A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Smile

Sue at A Word in Your Ear has landed on a very happy word for this week’s challenge, SMILE! If you’re interesting in joining this fun challenge or see some other beautiful entries, please head over HERE! Its probably my most favorite thing to do.  Although in the process of searching up pictures in all my 20GB of photos, I learned that sometimes I have the most weirdest smiles. Although it would be boring if I only featured myself.  So here we go…some of the best smiles are to see them on the faces in their normal spontaneous moments that I captured.


My last dog, a fluffy Chow Chow!

My old boy here back in 2009.  Ever since he was a little puppy, he’s always been my best friend and always one to greet me with his big smile.  Doesn’t looking at him just make you want to smile? Man, don’t I miss seeing that!


Disneyland Hong Kong with Chip n Dale

Disneyland is a place of wonder and fantasy.  Can you tell I was totally ecstatic to have my picture with Chip ‘n Dale? I love these guys.  I think they felt it because they both gave me a huge kiss on my cheek soon after this picture was taken! Fun times! 🙂


Kids playing in the backyard

This was a totally spontaneous shot that even I had forgotten about.  Kids playing in the backyard during a birthday party.  Doesn’t her smile just warm your heart? This little girl is not related to me but is one of my boyfriend’s friends’ little girl.  The innocent smiles of children are always something that makes us happy.  We wish for their smiles to stay that way with pure joy and with nothing to ever have to worry about.


Relaxing next to rapids

This is a completely natural shot.  I didn’t even know it was taken till I got back home and checked the pictures.  Water is what calms and destresses me. This place in Rawdon, Quebec is a little part of the rapids right next Dorwin Falls.  Once I sit here, I never want to leave because this gives one of the most natural and relaxed smiles I can possibly give off.


Silly poses

I think by now you’ve realized my best friends are some of the best joys in my life. These silly things hopefully will bring out as much of a smile to me as it does for you! Sometimes, we don’t have to be too serious and just let ourselves have fun, right? RIGHT! 🙂

A Word A Week Challenge: Colourful

Last week I did a similar challenge called Colours.  This week A Word in Your Ear‘s dictionary fell on the word Colourful.  I just posted lots of colours with lanterns.  I’m going to try to dig even deeper into my photos to make this a COLOURFUL post.  We can never have enough colours in our life to brighten up every moment!

These colourful pictures are from Hong Kong trip in 2009:

Ngong Ping 360

Visited Macau for a day- Casino Lisboa

Hong Kong Disneyland: Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups sign & Its a Small World Christmas Decorations

You can always count on Disneyland to bring out all the beautiful joyous mood with lots of colourful decor! Happy times and happy moments!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

We walk through doorways and look through windows and peer through spaces every single day of our lives.  For those of us who live on an island, we may drive through tunnels to go to and from work or to see family and friends.  Sometimes when we walk through new passages, we don’t know what waits for us at the other side.  Sometimes, walking through certain passages, we see and experience different feelings and revive certain memories.

I love taking pictures of alleyways, tunnels and passageways when I travel.  I remember a few years ago when I went back to visit Hong Kong to mostly see family and one of my friends went with me, I explored Hong Kong from the view of a tourist.  That trip I visited a lot of places that was new to me.

Yau Ma Tei Police Station

Hong Kong Disneyland: Through the gates into a magical and enchanted place!

In the middle of Hong Kong, I went to Macau for one day to explore, therefore going through some more passages and seeing more interesting things that make Macau unique.

Across from Macau’s Colliseum Replica there was a path lined with a few stores,

walking through it felt a bit like walking through “ancient Rome” (at least my impression of it).

Through the alleyways of Macau’s Taipa area

Through Macau’s Venetian Casino in the shopping district:

An amazing feeling to be walking through the replica of Venice with an artificial sky above and narrow waterways with gondolas

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Distorted: this week’s photo challenge had me wondering how to capture the best photos.

Fortunately, my first encounter was from the novel I started last week called The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  There was one chapter titled Reflections and DISTORTIONS. Below is the photo I captured of that particular page, mostly focused on the word.  This book was very much about magic, enchantments and illusions.  Distorted images are pretty much like that.  They are influenced or manipulated to differ from the way they normally would appear.


After that, I remembered my visit to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2009.  That is where I captured the photo below but, I had to point my camera through these special glasses (that resembled those when we watched 3D movies with red and blue screens) but of course, these gave the effects of all the lights trimmed with hearts.  This was one of the Christmas features of Disneyland that year.

So back to the today, I was looking around my house (which I usually don’t have the time to look carefully), I noticed the glass container my mom had transferred her plant after my cat knocked over the other vase.  The angled contours distorted the plant’s roots and caused some parts to look cut off and other parts to zigzag a bit.