I was thinking if this was a joke. Well, things like this don’t usually happen to me especially when it comes to an absolute stranger.  Point is, I figured that I liked the genre that he wrote and it sounded interesting enough and hey, if I could help someone else promote their novel, I feel like it would be great.  You need to step out of comfort zones sometimes and just give chances to the unknown, right? Thats how I got my hands on the review copy of Twelve Nation: The Book of Epoch by Michael Reiss and Walter Timoshenko.

twelve nations book of epoch

Meet MAC COOK, the 12-year-old who will soon find himself in the midst of a mission to save the world. Shortly after his father’s mysterious demise, and his mother’s subsequent coma, Mac is living with his grandmother while trying to adjust to a new normal – when everything turns upside down. Instead of worrying about homework and games, Mac is suddenly on a mission to save The Book of Epoch from the forces of Darkness while uncovering the secret of his father’s magical ring and the universal symbolism of TWELVE…- Book of Epoch, Goodreads

Book of Epoch is a adolescent/kids fantasy adventure book set in the future.  It references a lot of what we have right now and uses it in somewhat of a joking/mocking ways at times.  In some ways, it takes time to adapt to certain elements of our future according to The Book of Epoch but at the same time, even though at times it veers into the awkward and weird area, it still was a fast-paced novel.

One thing that this book does well is the way it presents the story.  For one, we know about Mac and his life and the struggles and he has some good friends that we get a good idea of.  He is a normal student who has his small niche of friends and the girl he likes and family that he has to protect.  Also, it uses both the real world and the fantasy dream world and fluctuates between the two as Mac visits in his quests to learn about Doria and his destiny. It incorporates a bit of mythology and also martial arts, then we have the whole video gaming aspects.  Altogether, its a pretty nice adventure with sci-fi and fantasy elements.  Definitely very fun and engaging!

Overall, this is a great kids books.  Even though I’m in my 20s, I still found it very good.  Its an exciting adventure and gives lots of twists and turns as to what happens.  Of course, as I’m not exactly the demographic of this book, there were some parts I guessed but to kids and adolescents, I think they would appreciate and enjoy it.  I definitely recommend it! 🙂

A huge thanks to Michael for asking me to review this! 🙂 To reach the Twelve Nations site for the book, you can click on the book cover or right HERE!