A Word A Week Challenge: Mountain

I love landscape and nature photography.  Everywhere I go, its always a similar but always a bit different and it always brings a new feelings whether its Canada or overseas.

Sue at A Word In Your Ear’s dictionary landed on MOUNTAIN for this week. Since I’m slightly out of commission this week due to some weird cold that I’m trying to get rid of after this crazy plummet in temperature from last week to this week.  I’m taking care of myself and not venturing outside too much unless for work.  With that situation, I went through a lot of my pictures and came out with mountains that I’ve encountered in different parts of Canada and in Hong Kong in the past few trips I’ve been to 🙂

Starting closeby, driving along the countryside highways of Quebec:

Countryside of Quebec

Countryside of Quebec

Countryside of Quebec 2

Countryside of Quebec 2

L'Anse Saint-Jean region

L’Anse Saint-Jean region

Moving over to the Western Canada, we have the famous Rocky Mountains.  I was lucky enough to go there a few years back and they are extremely beautiful 🙂

Banff National Park at the plateau of the cable car

Banff National Park at the plateau of the cable car

Look at those jade color rivers matched with the moutains!

Look at those jade color rivers matched with the moutains!


Proof that I was there!

Proof that I was there!

You know I always give you a picture of myself 🙂

Now lets head on overseas to Hong Kong! You’d be amazed at how many mountains I found there…

Hong Kong nature with urban setting

Hong Kong nature with urban setting

Hong Kong power towers in the mountains

Hong Kong power towers in the mountains

How to travel over mountains ;) Cable Cars!

How to travel over mountains 😉 Cable Cars!

And finally, just a little play with words but one of the most epic rides of Disneyland.  I actually think most of them might have this ride.  This is in Disneyland Hong Kong.  However, I didn’t get a chance to go on it 😦 Next time!

Disney's Space Mountain!

Disney’s Space Mountain!

Looking at all these mountains really makes me miss hiking and vacation and all those hours upon hours indulging in the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

Vacation planning definitely has to start again! Another blogger already knows but I’m heading to Maine for vacation in July, any suggestions on where is best to hike there? 🙂

What mountainous range have you seen and loved? Is there a lot of mountains surrounding where you live?

This is my response to Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge! Please head over to her beautiful blog to check it out and join in!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

I’m all for affection and love and all. I just felt like I had posted about this during Love..haha! Now we’re back with KISS *facepalms* I’m serious…I don’t take that many kissing pictures.  Wouldn’t it be awkward to try and shoot myself and my boyfriend kissing all the time? I think so..

Anyways, I did spend time on this, digging through pictures and searching for kissing when I was out this weekend.  That last part sounded like I was stalking people.  I wasn’t…either way, lets check it out!

Wedding Gift

Personalized M&M’s with Hershey Kisses I got at a wedding last year

Chip n Dale Disney

Chip n Dale giving me a kiss in Disneyland Hong Kong!

Birthday Kiss

My boyfriend giving me a kiss on my 24th birthday a few years back

And my teaser for this weekend’s adventures! The post should be up by tomorrow!

Husky Kiss

Kiss from a beautiful Husky

I found more kisses than I had expected but if you want to see more.  I have them in a previous Weekly Photo Challenge right HERE!

However, this is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge and you can check that out HERE! Go on over to check out the other fantastic entries or join into the fun!

Happy Monday!

A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Smile

Sue at A Word in Your Ear has landed on a very happy word for this week’s challenge, SMILE! If you’re interesting in joining this fun challenge or see some other beautiful entries, please head over HERE! Its probably my most favorite thing to do.  Although in the process of searching up pictures in all my 20GB of photos, I learned that sometimes I have the most weirdest smiles. Although it would be boring if I only featured myself.  So here we go…some of the best smiles are to see them on the faces in their normal spontaneous moments that I captured.


My last dog, a fluffy Chow Chow!

My old boy here back in 2009.  Ever since he was a little puppy, he’s always been my best friend and always one to greet me with his big smile.  Doesn’t looking at him just make you want to smile? Man, don’t I miss seeing that!


Disneyland Hong Kong with Chip n Dale

Disneyland is a place of wonder and fantasy.  Can you tell I was totally ecstatic to have my picture with Chip ‘n Dale? I love these guys.  I think they felt it because they both gave me a huge kiss on my cheek soon after this picture was taken! Fun times! 🙂


Kids playing in the backyard

This was a totally spontaneous shot that even I had forgotten about.  Kids playing in the backyard during a birthday party.  Doesn’t her smile just warm your heart? This little girl is not related to me but is one of my boyfriend’s friends’ little girl.  The innocent smiles of children are always something that makes us happy.  We wish for their smiles to stay that way with pure joy and with nothing to ever have to worry about.


Relaxing next to rapids

This is a completely natural shot.  I didn’t even know it was taken till I got back home and checked the pictures.  Water is what calms and destresses me. This place in Rawdon, Quebec is a little part of the rapids right next Dorwin Falls.  Once I sit here, I never want to leave because this gives one of the most natural and relaxed smiles I can possibly give off.


Silly poses

I think by now you’ve realized my best friends are some of the best joys in my life. These silly things hopefully will bring out as much of a smile to me as it does for you! Sometimes, we don’t have to be too serious and just let ourselves have fun, right? RIGHT! 🙂