Podcast: Game Warp Reviews Life is Strange!

Its FINALLY time for the Life is Strange Podcast review!!

After a little change in structure, its taken almost two months for the review show to get back in. We’re still finding a comfortable balance to cover everything we want, not go crazy with editing and maintaining our other projects, like for me, this lovely space here, and keeping up a consistent amount of content. We know that we’re evil if you’ve been following up on Game Warp’s social  media. We’ve been talking about our Life is Strange journey vaguely, working it up to this show. Actually, we only have vague ideas of where we were in the game process during the month before recording so this podcast recording was as much a surprise chat for you as it was for us. Its why we tried to talk about a lot in Life is Strange but steer a little clear of the spoilers. There still are but its kept to the minimum. Its longer than we’d like but I promise you, its a fun one! The gameplay is from different parts of Episode 1 of Life is Strange pieced together.

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Thanks for watching! 🙂